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  1. Here's part one of my let's play. It's good to watch how others play your game so you get an idea of how people playing it blind will react. As far as I'm concerned, this game doesn't punish you for anything. It's simply impossible to lose. And horror isn't about bloating the game with text to try to tell you that you're scared. This game tries so hard to say, "You're scared, and this is what's happening. Oh, and you're so scared." It's not scary. It's absolutely not fun or scary to read through text. This is a video game which is interactive. Reading a scary story is not interactive. There's monsters here and there, but no punishment for getting caught. The puzzles were cryptic and/or tedious. The maps have sort of the same problem most shooters get acused of doing. Too much of certain colors to try to portray a certain mood or realism (or lack thereof). But everything sort of blends together. There were pilars that I thought was floor and floors I thought were walls. Needs work. Not to mention, in the abyss, we're suddenly in water and there's absolutely no reasoning behind it. And the design of the first map has you believe you're supposed to go right, but you're supposed to go left. Not to mention, these paths are absolutely beyond linear. They're a hallways. With only one way to do things. If you want replay value, you should have multiple ways to do some things. I could continue ripping this game apart, but this game did scare me at a few points. And everyone here says it was good because it didn't have obvious and overused jumpscares. But the jumpscares are what scared me in the game. For chapters two and three, I became scared to progress because I didn't want to be scared. but then the rest killed the jumpscares and I was no longer scared to try to progress. The tension and release cycle was almost there, and then you just took it away. The two times I was really scared in the above video were my favorite parts of the game. But, hell, if this game did improve drastically, I might want to speedrun it. But in its current state, I don't want to play it and I couldn't recommend it to anybody.
  2. I have some extreme criticisms about this game, and you can see them all by watching my Let's Play. Long story short, there were so many elements that killed the fun. There were even more elements that killed any horror-ish aspect. One or two rooms seemed scary, but this just seemed like chasing a guy by doing puzzles to get through places, the game. The enemies were not only inconsistent, but annoying. The atmosphere was okay, but not almost never scarey. The boss fights upon being unnecessary and daunting were outright boring. The high point of this game was the puzzles. They were somewhat clever except for the last code-insert puzzle. The music was mostly fitting, but the boss music was unnecessary. Not to mention, a lot of this music work is copyrighted. If you're going to be unoriginal, just use the built in music or some free music from forums. At least then let's players don't have to deal with audio in their videos matching third party content which is a paid to deal with. Yeah, you had a disclaimer, but a tiny disclaimer on your huge download page after all of this other information completely separated from the download link isn't an excuse. Overall, in its current state, I wouldn't recommend playing this game.
  3. I do not plan to convert at this time. My team is far too into their current projects, except for one which we are holding off to possibly build entirely on MV. We plan to get MV as soon as we can since we together really only have 2 desktops and 2 laptops, both laptops are macs, and we'd rather develop on our laptops and be able to export to windows, mac, and other various platforms.
  4. I played this game on stream on Twitch and left my thoughts about it while playing. Part 1: Part 2:
  5. Channel ================================================================================== About I'm usually a retro game streamer on Twitch. And, during my free time when I'm not helping develop games or doing work for clients, I like to relax and share my game playing experiences on Stream. What do I play? RPG Maker Games. Why? Because they're usually light, entertaining, don't take to long, and they don't get too slowed down when I try to stream them. Requests? Lay them on me. I'll take requests to play a game you made or a game someone else has made. What seems interesting to me will take priority. To make a request, leave me a link to its topic on the forums for either the Show Room or Masterpiece Theater. Playlist ================================================================================== Currently Playing Duck Tales (Small break from RPG Maker Games) Queu (taking requests) Completed Games "Listen - Just a Game" | Part 1 | Part 2 "The Last Girl on Earth" | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 "Beyond Reality" | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 "Amidst The Cold Night" | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 "It Moves" | Part 1 | Part 2 Awards The "Grphical Style" Award - "The Last Girl on Earth" The "Trying to Make You Cry" Award - "Listen - Just a Game" The "Tell, Don't Show" Award - "It Moves"
  6. Well, you have to start somewhere. There is one youtuber who had a good place to start, and it's good for learning how to script. His tutorials can be found here. This is where I started to just learn how what I write effects the game. But to actually get to writing something that did something of value, he didn't get into that for quite a while, and I didn't didn't understand how to do what I wanted. Unfortunately, we all have to start small. My first script was just controlling aspects of TP and changing the starting TP per actor. Then I made a configuration area and set up configuration and commented in what each part does. But another script that taught me something was this tutorial here and this tutorial here. don't watch these first. I only understood these because I watched the first 30 of a different tutorial series. I linked to it earlier. And, unfortunately, you might not get to making what you want to do today. You might only get to making a menu that shows nothing and you can't get out of. Be prepared for headaches. It will probably take a few days before you make anything functional. I hope this helps.
  7. Well, if you're not versed at all in music theory or sheet music or playing any instruments, you should probably learn a little bit about that. Then delve into a music creation program like Mixcraft or FL Studio. Notice, I didn't say mixing software, although there is software that does mixing and creation. Audacity is definitely not for making music. What you could also do is hire someone or get a volunteer. Or exchange favors. I.E., if you did some art for me, I'd do some music for you.
  8. vxace

    So do we just put something like this <ingredients> i: 3x 5 => 3 items of item_id 5 w: 2x 7 => 2 weapons of weapon_id 7 a: 1x 2 => 1 armor of armor_id 2 </ingredients> in a notetag? Is there support for custom scripting BG's?
  9. pixel movement

    Would this be okay to use in commercial projects?
  10. Here's a teaser I made a few builds ago. Here's the new battle theme: Oh, I had forgotten. I'm a video editor, so I can make game trailers too.
  11. Yeah, I don't care about these particular scripts anymore.
  12. Well, I do compose music. MIght be able to dig up an extra few bucks lying around. Wouldn't be a lot. I know it's a huge load, but I'm still remaining hopeful since I know it's going to take me months before I know enough about Ruby to do anything like this. Is there anything, music, art, writing help, etc. that you'd want? Maybe you have a game you'd like help on. My team and I are always up to help another.
  13. This was the problem. Shame I didn't think of this earlier. Anyway, we've already constructed a workaround using showpicture. But this can now be considered solved.