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  1. Hello there fellow makers ! I am back in the dev game business and have a small request... I'd like to know if there is a way to make skills cost health. Either by making a certain class mp deduct from its hp if used or directly. Appreciate the help, and if there is an easier way to do this (eventing) it works as well
  2. Hey guess who has more time on his hands to waste ! This guy ! Most of the older members should remember me, I had/have a logo shop ^^ Well when it comes to rpg maker, I decided to work slowly and carefully in one isolated project. But what brought me back is actually my logo skills that have improved with the practice I got this last months and my writing skills that are flourishing nicely. So if you ever need help with a game plot or material for your game (books, papers, title screens, game overs, diagrams) just ask !
  3. Ok , thanks I will try to contact the script owner or just adapt my game around it XD
  4. So now I am gonna start covering some of the classes on Judgement Journey ... You start as a warrior , but after the prologue you can switch to mage or Thief The Interaction with certain ncp's while having a class on opens others , also there are 2 classes that are covenants , you can only have one of them ... Each class has 4 normal skills and one ultimate skill , all scale with the game , making even the basic more linear classes usable later in the game (even tough they do not provide that much alone) The classes in game are : Warrior Blade Master (or Duelist) Berserker Paragon Thief Assassin Scout Hunter Mage Elementalist Archmage Necromancer Covenants : Demon Blood God Sent So I will start with the warrior The warrior is your standard front line unit , his job is to jump into the face of danger and keep the enemies at bay while you turn yourself into a hard to kill target . However , you lack most of the damage and some cool downs are quite high Lets go over the skills Overhead Strike : Overhead Strike is one of the 2 offensive abilities for this class , it is similar to a basic attack but it has a 100% crit rate ... How to use in a fight : What you will basically do is use spam this into high priority enemies as soon as you have it , combining with your autos . Cleanse : Cleanse removes all disables on you instantly ... This skill is good against bosses to get out of some of their combos ( but I will make the combos a little bit harder to cleanse as the game go on) , make sure you cleanse the most amount of disables out of you cause this ability has a moderate cool down ... The correct use that I imagined was : wait for all disables to hit you , cleanse them all at once Vigor : This is what makes warriors tough to kill , CD of this skill is high but the buff lasts for allot of time . It gives you bonus regeneration , bonus max health and resistances . Use this as soon as it expires and you will be really strong in crowd fights , plus it provides a 20% heal on activation that allows you to stay alive for a while . Battle Cry : Battle Cry makes the warrior some synergy with offensive classes such as assassins , giving all your allied souls bonus attack damage and health regeneration . I would recommend using this to finish the enemies instead of spamming it as it may drain your mana bar . Audacious shield Thrust : This is the ultimate skill for the warrior , this skill stuns and knocks back all enemies in front of you while doing decent damage . But its cooldown is huge . This skill has 2 uses , one is to deal additional damage and cc your opponents while your Souls kill the enemy with maybe AoE spells . Or when you are alone and you seem to have trouble to kill a huge crowd of enemies just put your back against the wall and slam them since there is a bonus damage for each health you have missing . In fight combos : Alone : When alone , I would recommend just spamming Vigor and Overhead Strike while only using Battle Cry to boost the power of your OS in executing low enemies . Keeping track of your cooldowns is absolutely key , also when alone , save your ultimate skill until is absolutely necessary and DO NOT WASTE IT ON BOSSES , since they will be immune to almost every cc Be sure to see which enemy cc is available to use Cleanse efficiently With Souls : Depending on which comp you are playing , you don't need to worry much , normally the warrior was not design to be a damage dealer , he is a defence character that is complemented with damage only classes ... I will give a comprehensive guide on comps once I've presented all classes . And that's all for now , I will work on a Mage preview today too (or even a thief while I am at it XD)
  5. Hello guys I kind of need help So I am trying to turn the J and H keys into skill only keys ... Let me try to clarify , instead of only being able to bind items , I would like to only bind skills Don't know how to elaborate more I am using Falcao Pearl Abs , if anyone knows how to to this Pls help ^^
