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  1. Stopping work on Sul for now. I have been working on a minecraft rpg server with a couple old friends and am going to focus on that for a while since I won't be alone while doing it an its just generally really fun, have had a lot of experience playing/running servers with them. If anyone has free time and likes mc, we can still use help building and/or just play testers. It's still early stage but close to getting down to basic beta stuff. If you want to try out, message me for the address. Could be a long time before the server is decently through, but if what we think works, it could be a really nice place.
  2. Been away for a while, have done a few tidbits here and there but I just was doing other things longer than I'd hoped. I have resumed putting at least some more serious time into it. I remember I still haven't released the latest full demo, so I'm going to finish that up and try to reignite some fire. I realize this is really just a hobby of mine (well it's actually my biggest passion, but I can only put enough time in it to make it a hobby) so I probably won't finish for a long time. However I'm thankful for every little encouragement.
  3. Updated a few things so far, almost done with the demo update. I'm trying to get back into the swing after this winter break, might be a while before I get myself into a schedule. Also, had some peanut butter cap'n crunch for breakfast!
  4. Almost done with my break. After taxes, I got a very helpful return that I was expecting so my money issues aren't all that bad right now. Going to have some more free time, now I just need to work on some motivation to get back to work, finish the last bit of the demo and get back on the rest of the game. Beginning in March, I should hopefully have some more updates.
  5. Been on a break for a while. Coming up with new ideas and writing them down, but I've had a lot of work recently and seems like everyday I have a bunch of stuff to do. I'll get back to the grindstone in a while, could be a week or a couple of weeks though. Just got a large amount of snow and boss said I might get to work for a co-worker for a little while since they are leaving town, so I will be working in the cold which makes me lazy afterwards hah. Either way, I haven't stopped working, just on pause.
  6. There is a character generator in the Maker, you can generate your own sprite using some preset clothes, hairs, faces, etc. It comes with a face creator for dialog, too. The only hitch is that the custom faces are told easily apart from the game's pre-made faces have. You'd either need to use only custom faces (so it's nice and homogenous) or you can probably ask someone in the resource request forum, to create a face that is more along the lines of an rtp face graphic, somone might make one for you for free (there are some very generous people here). Although the character generator is perfect to use for NPCs that you don't need face graphics for. You can make infinte different npcs with it.
  7. Nearly finished with the last map, have been working on other areas of the game, and been busy irl so it's slow but steady going (going several days without making any progress sadly heh). I should have it done soon, if I can put in the effort. Aiming to make it fun, and I hope my story ideas are interesting! Thanks much for the patience
  8. Sand would make more sense (seeing as the constant flow of ocean waves would have ripped all the grass out over time) unless there is something special about the grass in your world, Which, if there is, I would go back over that coastline and fix those itty-bitty sand corners that poke out of the grass. You can shift-click a "bottom-right" chunk of grass and put it over the parts where a sand corner is poking out (make sure to patch it with the grass it's touching). Also yea, I agree, the shift-click is strong with you lol Maybe a bit too much on these maps, I get confused by the borders of the tiles making odd lines all over the place. I kind of like it in small doses, but the entire map is a little much. One thing I notice because of the shift clicking is you have very straight-edged borders. Stuff should blend in smoothly, one example is your snow cliff with the sky graphic on top. The 'cliff' that touches the sky is very straight-edged and harsh. You should put some rounded tiles on the contrasted map parts.
  9. Getting close to finishing the last large area of my demo, where I put a few examples of some puzzles so I could get the gist for doing them later. I still need to tweak the combat and there will be more things like items and such, but it should be the last update that would add levels. I might add one more update much later where I could put down notes everwhere for you to read for some fun easter eggs of the game. Maybe even some of the notes will contain fun facts you won't learn in the full game. I'm not sure yet, but I will update it if I choose to do so. After this last demo level is complete, I will probably be working on all sorts of things. There is still a lot of unfinished areas (basically most of the world lol) and a lot of story and quests to come up with. I am happy to get out the first chapter, though, hopefully I can get some more useful tips and feedback. I'll keep in touch, and please everyone have a look-see at the demo and let me know what you think. If you want, it might be good to wait till after I update it with this last map soon, then you don't have to re-download and such. Also fixes for the last demo upload will be implemented, so less bugs! Thanks much! http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/13142-soul-of-sul-demo/
  10. It would probably mean that you can walk behind the rest of the image, though, and only the tile where you made the event (and probably listed it as 'under player') would perform according to what level you set. At least, if I remember, that's what I've encountered.
