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  1. All my resources are ready, i seperated all sprite and face into individual sheets. from 1-9 are all male sprites and faces from 10-17 are all female sprites and faces
  2. @Tsuki i have two "Actor Creation System" on my script database one is "Actor Creation System Male" and other is "Actor Creation System Female" so that if i choose "Male" from the selection text the event will enable "Actor Creation System Male" via <Scene call>..vice versa but i always get "Stack Level too deep" what should i change inside the script?
  3. Okay, your scripts and Tsuki's character creation works well, is it possible to have a GENDER selection? example if the user chooses male from a selection event---the script will only choose male character sprites and faces, and vice versa for the female thanks!
  4. can i be your slave for a week? script!!! LOVING IT!