  6. Hey guys long time no see ^^ I am Kire and for those who didn't know / didn't notice , I used to be a very active member in the community ... Since than I moved to the UK and started studying hard , plus my computer had a its motherboard fried as soon as I got here and I lost all my projects , project Ideas and resources . I could recovered them but I decided not to , I decided to start fresh . So during the time without the computer I came with various Ideas (that I hope to turn into games) , this blog is about one in particular called Judgement Journey . So what is Judgement Journey about ? My concept for Judgement Journey was as an Dark Soul-ish action RPG that revolves about defeating Bosses and mastering the mechanics of the different classes ... Combining with the intriguing story elements that I will refer further down the post . Also I tough about avoiding a gear treadmill , You won't be chasing after the most powerful gear in order to win , you may get a sword or a bow from an ncp that may boost your stats but most of your equipment is fixed , also the money should be used on healing items that are not activable (trigger automatically when you are at a certain percentage) that is mostly due to the emphasis to the skills effectiveness The story : The world was consumed by war and greed . Kings wanted to increase their fortunes and every adventure wanted to become the next king trough stockpiling riches ...All the hoarding of riches was in vain when due to chaotic war of swords and magic created a break between realms . All realms became connected , and all riches from the realm of man were stolen by creatures from other realms that call themselves Lords ... The Lords are rulers of other dimensions , and they have their own hierarchy ... This happened thousands of years ago , before the adventure in judgement journey starts . Since then kings , mages and adventurers have tried to claim the treasure hoarded by the Lord Of Lords (Highest and stronger Lord) but all in vain . You are a forgotten knight that died in an unknown war ... Your body and fighting spirit as been resurrected by a necromancer called Marcaus (will talk about classes later) , since he brought you back you have to do his bidding , and his wish is to claim the Legendary treasure of gold and magic hoarded by the Lords . You are just Ordinary , and you have no clue from your past , so you walk in total darkness , guided by the hand of a wicked man ... souls of the fallen . Book of adventurers : Contains the experience of previous adventurers , gives you the power to change to any classes This means that even tough you start as a warrior , you can play as all the classes at any time , providing you have the right recommendation from adventurers . Souls Of the Fallen : Works the same ways as the summons in dark souls , call forth adventurers and kings to fight along side you in boss battles and such . Summoned adventurers have their own classes allowing you to either get an offensive summon and go on a healing position or vice versa . I think that this is enough for now , I hope you guys like what it is here for now and any feedback is appreciated
  7. Wow the story sounds amazing and everything looks polished , eager to see the final product ! Also loved the intro video !
  8. I like the way you add to the tittles , adding those swirls and lines , that make then stand out ... PS : Click to enlarge sounds very wrong XD
  9. Well , i think i posted one already but here , look at how awesome i am ^^ Yes i know 0.0
  10. rmvx-ace

    I am actually a little puzzled why review an opening (EP0) , i mean , that's just judging the book by it's cover ... Let her finish episode one and then go see ... It's like playing a game opening and saying that you are not going to play it because the opening wasn't a bang ... And she already warned us that the game is kind of a VN drama of some sort ...
  11. Maybe if it is include in the rules they will ... Or maybe if they introduce themselves , we could just show them were to go ...
  12. I will try , but possibly yes ^^
  13. Ok , i will start today then ^^
  14. @Jonnie : Maybe you could darken the fence a bit , to blend with the other wood (awkward) , and also tons of flowers !!! TONS OF FLOWERS !! So here is something I've been working on :
  15. Hello guys ! As you may know , the forum received lots of new members , some of which don't know those nifty things about rpg maker vx ace ... So they make new topics to ask this questions ... Because they are tons of new members there are some topics that pop up repeated ... In order to avoid that , i had an idea : to create 1 topic , were all frequently asked questions are answered , and if someone new is about to post that question , just needs to check that topic for it , and if the answer isn't there , all he needs to do is to ask in that topic and it will then be added into the main post ! I have some time on my hand to do that , and if you want to help , please be my guest ^^ What do you guys think ? Examples of questions i am trying to compile in the post and answer : "I GOT A BIG SPRITE BUT IT DOESN'T SEEM TO FIT , WHAT'S HAPPENING??" "I AM GETTING THE "STACKS TOO DEEP "ERROR , WHAT DO I DO ?" "MY AUTO RUN EVENT ISN'T WORKING ! WHY ???" oh 1 more thing , i will also categorize the rpg maker vx ace learning guide from rpg maker web into sections so that if someone is lazy or doesn't know it exists , then they can look up there !