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  1. gift for a friend
  2. Loving your concepts
  3. Btw...I was the developer of those screenshots you posted lol.
  4. Commission thingie
  5. Sketching gift
  6. YOUR DETAILS ;A: I LOVE. AHHHH! Also I really like your anatomy sense
  7. Trying new things; Sketch made by adellie I'm just painting over.
  8. art compilation

    Oh nooo I'm too late I really enjoyed reading the OP post and was looking forward to all the fun things you all had in store.
  9. Kind of in an art slump.
  10. AHHHH your colors are looking better than ever, you have such nice subtle hues in your tones *grabby hands*
  11. illustration for a donator to Extra Life
  12. Loving your anatomy sketches...I need to do some Also just on a sidenote, love how when you color skin you include different pigment colors.
  13. Been busy with things Friend also got me a new program called mischief...slowly getting used to it:
  14. Found some old animation things: Colored full FX frame from an animation Also had the rad opportunity to work with a traditoinal brush and ink. And then one pictures you may have seen in bigger resolution now:
  15. No side job atm And actually I did my first convention in June...it was horrible lol.