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  1. I'm creating a semi-open world RPG, which features 64 different possible combinations of character choices. The character proceeds through a short quest which leads them to a "naming pool" where they can name their character. Currently I'm attempting to use a string of conditional branches that check to see which version of the actor you have in your party, and then names them according to that. My issue here is that it's very time consuming to create each branch, find the actor on the list, then add in the name input and find the name again. I've tried copy pasting to save a bit of time, but even so, it takes awhile. Is there an easier way to do this (via a script or some such), or should I just tough it out? I'm sorry if that wasn't a very clear explanation. I'm not particularly good at organizing my thoughts ^^;
  2. Me and a friend are trying to create a game in which two players can create a character. We set up the event pages so that you can choose gender and hair color, and then it will move onto the next player. However, when the game was tested, it continually repeated the "name input" event. Example screenshot is attached to post. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. I was wondering what the maximum sizes for facesets/busts are in VX Ace. I want to make custom busts for my characters, or, failing that, make facesets, but I'm not sure how big these can be~