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  1. Good review. I had fun reading it. (4.5 out of 10 is terrible for you? I thought 4.5 is below average)
  2. Welcome!
  3. Been getting a lot done recently. Expanded your ghost town to have another level, as well as a new building, the barracks. Essentially, the ghosts you assign there will add to your town´s military force. (which lowers the enemy tech rate and their strength during raids) Which is another new feature, raids. If the enemy tech gets too high, they will attack towns in the game. If that town is not saved in time, then it is permanently destroyed. That said, it´s a very late game feature, and those on normal, or even decent players on hard, will be more than fine. It´s only those on nightmare that have to kind of worry about it. But even then, it´s nothing to be overly concerned with. Just more like, aware. I don´t want there to be a major time crunch of any kind. You got about 40 hours on normal until the first raid shows up, give or take performance. Hard is about 30, and nightmare is about 20. Again, you got plenty of time. Also, I´ve redone all fights to the hollows arena, made travelling into the infinite hotel become increasly harder and harder, and I finally added a small misc questline for your ghost town bar. Anyways, back to work. Gonna do 1 or 2 more towns attacks, and then I´m gonna start working on these enemy bases. This September update is going to be huge.
  4. This is not a solution to the script, but it is a solution to the problem; Throw the tilesets and event graphics that will be used in the cutscene into gimp or photoshop, and then just remove their color.
  5. I love your enthusiasm and drive you have for your game, but you currently lack a resume to form and lead a team, especially one that starts off with no pay. This WILL lead to poor quality and/or unfinished work from those job positions. The best thing you can do is create something small and unique yourself. This will prove your ability to create a good game, so you can actually lead a team one day. Anyways, good luck on your game deving!
  6. counting game

    219, because why not?
  7. In that case, minimal dialogue will work best for you.
  8. Are you going for a message, experience, or both?
  9. 1, about how much are you willing to pay for all of this? 2, if you´re offering a small or non-existent amount, what quality games have you made already that can pull this kind of charity? I´m sorry for sounding rude, because I like your concept, but in order to lead a development team effectively, you need either proof of skill or proof of wallet.
  10. There´s honestly no reason to leave. That hacker has nothing to do with this website, like, you understand that right? If so, why are you mad at us and/or doing a farewell pitty party? Are you looking for emotional support? Cause yeah, we´ll give it. We´re one of the nicer forums, if not the nicest. But your multiple outbursts have been so unreasonable and emotionally charged that I question your mental well being. We´re not your enemy, but we´re also not your lover. We´re not a crowd of people who drop their emotional needs in order to improve yours. The World does not revolve around you. I don´t know your whole situation, but understand most people´s situation of not understanding yours. I hope you get through whatever it is that you´re going through, and learn to lean less on the sympathy of strangers. *sprinkles Kilo´s fairy dust* Yay, all fixed! (kilo´s dust is literally magic. I had an ankle sprain a year ago, and it fixed it no problem)
  11. npc

    Yeah, that´s basically it. The only additional one, besides them ignoring you or being silent, is them have full blown conversations with you, which is more of a continuation of the second example. However, it takes a lot of work , so it´s best reserved for quests or those who have the time, effort, and energy into actually writing them.
  12. Fancy.
  13. If Seriel gets stabbed in the near future, I had nothing to do with it.
  14. Less is more. An enhancement would´ve been, to give is to expect less in return.
  15. This topic got me thinking a lot... and I found a way to incorporate a card system into the RM´s default battle system. It won´t be perfect by any means, but if you´re interested in saving a lot of time and heartache with extensive programming, and are willing to think outside of the box, then let me know either here or in a PM.