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  1. The new update is now available! Changes include: - CG scene for a new character near Ebron, when you talk to the elf on the path west. - CGs for Naevy's scene added. Scene and replay option added to the CG selection screen. - Bar and Logistics buildings on the overview map fixed. Logistics will now add +10 supplies for each turn and can be upgraded up to 3 times. When you already had the Logistics build, you can build it again. - "Other none hentai CGs" option added to the CG selection screen. Currently it contains the 2 versions of the chibi CG from the encounter with Brad. - Demoness from the Spire of Courage added to the CG selection screen. - New events and scene for Lind, which includes the first animated CG! - The amount of new characters in the CG selection screen also resulted in a new page at the CG selection screen. So make sure you don't miss the events on the new page. Everyone playing from savegames should start the new content with Lind's event, as there is a 15-20mins waiting time after you paid her 1,5 mio gold. (If you don't have much money, build both mines and don't forget to get the tax money at the throne room.) Known issues: - Phraan doesn't appear in the town hall after the events near Ebron. - Sara's face does not disappear when going to the last CG selection page. Both issues were fixed after the upload, therefore the changes will be in the next update. Download the new update files at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA -- From now on, you can also download the game from my own server. The download should be faster and completely without ads. Download at: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
  2. Changes from version 17.05.31 to 17.06.15: - You can now exchange Stone, Iron and Wood items at Sir Edward, to turn them into warmap recources. (Wood is not the same item as Logs) - The "stone seller" in the bar of Aldlyn now sells "Stone" items. This does not affect his role in the quest to reconstruct the old barracks. - You can buy a limited amount of Wood and Iron on the trade map of the merchant Darude in Aldlyn. - You can gather Stone similar to Iron in some dungeons. This does not require a Mithril Pickaxe. - The turn-based system on the warmap now stops at the end of the last deadline (now turn 60), instead of stopping directly after the last battle. - Warmap battle 3 and 4 added. Battle 4 introduces the first boss battle and a one-time full heal for a unit. Winning the battle 4 will bring the enemy commander Lind to your dungeon. - Windmill/Bookbinder fixed. - Changed the cost for lumberjacks/mines. - New events with Naevy, which includes a new floor in the Spire of Courage, and leads to a sex scene with her (CG is not done yet, so it's text only for now. That's why it's also not in the CG replay screen). - New CG for the first encounter with Brad General news: I made some changes to my patron rewards and stretch goal. Feel free to take a look at www.patreon.com/naughtynetherpunch for all changes. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  3. The version 17.05.29 is online and contains: - New mummy girl enemies in the Dhranholl mine. - New event with Grey, Elly and the Dark Sorceress. Starts with Grey at the sleeping chambers, after you’ve done the previous events for the three girls. - The dialog of Sir Edward was changed. Most building options are now on the country overview map. For his quest, you need to use the "Talk" choices with him, which will disappear once the quest is done. - New battle on the warmap. - Laboratory can now switch between normal and warmap researches. - New buildings and changes on the warmap. - Negative production now uses resources from the storage and shuts off production when not enough resources are available. - Buildings constructed on the overview map also appear on the worldmap, but have no interaction on the worldmap. - The first battle on the warmap will now only be available when you’re told about it by the general, who doesn’t appear until you’ve freed Vampire. Known issues: - Warmap is still not done. A lot of resources don’t have a use and the balancing is probably off. - New events aren’t spellchecked yet. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  4. @Rikifive My bad, won't happen again. The new update is done and contains: - A new scene with the fire spirit in the south dungeon in Central. - 3 new quests from Flaire at the thieves guild below Thremten. The third quest has 5 different ways to solve the problem, 4 of these are optional and hidden if you haven’t met the necessary person for it yet. - Some small balancing changes. - Dialogs from the last update were spellchecked and corrected now. General news: Tomorrow, Tuesday 16. May 2017, the grand final of the Tournament of Fame will beginn at www.patreon.com/naughtynetherpunch Only Tsubaki, Vampire and Kurohime are left! Everyone will have only one vote, so the choice won’t be easy, but the last girl standing after this poll will be the winner of the entire Tournament! Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  5. The new version is ready! Beside a new scene for the maid Vivian, most time went into the changed for the warmap. It's not done yet, but the current version should be enough to give an idea to where things are going. Please let me know, when you find any bugs, and what you think of the changes. General changes include: - Spire on Courage added to the Begus south map item - Ryen can obtain his new level 15 skill now by sleeping in his bed, when you play in a savegame where he was already 15 or higher when the skill was added. - Higher m.atk for Chiyo - Fixed the bug, which gave you steel instead of coal from mining coal inside of the Spire of Courage - Fixed a buggy demon in the Spire of Courage - Added a CG scene with Vivian to the headmaids girl selecion screen - The music on all maps was changed to the same volume Warmap changes include: - Completely new map in between battles - All unit can change class now (but require the necessary resources for it) - You can heal and train new troops for each unit - The first farm can produce Wheat, Hops, Pigs or Horses - The storage can be upgraded from 20 to 50 resources max - Watchtower can be build directly on the new map. A lot of buildings will follow, which will eventually replace the old "choice tree" of Sir Edward in your throne room for constructions - Special events marked with an "!" symbol give short dialogs on the new warmap. For example, having helped Val's mercenarys before will give you a dialog at the blue villa on the new warmap, which gives you a few new recruits - Constructions take several turns to complete, but are instant while no battle is active. - Battles show you the win/loss condition at the start now, and a "victory" or "defeat" image at the end. Winning and losing will make you gain/lose supplies - If your supplies drop below zero, they'll stay at zero but the moral of your troops goes down. Bugs I'm aware of: - Problem with unintended change of looking direction of enemy units when they're marked as in your attack range - The AP counter sometimes doesn't refresh after the turn ends. The unit has the correct amount of AP, but the display is not updating until you move the unit again. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  6. The new version is done and contains a lot of new maps and CGs! - 13 Floors for the new map Spire of Courage [3 safe floors, 3 base fighting floors, 3 easy floors, 2 medium floors and 2 advanced floors]. - The easy floor ends with an event, that can lead to a CG scene when you win the fight and make the right choice afterwards. - Medium floor introduces the Tigergirl patreons have voted on before. Her events aren't finished yet, she'll receive a CG scene later. - Hard floor will bring back a good friend for a rematch, unless you haven't met her yet. - Several new enemy battler CGs - New skill "Dark Blade" for Ryen at level 15 - New skill Mana Burn for some enemies - Balancing changes for element attacks and defense of friends and enemies - New CG for the scene with Chiyo and Kayelinth playing in the river - New recipes, items and steel equipment - Replaced some normal soldiers with dwarves at and in the Drunken Cave General notes: - To help balancing the game, please let me know with what level and party you managed to clear the Spire of Courage or where enemies were too strong for you. - I changed the system for the version number from day/month/year to year/month/day, so that the higher number will always be the newer version. - At the time of this post, we're ~60$ short on the patreon goal to get a new monstergirl with CG into the game each month. Should you like the new monstergirls, you now know how to get more of them. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  7. The new version is up and contains: - New CG scene with Aleah. This scene will be different, depending on whether you freed her or put her into your dungeon. - New event with two different CGs for Grey, if your previous choices with him included keeping him in your castle. - The solutions for the Magic Test during the events with Chiyo have been added to the walkthrough. - The RPG Maker MV now has the option to export games for Linux. I've uploaded the newest version, but expect it to be buggy or not to work for certain Linux versions. As I don't have a Linux system myself, I won't be able to provide tech support for this version. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  8. As dwarves are supposed to become a big race in my game, Renryuu, I've hired a pixel artist to make generator parts and allow for a big amount of different dwarves to be made. I used to have big problems finding graphics for dwarves usable in the RPG Maker MV, that's why I'm making these parts publicly available and help out everyone with the same problem. Most of the parts are made by the artist VanillaBrocker himself, but some are edits of the default parts. The default clothes also work pretty well on the smaller dwarves in most cases. This is only the first upload. Brocker works on more parts, so I'll update the post every now and then, until I have enough parts and stop the commissions. Non-commercial projects can use and edit all parts, as long as they give credit to Naughty-Netherpunch and the artist VanillaBrocker. Commercial project can also use all all parts, but depending on the project might be asked to add a link to my blog or patreon page in some way. Please contact me here or per mail at naughty-netherpunch@web.de for details and permission. Reposting on other sides is allowed, as long as the requirements for commerial and non-commercial projects are mentioned Example characterset: So far the set contains: 1 Helmet in 3 variations 2 Beards 1 Dwarf body shape 2 Face shapes 1 Custom made armor 2 Ears 8 Eyebrows 6 Eyes 3 Facial Marks 2 Front hair 2 Rear hair 3 Mouth 2 Noses If you use the RPG Maker MV in steam, you can find the generator folder at Steam\SteamApps\common\RPG Maker MV\Generator. Should you already have a part with the same number as the one I gave the part,you can change the number behind the "p" (for example here: FG_AccA_p02_c1_m013) to one higher than the highest you currently have. Just remember to change the number to all different versions of the part (Face/TV and Variations) to the same number Special notes: The face image of the Helmet is given in 3 different color patterns. You can pick your favorite and remove the -a/b/c at the end, or give them 3 different numbers and use all of them. I haven't seen any way to change the body shape yet, so the TV image TV_Body_p02 needs to be changed to p01 and replace the default male body in order to be used. Of course, you should rename the default body first, to change all back afterwards. You can find the .zip file with all parts in the attachments of this post, or you can download them at: MEGA Mediafire Dwarves generator parts v1.zip
