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  1. Heh, thank you! I'm slightly confused - was that aimed to me? Yes lol (Woops I forgot to check back)
  2. Congratulations Riki! And Seriel. You're such a cute kid (if you remember me). I hope you will be able to keep up with the members hehe
  3. pixel art

    Amazing!!! Your artwork has improved a lot I love the new style a lot. I think it will be very marketable. I hope you keep using it. You will go far with it.
  4. I think you draw well. They all look great. I like the 2nd the most though.
  5. i like casual 3, casual 5, and casual 1 most for her personality
  6. You're in luck!!! I've been working on a 1970s themed game for awhile and made a bunch of private resources for it. However, it's very unlikely that I will complete the game. I have various tiles and sprites made for if. Unfortunately, I'm in England right now for vacation. But i can PM you what I have, when I get back to Canada (~Feb 20th). Please credit me if you do, however, use the resources. I never got around to making 70s-style cars, but I do have modern-type vehicles available in a Restaff release here.
  7. Ohhh, that's odd then! I'm not sure why it's not working then. I agree about the making 1 account for 1 picture kinda thing. But glad you found an alternative. And yea! I can see the photo when I click on your link. But not directly on the forum. You remind me somewhat of a vague acquaintance of mine ( :
  8. Nice ring! Kinda reminds me of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or something. The attachment button might not be working because your photo might be too big in file size (plus you can only keep a certain amount-- in MB file size-- of attachments, overall, for each account). A nice photo of yourself could be 1MB in file size, for example. I use "tinypic.com" to upload pictures sometimes. And from there, use the image code they provide to post pictures on forums. You can only either use the embedded attachment function, or image hosting sites, to post personal pictures here. ( : In the time spent trying to find alternatives, I think it will be much easier and faster for you to use image hosting btw.
  9. LOL it's actually a very old Tony Hawk hoodie from back when I liked Tony Hawk, got it in 6th grade and I'm in 11th now. It's pretty nice, and it still fits well, especially noting I've grown about a foot and have gotten a lot bigger overall since then! Wish I had a kick-a$$ robe for one of my costumes, though... Lucky! I've only grown ~3-5 inches since Gr.6. (i'm 2nd year University) And... Try ebay! I got a skirt for a (Halloween) costume there for $2 lmao. It's believably nice enough to even wear casually.
  10. No problem! And same, lol! :/ I always curl my eyelashes cuz they're weird and sparse and straight. I actually use 3 different mascaras cuz they're so hard to work with. |:/ Lately I've developed weird bald patches along my eyelashes though.... Lol, I think it's a sign to cut down on the curling...
  11. @LadyMinerva: Wow, you're really, REALLY, pretty!!! Do you curl your eyelashes? And I love the big-framed glasses look I have a pair, but they're fake lol. @JBYT: I wish I had dat robe. o_o Dat robe.
  12. ^ I agree, I wasn't sure that I'd understood the message/meaning behind this text, but I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who got that impression. (!) Hahaha; I'm still not sure if there's more I'm missing than that though.
  13. commissions

    Wow, your sprites look awesome!! I never knew/ don't believe I've ever seen you do pixel art! Hahaha, the detail on them is really great though! You would think you could easily see these in a game or something. Really clean and colourful and the shapes and style are really lovely! Good luck on the shop, I think and hope you will do well. ( ;
  14. Competely; you can learn so much from the real thing, and really trying to learn it. : ) And yea, there is quite the difference! Hopefully it might encourage some people to want to have a go at studying real people. I do miss drawing more anime-like sometimes. But I guess everyone's always changing, and it just goes to show that "improvement" and "style" can be pretty subjective. Thanks.
  15. Ahh, i see! Did you use to draw realism? Or was it usually just semi-realistic? Is it something you still practise often? o.o I started practising realism only recently, as a self-improvement method. I like to use/practise it as much as i can! ( : I also practise it on simple, geometric shapes, to get a better idea of how to shade bigger objects. Once i can understand how the object behaves in real life, i then attempt to draw/stylize it in my own way. ( : I really like the results i get from doing this. I regularly practise drawing real human bodies a lot, yea. I also often practise shading 3-D shapes in different lighting conditions. Every time i colour, I also like to shade the basic shapes in a figure as realistic as possible, before filling the whole object out. It helps me see if i don't like the lighting, or if patches are too dark or too light. So yea, i'd say i often (try to lol) practise realism. This is what i mean by shading the "basic shapes" of a figure btw : Also, in case you're curious, these are the before and afters of how i drew anatomy after looking at real people. :