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  1. Thanks for the post Fomar0153. It will help me a lot with my game where I give her due credit. Thank you again.
  2. xs

    @Niclas: Sure! Always credit the creators. This is one way to do their work be known. If you want, the link will show the community that will post. Once again thank you for having great scripts! Good luck to you! Link: http://www.centrorpgmaker.com/forum/index.php?topic=2922.0
  3. Okay. Thank's for the script!
  4. xs

    Very good! I can post in others communities?
  5. Hi Jet! Is to put more charsets as in Tankentai?
  6. Very good! I can make various puzzler!!! I can post in other communities?
  7. Wow .. Excellent script, was looking for something. You saved a maker
  8. Hi Jet! Could you please provide a demo?