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  1. Hello! How are you doing? I am hoping to recruit a pixel artist or two to help me bring Pokemon RMN, a community-based Pokemon fan project in which I recently became the only active developer for, to life. You can check out the project here! We already have a demo released, that plays up to the third gym! Engine: RPG Maker XP Synopsis: Far away from familiar lands in the Pokémon world, lying South of the Inday Region and West of the Moddin Region, there exists the isolated island of Ahremin. The Ahremin region is known for it's rich history, including tales of a monstrous beast who once threatened to devour the world; it contains bizarre landscapes, including the mysterious ruins of a lost civilization and the outright befuddling Ultimate Warp Zone. The most fascinating aspect of Ahremin, however, is its Pokémon species, all of which are found nowhere else in the world. After recently moving into the region, a curious, ambitious teenager wishes to explore Ahremin to its fullest; discovering, befriending, and training its Pokémon with the hopes of becoming champion of the Ahremin Pokémon League. This teen is the child of the world-famous Pokemon Trainer Andreas, who runs the gym at Misao City. With a reputation to keep up with and a dream to fulfill, the teen accepts the Trainer's License and embarks on a journey that will test his/her endurance. Will he/she make a mark on this strange new world? Does he/she have what it takes to become the Ahremin region’s champion? This teen is you, in case you haven't figured that out, so what will you decide? Positions/Roles Needed: As of the moment, I'm mainly in need of pixel artists. In particular, I'm hoping that you'll be willing to help out with creating overworld sprites for the Pokemon (for those familiar with Pokemon, imagine the fallowing Pokemon feature from Heart Gold and Soul Silver). My hope is to be able to create a lively world for the player to explore throughout their journey, and I feel that actually having Pokemon seen not only in battle, but all throughout the world would go a long way in making the world feel alive. The sprites would be the standard for the engine, being 32x32 sprites, with 4 directional walking. XP has 4 frames per direction, but I'd be perfectly fine with 3, as I could finish formatting them on my own. As of the moment, every Pokemon has at least a front in-battle sprite (with over half also having a back sprite) in which you can base its overworld sprite on. Of course, you could also ask for any additional information that you may find useful. I understand that this would be a large task to ask of you. The project is certainly something that'll take a fair bit of time to complete, but I'm hoping it'll be worth it in the end to deliver the best project that we can to the community that made it possible in the first place. Pokemon RMN is a passion project crafted by the combined effort of the RMN community. It has technically been in the work since 2013, however, the original developer had to abandon the project due to personal reasons about a year ago. Earlier this year, I adopted the project as my own, determined to see the project through it's completion. My Role(s)/Position(s): As far as my own personal roles, I take care of pretty much everything else as of the moment. Mapping, evening, collecting music, setting up stats and scripts, the whole nine yards. Art, however, isn't really my strong suit. I'm really hoping to find an individual willing to help me bring this project to life. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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  3. Does anyone have a copy of this script? The dropbox link isn't working for me.
  4. Id say that the better version depends on what you want your project to be. In my case, I'm using an Action Battle System (on map battles, like old school zelda) in my VxAce game. Although there is some good progress towards making an ABS in MV already, it just isn't close to the point of progression as some of the VxAce systems. Although, I'd be lying if I said I haven't heavily debated moving over to MV at least a dozen times regardless, simply due to how much more support it'll gather in the coming years, and the fact that I could just upscale/transfer all my Ace stuff over, bar the scripts.