  9. The warmap system has received a complete rework and is now available in it's new shape. - Move/Attack command is replaced by "Action", with which you can move within range or directly attack enemies within range. - New visual of all stats and bonuses before you attack. - Instead of the attacker making the damage before the enemy, the attacker now gains an attack bonus, but takes full damage from the enemy as well. - Attacking a unit which isn't directly next to you will move your unit to it before attacking. - Ranged units (Archers and mages) can't counterattack or be counterattacked. Also they can attack 1-2 tiles far, but can't move anymore after attacking. Their attacks can't go over impassable tiles or any units, to attack enemies behind. - Attack animation are now visible when units fight. - Turn over button was replaced by a turn over option on every unit you have. - Visual of the unit counts in the bottom left corner and day value in the top center of the map have been removed. - All forces are now small groups of units instead of boxes. - Enemies now prioritise to attack units which they're strong against. - Units can't attack more than once per turn. - Balancing changes, all units have higher base defense values - Changed the map around the tower slightly and the positioning of the enemies, in order to make things more open instead of clumped into single tiles. - Several other bugs have been fixed. One of them was Grey appearing in Sandra's treasure dungeon events, even if he was already transformed - I added a Yanfly plugin for the shop screen, so that you can see more details about items and compare it with all party members. For comparison, here is what the previous system looked like: General news: - Some people reported problems, which were possibly caused by files missing in one of the earlier "update files only". I recommend to download the full game version, to have a new start and be certain to have all files. - Make sure to check out the "Tournament of fame" at my patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/naughtynetherpunch). We're currently in the fourth round of voting the favorite characters in 1on1 battles. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  10. Two little bugs sneaked into the recent update. Kayelinth doesn't speak to you anymore, under certain conditions, and Irinlia's CG replay scene was breaking the game. I made the changes on both maps to fix it, and uploaded the map data files. This way you can quickly fix the game without much to download. Simply add the Map040.json and Map213.json files into the www/data folder and replace the old files. Bugfix: https://mega.nz/#!TxgFQSCT!c_shhA7FbfVVYR2mxoI5UTGCldZAl7i451v6UxX1lIQ The new Tournament of fame started yesterday, where everyone can vote on their favorite character between two options. Like a normal tournament, the winner will move on and later fight against another winner. Here you can see the first round for all groups: Given the huge amount of characters, the polls will go 2 days for one entire group during the first round. For group 1 you can vote on: Battle A - Irinlia vs Elly In the first battle of the tournament, Irinlia, the succubus from Millwater, has to compete against our gunslinger Elly. Will the succubus be able to steal your hearts (and votes), or will Elly prove the power of a main heroine over a side character? You decide! Battle B - Sandra vs Mirel Stabbing on close range, or shooting arrows from a safe distance? Pragmatic or honorable? These two girls have a lot of differences, but which one managed to impress you more? Battle C - Vampire vs Mira Good against evil. But no matter what they say, deep down we all know they don’t really hate each other. Battle D - Chiyo vs Kayelinth The battle of our youngsters. Despite Kayelinth’s real age being far from that of a child, those two surely are the most "childish" characters we’ve in our group. But the important question is, which of them do you like more? The voting takes place on my patreon page. You can find the group 1 polls here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tournament-of-1-8482565
