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  1. wipbeta

    Thanks for the error report. I'll be sure to look into it. Might take me a bit to fix it, but I'll give it a shot using the info you've given me.
  2. New PMs is fine. Adding them to the discussion from the side box, or putting them into the Additional Recipients line, results in the same outcome of the "User not existing"
  3. Hey I'm having a major issue with the forum. Whever I try to add people to a discussion, or invite people to a discussion, or compose a new discussion with multiple people in it, the forum tells me these people don't exist. USERS: Firen GaiaVellir Stryke I've had this issue before. What's wrong with the board?
  4. Maps are limited at 500x500 In terms of pixels that's 16000x16000
  5. This one is pretty easy. Try either setting XP Difference to 0 at the start of the contents or setting the XP Difference variable instead of adding to it. The variable doesn't initialize back to 0. That's something you have to do. So, you have a residual number hanging around that XP Difference variable every time you use it.
  6. Experimentation is indeed key for learning RPG Maker. Pick up some tutorials, which there's no shortage of, and start learning. I suggest starting by learning Conditional Branches, then moving on to Switches and then Variables. Conditional branches are the backbone that will teach you how to do most everything with the software. People under-estimate how much Conditional Branches do. I think people get confused with Variables and Switches because they don't understand that Conditional Branches are the reason why those even work. I host teaching livestreams that are beneficial for learners, and will probably start posting my schedule for them in the General forum. Also, I am working on Ace Academy to encourage people to practice Game Development without having to make their first game (which almost inevitably falls apart).
  7. Hi! Don't feel like you can't join in because your skill level isn't as high as some of our other members. Game development is a heavily multi-faceted production and just about anyone can find a place in it, so long as you have the passion and drive. I try to help those learning the software by hosting live streams that teach the software and promoting Ace Academy. Please check out both and keep your eyes open for my next livestream.
  8. Scripting is a difficult endeavour, but well worth the lessons. Scripting and software creation is in high demand both here and in the real world, so give it a go. Ruby can be a useful language, since there is RGSS and Ruby-On-Rails. Good luck!
  9. Your artwork is quite lovely. There's plenty of resources and tutorials to learn and get started. I'm always trying to help out those interested in RPG Maker by hosting Livestreams and promoting Ace Academy. Please jump aboard when you see them, and be a part of our little community.
  10. This was submitted when this particular forum had different guidelines and applications. It fit before, but doesn't fit now. I can try to convert it more into a tutorial, though it doesn't really have anything special to it. It's mostly a lot of "Set Move Route" stuff. But I suppose that just makes it easy. It might be a while though, I have a lot on my plate so redoing this as a tutorial is low priority.
  11. Enjoy your time here. If you're new, want to make friends, learn, and practice I suggest looking at Ace Academy in my sig.
  12. screenshots mapping

    Yeah, that just means you need more "landmarking" as I call it. It breaks up repetition in a map and helps the player determine exactly where they are. Basically by using one or a combination of shapes, abundance, or uniqueness, you can create an easily identifiable spot. Do a few of these and the map will look a lot better. Try creating a circle of rocks and flowers in one or two spots. Put a bunch of littered trash in an area with a rolled up sleeping bag. Use a ton of flowers in a spot. These will establish places to the player that helps them identify their location, and draws out the setting with personality.
  13. Just a note, an RM game with this kind of system heavily implemented is "The Way" by Crestfallen studios. It's rather hit or miss to some people, so be aware of that. It should probably never be the main method of battle unless the game is short.
  14. Why not just flip on a switch that turns events active? As for the tonal change, use "Change Tileset" in the event menu and just use a different tileset. Also could use a "Show Picture" screen with Sub or Add setting.
  15. I don't understand. What's wrong with putting 2 Atk Element boxes in Features list of a weapon. I know it's not possible in skills though.