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  1. No, doing the pathfinding with the pixel movement script would not only be a huge pain, but would probably lag anyways.
  2. APPDATA Saving by Jet Introduction Okay well, this is a bit of a quicky but I realize some people may need it for some games, or for convenience, commercial games sometimes require it to. That is, saving in the player's APPDATA directory instead of the game's root folder, which can be useful for still having save files easily accessible after a game uninstall/reinstall/carry-over from an old game/whatever. Other programmers can easily help with other save file things since you know exactly where to look now. Features - Save in the APPDATA folder - Plug-n-play - And more... Script Credit Jet Note I have a license, it's in my signature. Use in commercial games, PM me and I'll lay out my very simple terms.
  3. Mouse System by Jet Introduction Yes that's right, another iteration of my mouse. This time around I coded my own pathfinding (which does not freeze up like the previous one) and i completely recoded almost everything. It's highly optimized and works much better than any previous version. It has removed the scrolling with mouse wheel, but added a developers block. This is add a fully functioning mouse into your game. This can allow the character to move and interact with just a click and navigate menus with ease. Features - Quick, flexible pathfinding, via A* - Many configuration options - Even more compatible with custom systems with a recoded base - Just a click to do mostly anything - And more... Screenshots Script Credit Jet Note I have a license, it's in my signature. Use in commercial games, PM me and I'll lay out my very simple terms.
  4. While my scripts are open to remix and editing with distribution, you're supposed to include the same license as I use in the distribution (which is in my signature therefore in all my posts). Also, please review this: This topic is unsatisfactory for the guidelines in my opinion. Please update this with a link to the license and more details on the script itself (maybe even a link to the original script).
  5. Do not spam. Make useful posts. It's your first post so I will give you a verbal warning, but do not do it again.
  6. This is basically as simple as i can make it: class Game_Interpreter def tiles_away?(dist, char = -1) ev = get_character(0) char = get_character(char) (ev.x - char.x).abs + (ev.y - char.y).abs < dist end end Just use this in an event's Conditional Branch "Script..." tiles_away?(2, -1) To see if the calling event's distance from the player by tiles is 2 or less. The 2 is how many tiles away, the -1 represents the player. If you want to check and event from a different event, replace -1 with the event's id.
  7. You would need to do it a bit at a time and update the graphics @image.x = 10 while @image.x < 400 @image.x += 10 # graphics update goes here end For some other math formulas to go about this with, or to have it go parallel while other things can happen, you can also check out my Tweening sprite addition:
  8. @Rosenblack and pinka: I cannot replicate either of your issues. Please make sure you have the most current version, and that you are not experiencing a compatibility issue with a different script you are using.
  9. Thank you again Mr. Bubble, the problem has been identified and fixed.
  10. Whoops, thanks for that Mr.Bubble.
  11. State Icon Animation by Jet Introduction Well, I always hate how state and buff icons are displayed in a row. They can be cut off, or look just plain ugly. Ziifee made a script that cycled state cons in a single space, and this is my Ace take on it. Features - Prettier State display - Takes less HUD space - And More... Screenshots Not really a screenshot, but states will be displayed like this: (Picture taken from Mr. Bubble's thread of ziifee's vx script) Script Credit Jet Ziifee (For inspiration, the code's all mine)
  12. This script is plug-n-play, there is no need for a demo. You just have to plug the script in and see how it works.
  13. @Dalrus: Don't double-post, you could've just edited the original one saying you fixed the problem. Also, I've been planning on expanding this anyways, but you'll just have to wait. @Jason: I think he means he wants them as sprites that do all the walking too, so a static image wouldn't work. @zerbu: Thanks. Hope you don't mind, but I put it into a codebox and spoilered it.
  14. Try putting the sideview script below the pop-ups in the script editor.
  15. Are you using this script with any other battle-related scripts? I am not replicating your error in my tests.