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  1. So, just so nobody is fooled (I think double-posting is against the rules?), I thought I'd say that I'm still technically working on this (so it doesn't get moved to inactive projects). Though I've moved production over to a prequel of sorts. I'll update the thread with news about that when it's ready. I had been working on The Crime Project for a pretty lengthy amount of time, but the way in which the initial demo was designed was just too convoluted. As the trial's got longer, it became much harder to prepare and sort all of the images necessary for it to work, and the original way it worked wasn't exactly clean anyways. So what I've done is removed or redesigned all of the mini-games in the demo which made use of an external image and converted them to just take advantage of the established text system. Going back to the drawing board took me a while and I worked on it between some other things, so I slowed down a bit. But, this prequel works on very much the same concepts, and is an essential part of the story I want to tell so I'll work up to The Crime Project a chapter at a time. The important thing is that I've made it into a format that's much easier to produce. If the demo took me, say, 300-400 hours of work to design. I imagine that on a chapter-to-chapter basis that the new format will cut that by at least half, if not a quarter, since I don't need to create and sort all of the picture files that aren't part of RPG Maker. By the way, I notice no one ever replied with any feedback or anything to this game. Did anyone pass on this game for a particular reason? Was it the mature content warning or something else? Are you guys not a big fan of mystery games? I'm very curious, so if there's anyone out there, please let me know. And if you are interested with the game, I could still use feedback on whether or not that original demo was enjoyable. Maybe you think I could use some more mini-games? Is there too much dialogue? Let me know. Oh, and by the way, if anyone knows how to insert a text backlog or knows how to make it so you can open a common event menu while you're showing text... that would be great. Right now, especially because I've become even more reliant on the text boxes, the player almost never has access to their evidence menu. I'd like to make it so that the player can access this at all times, but because of how the text box works in RPG Maker, I can only let the player have access to it at very specific times. Clicking on the window just makes the text advance, so the player can't click on the folder to bring up the menu. If anyone knows any solutions to this problem, please let me know!
  2. I've been MIA for a bit over a year and a half now iirc, but I've definitely been around here for a long time. I was part of this community before this version of it even existed (which is why I mentioned, a website that doesn't even exist anymore, as this community was an off-shoot of that originally). Thanks for the welcome! Dragons tend to eat horses... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
  3. If you've been around here for a long while, we've already met, but you may not remember me. I am dragon man (previously boy) Novem. Previously known as Obrusnine or The Nine. I'm a writer. I love writing, and I feel like by now (with four self-published novels and a fifth on the way) I'm pretty good at it. I came back because I decided to share an MV project I've been working for the past six months now that it's finally in a state worth showing off. It's nice to meet anybody whose newer (and whose left and come back) than I am, It's also nice to reunite with anyone whose been here as long as I have. Though it would be really crazy if anybody here still remembered the days.
  4. Hello everybody! I'm Novem, also known here as Obrusnine or The Nine. I have been developing Erebus: The Crime Project for the past six months, a Danganronpa-inspired mystery visual novel set in the far future (though, to be honest, it doesn't feel like it most of the time). After hundreds of hours (about 300 I think by now, I've lost count) of work writing, developing, and testing... I'm finally ready to show off the completed prologue here in my old favorite community. Because this time, instead of disappearing randomly, I'm going to finish something! That's why I made sure to finish this entire 2-3 hour slice of the game before I posted here, though luckily I've been able to solicit help from the Danganronpa subreddit for a few things (though, this time around, I've tried mostly to rely on myself). But that's enough about me and the journey to get this far, let's get into the game! NOTE: At current, the game is ~11.1 percent complete. NOTE 2: The game will be released in an episodic fashion, one chapter at a time until the game is complete. You will be able to carry your saves between chapters. NOTE 3: If you're interested, I'm writing a tie-in novel for this game and can share it chapter by chapter as I release it through PMs (I can't post it publicly as I plan to sell it once it's done, but I hand out digital copies of my books to anyone who asks). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT MATURE CONTENT All screens taken from Male POV because I'm lazy.
  5. Try this mod!
  6. Hardware configuration also seems to be an issue. Music has a lot of problems on my powerful desktop (most specifically that most of my custom music won't play in sound test), but basically no problems on my fairly awful laptop.
  7. Mine is reaching Platinum in League of Legends.
  8. Having an RTP with a wider variety of resources means you have more basic stuff to use in a commercial product. This also applies to the new default features, plug-ins, etc. While it may not be important to a lot of people (me included), it will be much easier to bring a decent commercial game to life. You generally can't use other peoples resources in a commercial project without racking up quite a bill, so I'm sure anyone who wants to make a commercial game but doesn't have all of the skills necessary to do it will find it much easier to create a unique product.
  9. You forget that with those engines you have to pay royalties on anything you release (at least I know you pay 5 percent on UE4, last time I checked). If you make something worth anything, that's a helluva lot more than 80 dollars. I'm defending the price because it's perfectly reasonable for what's being offered (and considering they don't ask for royalties, it's reasonable for them to charge much MUCH more) not because I'm a "loyal consumer". I definitely appreciate the small price point and think it's a smart move, but I would not be against them for charging more. Saying it's "something I have not tried yet" is also much less valid in this situation where they are basically just releasing an upgraded version of software I have already used. You can come at me with that line if I turn out to be wrong, but MV is really just Ace with extra bells and whistles. I have not seen any reason to not think that is the case, and it always has been since I started using this program. If Enterbrain were actually trying to rock the boat (which they clearly aren't) then I would have a reason to be cautious. They aren't, so I'm not. It's been that for the past three versions of RPG Maker so I have no reason to think any differently now. By the way, we have seen it. They've released several screenshots and some lets play guy just released a video showing him using the program.
  10. I don't "have oodles of cash to blow", in fact I've already stated I'm not even buying it on release purely because I don't have the money (saving it for the holidays). I'm just saying the additions look like they're worth the money to me. I mean seriously, I feel like people don't understand how much of a deal they get when they buy RPG Maker. 80 dollars is chump change when you consider just how ridiculously expensive most engines are. Most of them go for hundreds of dollars and here we have a simple but powerful engine at a sub-100 dollar price point. The change to Javascript alone creates plenty of opportunities because it's a more mainstream programming language. Sure, we have like 40 plugins now but it really won't take long to have plenty more considering that a lot more people already know Javascript and RM might actually be an attractive option for indie developers because of it. Stop being so cheap man. We're lucky MV doesn't cost way more than it does.
  11. The "RTP" has larger resource variety, it has default side-view support, it runs at high resolution, and as far as backlog... it has like 40 plugins that are coming at launch from Yanfly, Neonblack, Yami, and Galenmerth. Sure a lot of these improvements are small but even if the thing is almost exactly like VX Ace, it's worth it to me.
  12. That's because that's a Dragon Age Inquisition screenshot, hehe Went to Hinterlands at that small fortress in the Southwest, stood on the highest point I could find that could not see the fortress itself, used the flycam to set up the picture at that angle and disabled the HUD, took screenshot. Then I put it into Paint.NET and used the ink painting effect, and put the text at the right spots. Yes Admiration will be a variable that is plugged into the recruitment event which will go something like... -Recruitment variable is set to random number 1-100. -Admiration variable is checked for value (1-100). -If random number is less than or equal to the recruitment variable, recruitment is successful. -Secondary recruitment variable is set to number 1-3. -Depending on the number you will get that number of divisions. -Check territory division type/strength possibilities. Each territory is different so you may get peasants from one territory but full fledged (and armed) mercenaries on the next. Still need to think in more detail about exactly how divisions will work. -Division type variable set to random number according to territory division type availability for the territory, thus selecting the types of divisions you will receive. -Grant 1-3 divisions of selected type.
  13. I would like to use MV, but not knowing it's release date or if I'll have the money to pay whatever the release price is kinda kills that possibility. Also it will take a bit before there are tons of plug-ins to use while VX Ace has plenty of scripts already. Those ideas are really great by the way. When I'm designing the hub I'll put them under consideration. By the way I made a title screen because I was bored.
  14. I agree, but another thing that gets in the way is that it's actually difficult to make cosmetic changes in RPG Maker because whatever cosmetic things you add have to be events. You can't actually change the map itself unless you have different versions of the map for every cosmetic instance while also having all events within work as intended. It can get really messy and it makes cosmetic stuff difficult to implement to say the least.
  15. Yes, because Elena and Adam are so young they will age throughout the course of the story (when the game starts Elena is 16 and Adam is 10), by the end of the game I'm planning for Elena to be close to her 30s. I am an author and story will be a strong point (and canon to my story universe, which is why Elena only has a single romance option). Adam being young and unable to properly control his magic will be the centerpoint of a lot of early Operations (finding him a trainer among other lore related things he needs). This also will have some gameplay impacts during combat. He is too young to fight and when he's stressed he loses control of his magic, but you need to bring him along for certain operations so things will get interesting. As far as recruiting. There are two types of people to recruit. You have Advisers, which will always be recruited through an Operation and have no inspiration requirements (all Advisers are also your party members). Then you have the rank and file, which will be divisions of varying strength. In order to recruit divisions you will need to travel to towns/villages and seek recruits. Not all of them will like you or will be confident in your leadership. By successfully completing missions and certain operations, you will gain Admiration (which is a resource local to a territory that will make recruiting easier in those territories, since recruiting is an RNG process with a chance of failing) and also Inspiration (which is a global resource that is consumed whenever you recruit new troops). Agreed. That is why throughout the game the HQ will progress as far as disrepair is concerned (I'm thinking every year things will start to look cleaner). There will also be optional Operations that I haven't talked about for getting merchants and upgrades for it, though will also need to think of what those upgrades can be, and I also have to be careful not to make this too complicated. There would be no point in having an upgrade if it doesn't have any actual benefits, for instance! haha!