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  1. Marvelous. I am about to have some fun with this
  2. This is excellent good sir.
  3. Thanks, that sounds good. I'm still pretty set on at least experimenting with it.
  4. I have, and I've been looking into editing the whole icon set itself, but I still hit a wall. While I can edit the iconset, the problem arises when I would like to reuse icons. If i take say a sword Icon that isn't meant to represent a weapon in game but rather an event, never mind what kind of event, there is no distinguishing between the two. Unless I want to use an absolutely massive icon set where i can severely limit or eliminate the necessity to reuse icons Its just going to clash with me and put me into a neurotic mood. Thanks for the suggestion though, I'd actually got into my project's game folder and fooled around shortly after posting this last night.
  5. This is just a thought, but would it be possible to designate a border around icons? The best way I could describe what I am looking to do is to just give every icon in the game a border to contain it whenever it is drawn in a window, but I would also like to be able to alter the color of the border as well. I've not quite started development on my game yet, but I am playing around in a project just to design puzzles and UI elements and had the idea to sort of categorize icons based on what they were referencing. Eg. items have a white border around them, and an offensive skill would be red. This seemed like the most minimalistic way I could hopefully do it.
  6. theo

    This is brilliant, and certainly opens up a ton of possibilities for me. I'm checking this out tomorrow.
  7. I'm fairly certain you'd have to have the weapon in your inventory to use an event to equip it, although I've never tried to force equip something through an event in battle so take that with a grain of salt. After that, there are scripts that run a common event after battle, so you could run a common event to remove the weapon from your inventory after battle has ended. A common event to call, say a Bound Dagger adds it to the inventory and a common event that removes the Bound Dagger after battle. Don't know about replacing your equipment afterward though.
  8. GTBS is your best bet. If it could be set up to make an approximation of Bahamut Lagoon's gameplay I'd be using it right now to work on an idea I had a while back. Anyway, if you're looking to make a Tactical Rpg it's pretty much the only viable option at the moment, which isn't a bad thing considering the level of depth it has to it.
  9. This looks pretty boss. Never used any of the previous incarnations of GTBS but I think it's high time I give it a shot.
  10. kuma187... afro samurai fan lol.
  11. Heya, sweet name. Reminds me of Mao from disgaea 3. Anyway, im new here too, so i hope you find what your looking for.
  12. Hey guys, the name's matt but I made the name toto? up off the top of my head so you'll have to bear with it. I signed up a while back but never officially introduced myself, so here I am. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community.