  11. The new version 17.03.17 is up! Changes: - You can now torture Lace after capturing her. Her Health and Mind value regenerates over time, so the entire process will take a while and requires you to leave and come back later several times. - Lace scene can be replayed from the prison in a slightly different version or in the original version from the CG selection screen. The CG of the scene has a total of 7 different versions. - Kayelinth' hunger and playlust now increase over time while she is in your group. Hunger causes a 50% stat debuff if too high and can be decreased with Vegetables or Meat. Playlust makes Kayelinth auto-attack in battle once it's too high and requires the new present item Toys to decrease it or a new event, which is available at the sleeping chamber after the new event together with Chiyo. (Toys can be bought at Havaria port and Whitestone citadel.) - A new event with Kayelinth and Chiyo will start when entering Chiyo's room with playlust over 80 and Chiyo's first scene already seen. (Obviously you also need both as party member) - After the event of both girls together, Chiyo's second CG scene will be available by talking with her in her room with 70+ relationship. - The Sara + Kunoichi scene has received a CG. The scene can be replayed in the cellar of Sara's house, even if you've already seen it. Afterwards it becomes available in the CG selection screen as well. - New movementsystem for unit inside of the warmap. In an attempt to bring the community of this game closer together, I made a forum and discord server. The chat in the discord server should make bugreports and solving problems faster, while you can post lengthy suggestions or exchange your thoughts on the game in the forum. [FORUM] - [DISCORD] Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --
  12. The new version is up and contains 2 new eventlines and a total of 10 new CGs for 3 different scenes. - CGs added for Irinlia's sex scene and added her scene to the CG selection screen. - A new event with Mirel, if you've met the Earthspirit and her comming of age ceremony done. (You'll need to talk twice with her, to trigger the new event) - After the new event with Mirel, Flora will become available at the headmaid for a sex scene. - New eventline starting at the Aldlyn city board, if you have build and seen the new police headquarter building (you can purchase it from the officer in charge at the police headquarter). These events include 2 text only scenes and a sex scene with CGs at the end. New maps for this event include a new dungeon with a short switch riddle and the thieves guild secret hideout. - The walkthrough has been updated. Feel free to write me comments or mails to naughty-netherpunch@web.de, if you think something is still missing in the walkthrough. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA -- Edit: I uploaded a new game version 05.03.17 with the fix of the following bugs: - Endless repetition of Flora’s sex scene, when replayed from the CG selection screen once. - Fix of Irinlia’s CG scene - A problem with the update files, which caused a loading screen bug for people who only used update files in the last few uploads. The new "update file only" zip also contains the fixed, so you can download this to fix the bugs as well. Thanks to everyone who posted about the bugs, to help me find and solve them.
  13. I want to move the event of a certain ID (which is given by a variable) either up, down, left or right with a script command. Sadly I don't see any examples for such a script command, even in the google doc sheet with the "RMMV Script Calls". What the script command should do: "The event of the ID 'variable X' moves 1 tile up", and the same for down, left and right. Thanks for all help. Edit: Trihan send me the answer to the question. The script command to move the event with the ID of variable X one tile: $gameMap.events().filter(function(event) { return event.eventId() === $gameVariables.value(X); })[0].moveStraight(4); Direction: 2 = down, 4 = left, 6 = right, 8 = up If you use the commend with the event that'll move itself, you need to add a command to change it's direction during the movement, since it'll still face towards you during and after the movement. Command to change the direction of the event: $gameMap.events().filter(function(event) { return event.eventId() === $gameVariables.value(X); })[0].setDirection(4); This thread can be closed now.
  14. Just to make sure, do you want it in a seperated .txt file or do you mean the message box in the maker? If you want a variable to show in a message box, you can use \v[X] to show the value of the variable X. You can see a tooltip with several commands like that for the message box, when you hold your mouse over the text area for a moment.
  15. Changes: - New map "The Drunken Cave" contains: 1. A rematch with Lace (you need to speak with Varea about Lace and her group in Manastyr, before Lace will appear in the dungeon). 2. Outside of the cave waits Maria for you, if you sealed or helped the Ice Spirit before, and starts an event where you'll meet the Spirit again. - New map Millwater, in which you'll stumble across a murder scene and search for the murderer. - Several balancing changes in skills and character stats. - New enemy type Water Fairy, Gazer, Ice Harpy and Minotaur. - Changed Mary's face picture with expressions for her sex scene. - Mary's and the Dark Sorceress scenes have been added to the CG selection screen. - The paperwork still had a bug under certain circumstances. This should be fixed now. - The Dark Sorceress at the Bitterroot farm has a new event with CG scene. It requires a Love Potion, so I added a hole with one at Millwater, for people who've already used all existing Love Potions. General news: All 5$+ patrons will now receive access to the game tester version. A game tester version is made, whenever an update or a part of it is done and is given to the game testers to check for bugs. Usually these version are given out one day previous to the release of an update. I'm against holding back content in order to give patrons the update earlier than anyone else, but it feels fine in this case, since I'm waiting for my game testers to check for bugs before the release anyway. Download the newest version at: -- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --