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  1. The last month didn't see much in terms of game development progress, the only thing worth mentioning is an interaction menu for NPCs and objects:
  2. As mentioned before, development is a bit slower nowadays, nevertheless, the new greenhouse is done. This wasn't really nesseccary, but I wasn't that content with the old one. Now its a full on harvest moon esque experience with 625 fields instead of the 100 before and complete placement freedom. It also runs better, since I now edit the parallax layers instead of changing 100 events. (And as an additional bonus, adding new crops takes way less time and only 1/12th the file size, so the whole thing is a a tripple or quadruple win.)
  3. The intro is finally complete: Decided to upload the whole thing since a demo is likely at least half a year away anyway. From now on progress reports will likely be further apart. (only once every two weeks or once a month)
  4. Some additional skill(machanic)s for the battle system are done: And yeah, it's not much, most of this weeks progress was erased as I decided to scrap the 11 new maps I did for a harvest moon/pokemon/stardew valley style cave/mine.
  5. 61 are too many. 60 is just right, I use that in my game. Believe me, I did the math. I mean 60 is a really cool number, divisible by 30, 20, 15, 12, 10, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Heck, we even use it to keep time, as base for 1 minute in seconds and 1 hour in minutes, isn't that proof enought? Some may claim 42 is better, but they are just delusional people who listen to what computers with stupid names come up with as answers to questions they don't even know themselves. "How many characters are too many?" -"42!" See? Doesn't make sense.
  6. The basics of the warfare system are implemented and working. Here is a short preview: Every unit has certain strength and weaknesses, as indicated bay the following chart: (the unit at the start of an arrow is strong against the unit at the end of it.) With this, all foundations of the important planned systems are done, whats left is to flesh them out and then finally go into full content production mode.
  7. Update: New character portraits and game split First off, have you noticed the new character artworks in the start post? Those are leagues above the old mix of amateur art and character generator parts. The new portraits have been made by pbjelly246, who has kindly offered her help. Welcome on board, Jelly. (She also got a game of her own, Memories of Elefee, which already got a demo out.)
  8. Been working o the battle system for the last 2 weeks, the basics are done, so are some advanced skills, but there is still a lot of work ahead.
  9. Updated the main post, added: Info sheet with all 60 Characters Main character portraits: Second part of the intro, including bar brawl minigame:
  10. Does anyone else have the problem, that opening or changing pages on some threads crashes their browser? (Using Firefox and don't have that problem on any other site. Had it in the past, but now its gotten to the point of making it impossible for me to edit my games topic.)
  11. Final Update of 2016, this time its the Cooking and Crafting system. Added 1 new video to the playlist, added 2 new screensots to the start post. Wish you all a happy new year.
  12. Edit2: Todays Update is the Barn, in video and infosheet form. This concludes the holiday updates. Next Update is scheduled for new year(s eve). ----------------- Edit: Todays Update is the Greenhouse, in video and infosheet form. ----------------- Added major updates to the starting post (3 info sheets among other things), as well as a video of the Intro. A new feature together with a video and info sheet will be released tomorrow and the day after that. Happy holidays everyone.
  13. @Cait: Yup, looks a lot bettter than your run of the mill VX dungeon. @Topic: Here are a newer ingame Screenshot of the Town Building System (added backdrops) as well as an eagles eye view of the same Map:
  14. Last screenshots before the christmas update. Here are a newer ingame Screenshot of the Town Building System (added backdrops) as well as an eagles eye view of the same Map:
  15. Believed dead live longer! After some time working on a side project and a prolonged period of illness, I am back at my game and working on it again since september. Here are some newer screenshots: The description will be updated at either chrstmas or new years eve.