  11. Glad to help. As for tagging, you should be able to go to the bottom of your very first post to "edit" Then click on the Full Editor button near the bottom. Then near the top of your editing post you should see a spot to change the name of the post and the tag. In there you just type keywords on what your post is about. like "attack animations" or "skill animations" you separate the phrases or words by a comma , They should turn into a grey little box when you press space, if you did it correctly!
  12. Right, if you are using any skill at all, then it won't do the 'default' attack animation. You would have to go to your Skills tab and change the skill animation. If you already did that, then I can only think of it either being you don't have the weapon equipped (I feel like you would have checked that by now hah) or maybe you have a script that is causing a problem, maybe a battle script. If you have no scripts like that or don't think that's the problem, I'm not sure. I'll think about it. I can just say that any problem I had like this, I solved with what I said. You must be having a slightly different one hah
  13. I'm not entirely sure I understand your questions (that could just me being tired and not reading right), but if you are asking why the attack animation for your weapons are normal, you can change each weapons' normal attack animation via the Weapon tab on your database. Also if your game is using an old save of your game, you may have opened a old copy of your game (either you accidentally made a copy, or you purposefully made a demo or something, either way you may have two copies of your game on your computer) And whatever game data you exit RPG maker with, that will be what opens up next time. I had this problem when I accidentally had an old copy of my game saved in an obscure part of my computer, then I must have opened it and forgotten where I saved my actual up-to-date data! I ended up finding it in Documents. This could be your problem, again I'm not sure though. Another reason could be you just aren't saving it (but I doubt that, it prompts you to save it anytime you do something like playtest or close RPG maker) Edit* Also, anything you set your Actors to have equipped at the beginning of the game (via the "Actors" tab in the Database) will carry work if you compress the data for, say, a Demo. so make sure you don't have testing equipment still set in those slots when you hand out a demo lol
  14. A good thing to do is to remember to put small moments in the game for your party characters. You can have 5,000 barrels that you search for your random little item or gold, But once in a while put a barrel that contains something interesting to a character, like if you search a dresser, have them find a dress one of your female characters finds attractive (or not lol) It doesn't have to give you an item. It's just there for some extra 'brownie points'. You can put small moments, such as an event when you first walk into a new town and have your party converse with one another about recent events or ask questions. Keeping them short means people still get to keep playing (it's a new town! I wanna explore naoh!) but gives them more characters that they love.
  15. Ah yea I see what you mean by the player being the problem. That's true. It's best to just advertise your game as either more story-heavy RPG or more fighty RPG, then they know if they are cut out for some literature heh. As for character pacing, you should just go with the game, in my opinion. When your game picks up pace or gets 'faster' (like a climax, or semi-climax) then you could put out more information about the characters. A general example would be: The game starts slow, in a small town, so beginning info of characters is established, maybe nothing too revealing or too exciting, then you need some kind of 'conflict' (bear in mind, that can mean a lot of things, not always something lethal or dangerous) so you can develop your characters by showing how they react to an unexpected situation, then the adventure begins, perhaps with small climaxes happening along the way where you could reveal some key history about characters during each one, then in the end you could have the actual climax where you reveal whatever it is that is most important about the characters that you haven't revealed yet (this can be good before, during, or after the final chapter, just varies game to game). Maybe you could have an epilogue to tie loose ends together if you have a story where characters' relationships were on hold until the adventure was over, or actions they took in the adventure now have their consequences revealed. You can now show the finished product of their personality and whether or not they changed during the adventure. That was just a basic timeline of what I think of, when I think about character development. By no means am I an expert lol I have just played a lot of games with interesting stories and I would like to think I pay enough attention to them to have learned a little from them:) Of course there are games with wholly entirely different ways they go about character development, when it gets right down to it, it's just gonna have to be you who decides. You know your game best, so you should do what feels comfortable. Also, get others to playtest! You won't believe the things you leave out of the story because you 'know' the story in your head already, but when someone who doesn't know your story tries to play, suddenly there is omitted information and story bits they miss because you thought they knew.