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  1. UPDATE For all my Ace using fans who may have been missing some resources, I present you some Ace tiles! Star Dungeon plus a regular version crown for regular use.
  2. UPDATE Had some free time so here's another one.
  3. UPDATE Here's the next of the actors of MV. Hopefully I plan to get all of them done but it will take some time.
  4. title screen

    This topic has been closed, as the request has been resolved. If you would like to reopen this thread at anytime please contact a moderator.
  5. UPDATE Added a demonic sword to the MV Battler Section cuz why not?
  6. UPDATE Been a while, here's another bust for the MV actors.
  7. You're actually hitting on a few ideas I intend on using. Is there any reason you don't like option 3 in particular?
  8. After a much needed mental hiatus I am back on track with my Zombie Survival Project that I've mentioned in previous entries. The game is set within Eden City, a once beautiful town that has become a zombie filled hellhole. Now you the player must take command over a group of survivors to find hope in these dark times. The player will get to design their own avatar, a basic staple for RPGing. However, I need help deciding the rest of the party... Option 1 The player gets to pick 3 survivors from a list. That way you can build your starting team according to how you'd like to play the game. Option 2 The player is assigned 3 survivors randomly. This adds variety for every play-through since the chances of getting the same team twice are low. Option 3 The player designs 3 survivors to join them. This combines the concept of play variety and player choice. Option 4 The player starts solo and must actively seek out allies throughout the city. Gameplay may be harder as a result. Note that any survivors I've pre-made that can be recruited each have a personal backstory regardless of the options chosen above. These are my main ideas I'm looking at implementing and I'd love to hear some opinions. Please discuss below. Also feel free to ask me questions that may be relevant to this topic!
  9. All of your outside screenshots of the town seem rather bland. The mapping itself is solid, but feels a bit lackluster. It also seems the buildings are neatly isolated from each other, which emphasizes how artificial the map looks. Try to bring your buildings closer together so there isn't as much negative space. About 2-3 tiles between houses on the side should look a bit more like a town and less like a RPG Map. Based on the stone road and water canal, this town should look like it has the infrastructure to support those kind of projects. This looks more like a market town with plenty of traffic than a village of 9 people. The park map is super adorable and I wouldn't change it at all. It looks and feels exactly like a real park. Your inside map is too big. Get rid of that nook with the bookcase. No house would logically have a space like that for any purpose. Try to shorten the distance between the bottom wall(where I assume the door is) and the staircases leading to the basement. Shorten the right part of the map by two tiles. Try to center the table on top of the rug. Take the pile of wood and figure out how to put it closer to the fireplace or stove. Right above the opening basement stairs is a weird (and kinda dangerous ) spot.
  10. My dear old zombie game keeps getting postponed. Too many decisions, not enough decisiveness. That project has hit the backburner for a minute until I decide whether I should develop in MV instead of Ace. Meanwhile I've got me an ambitious Ace game in the works. I'm way more driven to make this at the moment while my zombie based ideas have come to a halt. All while I'm deciding whether or not I should take a promotion at work. More money, more stress. Ah, life, you fudging beach.
  11. vxace

    Okay so I may know a way to do this. Assuming both Fragments are just two copies/instances of the same database item (e.g. Item 3): Use a Control Variable command. Set it to Game Data > Items > Whatever Database Entry your Fragments are This will store the amount of Fragments into the variable. Next use a Conditional Branch command Set it to Variable equals 2, or whatever number of fragments you want as the requirement. In the Branch, add the Whole Soul to the inventory and remove the fragments. Assuming both Fragments are two separate database Items: Use a Conditional Branch Command. Set it to Item > First Fragment Item Now, inside this Branch insert another Conditional Branch. Set this one to Item > Second Fragment Item. In the second branch, add the Whole Soul to the inventory and remove the fragments. The system will check both branches and will give the whole soul only when both conditions are met.
  12. So in essence, my project is a zombie survival game, where you control a randomly determined team of survivors. Some major aspects of the survival gameplay is collecting resources such as food, water and fuel. I've decided I can handle this survival aspect in two ways: Camping- This mechanic would allow players to set up multiple camps throughout the city. This would require the player to manage resources at each camp, as well as what team members are where and what each camp can accomplish. Base- This mechanic allows a single home-base area for the player to return to constantly. This allows the player to focus on protecting and fortifying their base while also managing survival tasks for their party of survivors. So I pose the question: If you were in a zombie apocalypse, would you prefer to constantly move from place to place? Or would you rather fortify a single position and use it as a home base? Feel free to discuss your opinions in the comments.
  13. UPDATE Adding in the next of the first MV Actors.
  14. UPDATE Added another of the MV Actors into Bust form.
  15. So if you seen my Sneak Peek Entry, you know my project in the works is centered around zombies. Also it happens to be using the awesome POP! Horror City style. I'm anxious to share more details with you all, but I'll restrain myself. Please feel free to prod me for any questions. In the meantime enjoy this massive custom piece of pixel art I've made for my game.