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  6. Hello, and welcome to my humble mapping workshop! Whether you're looking for one map,or one hundred, I've got you covered! I specialize in VxAce mapping, although I can accept MV commissions as well. To order a commission, either leave a post below, or send me a PM with the details of your request. We'll figure out the details through PM's. All prices are in US Dollars. Small maps ( >20x20 ) $5-$10 per map (Discounted if bought in bulk) Medium maps ( 30x30+ ) $15 per map Large maps ( 45x45+ ) $20 per map Giant maps ( 60x60+ ) $25-$35 per map Massive maps ( 90x90+ ) Can differ greatly depending on complexity. Provide me some details, and I'll give you an estimate. These are my base rates, although they may vary slightly depending on the complexity of your request. I do offer discounts for bulk orders, the amount of this discount will depend on a number of factors, including the amount and sizes of maps ordered. I do accept rush orders, although they will cost extra. As for payment, I typically work by a "pay half up front, pay the rest at the end" method. Once we figure out the details of the order, I'll send you my paypal email. Half of the agreed price must be payed upfront before I'll start working on your order. The other half will be payed after you are shown the maps, and I'll send over your order via PM. * I have the right to refuse requests. * Maps may take longer than expected to make, depending on real life situations. If for some reason I cannot finish your request, you will be refunded. * Once the map is completed, you must pay me for my work. I'll be happy to make some tweaks to the map if you'd prefer, but you can't simply decide not to pay. * You may use commissioned maps however you see fit, so long as it follows the terms of the resources used. * I reserve the right to use any maps commissioned. * If you use a commissioned map, please credit me as Vis_Mage. * By commissioning me, you accept that you are above the age of 18, or are doing so with permission of someone over the age of 18. * By commissioning me, you accept all above terms of service. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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  8. I changed up the OP, and now have a design picked out.
  9. Works like a charm! Thanks a lot!
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  11. Ah, ok. I am indeed using the 1.1b script as well. EDIT: It just occurred to me that I probably wasn't very clear about this second issue. From what I can tell, it's not Theo's script that having the issue, it's the addon for it. It's up in the OP, but here it is for convenience sake: module THEO module Smith W_Upgrade_Table = { # <-- Do not touch this at all cost! # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Upgrade tree format. # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # ID => [ <-- opening # # [{:symbol => num}, icon_index, name, description, sell_price, [[item_id, sum], [item_id, sum]]], # Level 2 # [{:symbol => num}, icon_index, name, description, sell_price], # Level 3 # [ <add more here for the next level> ], # Level 4 # # ], <-- ending (do not forget to add comma!) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # Just a quick guide won't kill yourself # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ # ID = Weapon ID in database. # # {:symbol => num } = Once you've upgrade your weapon, the parameter will # change whether it's up or down. Use the symbol to # represent the status. Here's the list: # --------------------------------------------------- # :atk = attack || :def = defense # :mat = magic atk || :mdf = magic defense # :agi = agility || :luk = luck # :mhp = Max HP || :mmp = Max MP # --------------------------------------------------- # And "num" is a number represent to parameter change # # icon_index = Represent as icon index. You may look the icon # index when you open the icon window dialog box and # see to the bottom left of that window. Use -1 if you # don't want to change weapon's icon once upgraded. # # name = The new name of upgraded weapon. Leave it blank ("") # if you wanna keep the original name # # description = The new description of upgraded weapon. Leave it # blank ("") if you wanna keep the original description # #=========================================================================== # EDIT (by vFoggy): # upgrade_price = A list with pairs of item_id and sum of item. Use # 0 for the item_id for gold price # # if you want gold instead of an item then use 0 for the item_id #=========================================================================== # Here's the example : # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 => [ [{:atk => 2,:luk => 2},-1,"","", 500, [[1, 10], [0, 100]]], # dont forget comma [{:atk => 2},-1,"Iron Ax","Upgrade version of Hand ax", [[5, 3], [0, 200]]], [{:atk => 2},-1,"Silver Ax","", [[5, 50], [0, 500], [6, 2]]], ] # dont forget comma # add more here if it's necessary # ------------------------------------------------------------------------ } end end class Game_Party < Game_Unit # New method: checks if item can be upgraded def upgradable?