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  1. I do it like this: I'm using Victor's cast animation and I'd make an animation with the casting sound. Just the sound, or maybe with an animation. Oh god, I need to speak english more often... anyways. It is possible, but not with the battle voice script. (I think. )
  2. yes, that's right. it's the ID of actor 1.
  3. :attack => { # ◆ 通常攻撃 1 => ["Linh_attack", "Linh_attack2", "Linh_attack3"], There isn't much to explain here. You can have as many sounds for one move (like attack) as you want. It will pick one randomly. And if you want an enemy to have a voice: for example, the enemy ID is 20, then you just need to write: :attack => { # ◆ 通常攻撃 -20 => ["attack", "attack2", "attack3"], Easy, right?
  4. Just move with your cursor over the links xD you can see the URL and its called "battle_voice.txt" oh well. it's the 11th link.
  5. has a battle voice script. I'm using it too (you can also give the enemy sounds. just put a - before the ID of the enemy.)
  6. First of all: I LOVE your script! When I looked at the script, at first I was like: "....... Oh god. I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING" But I just tried a few things and now I get it :3 kinda. Haha. Buuut.. now I have a problem. Your examples are all okay, when you level up Test1 to level 3, Test2 is then available. I tried to make my own skills like that too, but my 2nd skill should be available at level 3 (max is 5) of my 1st skill. Oh god, sounds complicated. ... Wait, I'll just show you what I did xD "Linh_tree_heal" => ["skill_object", [187,188,189,190,191], [["points", 1]], [["points", 6]], [["points", 10]], [["points", 15]], [["points", 20]]], "Linh_tree_cure" => ["skill_object", [192, 193, 194], [["points", 1], ["tree_skill_level", "Linh_tree_heal", 3]], [["points", 7]], [["points", 15]]] like that! But the 2nd skill gets only available when my first skill is maxed. Am I too stupid to figure out what I'm missing!?
  7. HI! A fewwww people may, MAAAAY!!! know me from but not many. I'm a lazy artist. A really lazy one. I still need to finish some request, ugh... ... but.. ;_; I'm too lazy.... Whyyyyy... Ok whatever. I'M 21 YEARS OLD AND I LIVE IN GERMANY AND HI IM FEMALE AND I EH AM A NERD AND I WRITE IN CAPS LOCK 'CAUSE I REALLY LIKE IT AND thats it.
  8. So you said it's free to ask for a compatibility patch WELL THEN... I have a request! And it's my first post too, yay! ... Okay, anyways. Is it possible to make a compatibility patch for Yanflys Victory Aftermath? It's the same error as the one with YEA Battle Engine (without the patch of course ). Oh and you're doing great ;D I mean, really. Yeah really. Really. ... So what about Tankent- ok joking. NO THAT REALLY WAS A JOKE OK?! ...I'm making a fool out of myself right now *coughs* But I don't really know how to end this post and I'm really tired and all... Crap. I hope nobody reads this. 'Cause it's really embarrassing but I can't stop typing. ... Oh well...... orz