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  1. This is real kickass. I mean wow. I do have an idea. How a bout a some sort of color editer thing... like if there's a blue flower but you want it red, you can do it with Lunar. You could do that with other programs but it'd add alot more convenience I think.
  2. No I mean I already checked the the computer that let's me attack. Your HUD doesn't display until you do right? Well my HUD with all my stats was on screen but I still couldn't attack. I really couldn't attack until I changed the controls. The only reason I wrote the comment was because until I fixed the problem I couldn't move on wit the game and then when I was done with the post I came up with the idea to try changing the controls and I figured I'd just post it anyways since it was already typed. Well anyways maybe it was just a problem on my side for some reason. Anyways I completed the demo and I was pretty fun for me. I didn't have any problems other then the one I mention with the controls. I really liked it but was expecting to get to fight the boss that's in your screenshot but oh well. I took a bunch of screenshots of some typos I noticed or a few things that didn't really feel right saying but I'm not sure if you just want me to post them here or pm you them since they could have some spoilers about the demo. Anyways I hope you complete this. I wanna know what happens next lol.
  3. Well I wanted to try your demo since I've been seeing stuff for your game for a while now and was getting interested in it. Anyways I tried the demo and I ran into a pretty big bug. That would be the A and S keys don't do anything. They're supposed to be how I attack right? Well I wasn't attacking at all. I went in and pressed F1 to try and change the controls and when I changed the A key to X and the S key to Y it does what it's supposed to do. And while I'm here I should mention two other things I noticed during the short time I played so far. First, there is a typo in the beginning with the scrolling text. It says "oxigen" when it's supoosed to be "oxygen". Second on is, I ran into a eye robot thing that chased me but when it got really close to me it stopped attacking me and just blocked me from moving past it. I'm assuming it's supposed to keep attacking me though. Anyways I'm off to finish the demo since I just figured out how to get the game to let me attack.
  4. This pretty helpful in making me think more about my bosses. Especially when I getting close to making my second boss in my game. Thanks for the tutorial.
  5. I've found it helpful. And now I fully understand when people told me to work on my forest map in my game... I'm not sure how good this is as a tutorial but it feels like it helped me so I guess it's good. Thanks for the tutorial.
  6. Cookies, milk, and waffles!? How come I didn't get any when I joined? Hey jay. I'm completely new so I have no idea who you are but welcome nonetheless. And no I didn't post this just to say something about cookies n' waffles. *Whistles*
  7. Now this thing looks awesome. Maybe I'll use it for my next game. Though maybe that's a bad idea when my next game will be my second ever.
  8. I remember that Alice Human Sacrafice song. I heard it atleast once and a game based on that would be interesting. (That is if I remember what happens in the song) But a Story of Evil game I would defiantly play. I listen to them in Japanese more then in English. Then again I don't think I've ran into an English vocoloid song that I liked.
  9. Yeah I am actually. Not a super big one though. I used to be a big one about a year or two ago but not anymore. I still enjoy alot of the songs people have made though. One of my favorite songs is Servent of Evil. That just made me super pumped up lol. Thanks! Well NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment, or Training so that decribes me perfectly lol. Idk if anyone else uses it though. And the avatar is my personal one that someone made for me years ago in a Little Big Planet forum.
  10. Thanks. Found the pics and edited them together myself I may be taking a wild guess here but you seem to be a vocoloid fan.
  11. Hello everyone. I a new guy in... this forum, community, whatever thingy haha. I actually joined the RMVX community yesterday and made an intro thread there only to find out alot of the members I seen there are also here. (I mean sure the people who ran that site runs this one too) Which means I should actually be here since I'm using RMVX Ace haha. So I really don't feel like typing everything I said in that intro over again here. Instead I'm posting a link to my intro thread. http://www.rpgmakerv...showtopic=52681 So everything you need to know about me is there. Though it's a bit of a wall of text lol. I'm looking forward to making games and putting them here for every to see, pick apart, and give more feedback then I can handle Oh and being part of this forum. I think i should put that down too.