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    Uhhhh cheese? I don't know I just like doing things.
  1. Yep. Greensboro, NC. Thanks for the welcome. Thanks from all of you actually.
  2. Hi! I'm new of course. Actually I'm new to the forum, VXAce, Ruby, and a few other things that I have totally forgotten. Not sure how relevant that is but it shouldn't be a problem. Anyway I bought my copy of VXAce a month or two ago and I haven't really done that much in it. Just now got to making an account on here after a few browsing sessions and now I am ready to get to the knitty gritty. Hoping that with some dedication and a few helpful faces I'll have some progress in the worrrrrrrld of VXAce. Which means I have to force myself to ask questions. So yeah, hello and all that. I hope to enjoy my stay, meet rad people, and have the privilege of playing some pretty neat demos and such. On a side note I haven't been on a traditional forum in ages. Now I have to conjure up a pic and a signature. Lord knows where I left those.