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  1. A Guard Named Tone 'A Guard Named Tone' is just the project name for the concept of what I want this RPG to encompass. This is basically a resurrection to the old Paper Mario video game and it's RPG elements with different changes and different twists. You play as a short guard, guarding the princess to the castle your garrisoned at until she's kidnapped. While the rest of the guard cower in fear and await the 'hero' of their kingdom to do something about it, the player would spring into action and become something more than the rest of his/her colleagues. The world the game takes place in is inspired by Super Mario or something out of Paper Mario; but still exist as it's own thing. Such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Ittle Dew as an example. How does fighting work? This is basically a call back to the old Paper Mario with some additional elements. A few examples I guess would be an update to how badges work. Instead of using BP to equip badges, players could have their heroes learn from their badges to a point where the skill from that badge absorbs into the character and they can perform the action without it and apply a new badge in place or keep the current one on to improve or strengthen that skill. The Characters designed and the players interactions with them would affect gameplay as well. The more you get to know your party from where they live to their passions or misfortunes, the more effective they will be in fights and the more skills they'll be able to learn. Interact with the world and combat by combining different skills based on the party with you. Characters A few to name; but not going on without some more development Tone The Main Sidekick Hero You'll be exploring the world with this little guy. Full of courage and spirit yet very lacking in the common sense department. A knuckle head if you will. He's off to save his princess who is in another castle, being the castle that is not his while helping others out along his personal quest. King V.C. Rouge The thief who calls himself king A very large character without much of a memory other than the ability to rob those he deemed unfit to own a vast amount of wealth to either give to himself or give to those he has pity for. It seems the only reason he would choose to join your quest is to either rob the treasury when the quest ends or to claim back 'something he lost.' Gannos The Puppet Man with a Rocket Arm A clockwork character on a personal quest to reclaim his own free will or search for what he thinks is free will to start with. Though his origins remain private to himself, he's got the gumption to find what he's searching for, even if it means to travel with a weak guard from a certain kingdom. More to come... What am I looking for? A bit of everything actually. Though I'm not sure how to go about this; whether to program this into Game Maker or RPG Maker MV. I still need help in about everything. Artist's Willing to either sprite or help with concept art of the world the game will be based in. Composers Some catchy music. Programmers[To Be Annouced] Until I decide where to take this and what direction to take it in, in terms of engine, whether to go RPG maker or something else. Like Game Maker or 001 Game Creator or Game Guru or NeoAxis Writers -Nyuuchan353 To help flesh out the story further, help create new characters and how this world works. Do the townspeople idolize the Hero, do they not pay attention to current events, do they use rock, coins or badges as currency? Etc. I'm going to attempt to draw the characters and update this recruitment post as it comes along. Compensation: If they game gains some support and reaches an early stage such as concept art being complete or a simple battle engine that can be manipulated, I'll get a kick starter running or Patreon put up. Those working with me on the project will be compensated between both of these from donations and whatever is given at the end of the kick starter campaign.
  2. OR, if you plan to make a map your title screen, you can go into an event annnnnnnnnnd @BOB = DataManager.save_file_exists? if @BOB == true $game_switches[005] = true else $game_switches[005] = false end I have 2 or 3 projects running, all where I'm treating maps to act as title screens. DataManager.save_file_exists? Returns a boolean value. The rest of the code below changes one of the [Event Based] switches to true or false [on/off] From there, I can change the direction of the title screen. From a fake title to show the first 5 minutes of a game to the real title once the players have started playing and saving their game.
  3. What I want is a battle script based off of Magi-Nation from the Game Boy Color. Short video of how it works; LONG WINDED EXPLANATION; The entire battle system from your health to your mana is based on Energy. To summon creatures to fight for you; you use energy. The creature's health of the one fighting for is equal to the cost of energy you paid to summon it. [Deer Cost 4 = Deer HP 4] Any abilities the creature has to use is PAID using it's own health to perform them or to just plainly fight using it's base strength. Using spells costs energy; summoning, everything in the fight system requires energy with the exception of items and running away. You can recover energy by focusing or using items.
  4. I have to ask the same Question, both of these functions in your script don't work. I'm trying it myself and they seem to be all for naught. Edit (~11/8/2015)- Instead of Necro Posting, I've decided to edit this last post I made. Pretty much what all Ruby Scripters are doing now if a problem comes up a year later after their script releases. Even though it's not Vlue's intention to do this or not, the later features on ranged activation may as well be in-operable or obsolete. If we can't find the solution here, we're better off looking into other systems.
  5. msx

    Any commercial or liscensing to use this? As in, do you prefer we pay you to use this or do you not care, but want to be mentioned in the credits? I mean, I can accept being mentions in the credits, but I'm just curious. Also, what to write in to keep the animation running without erasing the picture; I was planning to use this to make an animated, event-based menu, though it skips out 1 frame after repeating the sequence once.
  6. You probably could using a mouse pointer script, multilayer mapping and some well placed pictures + RPG maker events. However, I do agree with the use of Adventure Game Maker. Or you could try to study the dinosaur language SCUMM [Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion] and run it on SCUMMVM. [script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine] The language is outdated though and Lucas Arts abandoned it in 1998, They attempted to use GrimE or Grim Engine afterwards and abandoned Point and Clicks all together.... Enough of the history lesson; your better off using Adventure Game Studio, or looking for a selection of scripts that you can string together to suit your needs.
  7. grandia

    ... I yield my request making powers. This is well laid out, more well laidout than I could ever do. I thank you for the bar back in the first request though.
  8. I would appreciate them as long as they are commercial free, I plan to sell my project.
  9. I am looking for a script to have the same behavior as Grandia in terms of the Time Bar I have seen this in Penny Arcades OaRSPOD Episodes 3 & 4, and know that both games were made using RPG maker VXAce; They utilized the same time bar system. To better explain what I'm looking for or rather what I want. On the bottom right is the time bar. Both Enemies and Heroes share this bar. As time progresses, they move right until they hit COM, Enemies choose an action based on their A.I. After an action is selected, they go through the ACT phase or section of the bar. If the Players or Enemies select Attack or Defend, They go through the ACT phase in about 1 mil-second. If a spell or item was selected, then it takes a little time to go through ACT. (2 seconds for Items, 3-4 for spells & skills) Some skills in this system delay the enemy from reaching the COM phase, other skills deny the enemy from even performing actions while they're in ACT and usually send the enemy back to the start of the wait phase! The downside is the enemies have the same advantage. I know in Grandia you can move to dodge skills though I won't ask anyone to do that much, I'm just looking for the Time bar itself and assign which skills or spells deny enemies and delay them and to set how long it will take each skill to get through ACT. I am even providing Graphics to anyone who would like to attempt to fulfill the request!