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  1. Galv That was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for your help, it works flawlessly!
  2. Anyone?
  3. bump
  4. Hmm, I know almost nothing about scripting. (I mean I know enough to make the scripts I download work but that's it.) Is there anyone who is able to help me out with this?
  5. Wouldn't that edit it for everything? I only want a few select skills not to show the user name before casting.
  6. So I have another question for you guys. Is there any way to have an actor use a skill and not show his name when using it? For example instead of saying Actor A casts fire, I want it to just say fire. Hopefully this isn't something silly I have overlooked. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sorry! Didn't realize it wasn't 72 hours.
  8. Nothing?
  9. Hey guys, I am having an issue getting my job levels to level up. I am using Yanflys class script and JP manager, and Crystal Noel 's Job level script. I have it set that after 100JP that the class should level up. (Default in the Job Level Script.) After the needed JP is gained nothing happens however. It just continues to accumulate. Here is a screenshot of my character gaining 375JP and still not leveling up. I am also using a fair amount of scripts, and to rule them out I tested this on a new project and the result was the same. If anyone has any advice on what to do I wold appreciate it. Also while the names/classes have been taken from FF, I am not making a FF game.