(price) price.each do |id, count| if id == 0 return false if @gold < count else return false if item_number($data_items[id]) < count end end return true end end class Window_SmithMenu < Window_Selectable def enable?(index) actor = $game_party.members[index] return false if actor.equips[0].nil? # EDIT: check if it is enabled return actor.equips[0].next_weapon_exist? && $game_party.upgradable?(actor.equips[0].next_weapon.upgrade_price) end end class Scene_Smith < Scene_MenuBase def craft_weapon @confirm.close @confirm.deactivate $game_party.gain_item(next_weapon,1) # EDIT: remove each item that is needed next_weapon.upgrade_price.each do |id, count| if id == 0 $game_party.lose_gold(count) else $game_party.lose_item($data_items[id], count) end end last_equip = item_to_lose @notif_smith.show_weapon(last_equip) actor.change_equip(0,next_weapon) $game_party.lose_item(last_equip,1) @menu_actor.update_help @menu_actor.activate @menu_actor.refresh @gold_window.refresh end end class Window_SmithResult < Window_Base include THEO::Smith def draw_price_text(rect, price) y = rect.y x = rect.x price.each_with_index do |req, index| id = req[0] count = req[1] draw_text_ex(x, y, count) x += text_size(count).width if id == 0 draw_text_ex(x, y, "G ") x += text_size("G ").width else draw_icon($data_items[id].icon_index, x, y, true) x += 25 end draw_text_ex(x, y, " + ") unless index == price.length-1 x += text_size(" + ").width end end def draw_next_weapon ypos = 28 rect =,ypos,contents.width,line_height) contents.font.size -= 4 change_color(text_color(Colour::Upgradable)) draw_text(rect,SVocab::Upgradable,2) change_color(system_color) draw_text(rect,SVocab::Cost) rect.x += text_size(SVocab::Cost).width change_color(normal_color) # EDIT: draw_price_text instead of draw_text draw_price_text(rect, @weapon.next_weapon.upgrade_price) texts = obtain_params_change ypos += line_height texts.each do |txt| draw_text_ex(0,ypos,txt) ypos += line_height end end end class RPG::UpgradedWeapon < RPG::Weapon # EDIT: takes parameter price [[item_id, count], [item_id, count]] def make_price(price) item_price = @price base_price = THEO::Smith::PriceBase @price = eval(THEO::Smith::PriceTrade) @upgrade_price = price end end class << DataManager def init_upgraded_weapons $upgraded_weapons = {} THEO::Smith::W_Upgrade_Table.each do |id, table| table.each_with_index do |data,level| gen_id = (id*100) + (level+1) # Generated ID weapon_check = $upgraded_weapons[gen_id] result = nil if (level + 1) != 1 && !weapon_check.nil? result = weapon_check.clone_data else result = $data_weapons[id].clone_data end result.level = level+2 data[0].each do |param,value| param_id = THEO::Smith::Key[param] result.params[param_id] += value end if data[1] > -1 result.icon_index = data[1] end = data[2].empty? ? : data[2] result.description = data[3].empty? ? result.description : data[3] result.ori_id = id # EDIT: call to make_price result.make_price(data[-1]) gen_id = (id*100) + (level+2) = gen_id # Generated ID $upgraded_weapons[gen_id] = result end end end end Sorry about the mix-up.
  12. The punctuation script, right? If so, I'm currently using 1.0 (you can find it in the spoiler tag of my last post). For that matter, I tried searching a 1.1 version of the script, but couldn't found one.
  13. Not an issue with the above fix, but a small issue with the same script none the less, so I figured it didn't need a new thread. The error is with the Theo Smithing (Weapon LV) addon (found in the OP). It seems to be having an issue with a pause at punctuation script I'm using. Don't worry too much if the error is complicated, I just figured it might be something fairly simple that the punctuation script isn't accounting for. Here's the script, and the error that I am receiving:
  14. I need to do a bit of testing yet, but so far, it's working great! Thanks a bunch!
  15. Sure thing! Here is the script (as well as the traits namer script, which is needed for it to run) Trait Namer: Alchemic Synthesis: