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  1. This forum seems to be in dire need of more positive and/or fun posts, so enjoy this random pic of the lament configuration my husband got me as a Halloween gift. Hellraiser has always been my favorite horror movie series, so needless to say I was over the moon when I opened up the gift and saw this inside.




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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I actually don't understand the legend behind the so-called 'evil' of Leviathan; Leviathan is the Guardian of Water and is supposed to be protective...

      Gaturan is the denizen of destructive waters...but is by no means a non-mortal being, just incredibly powerful.

    3. Plague


      If I had to guess I'd think the name Leviathan in Hellraiser has more to do with the protective qualities of the mythological water guardian. Leviathan doesn't actually do anything harmful in the movies. It's there more as a watchdog of trapped souls and overseer of hell.

    4. Kayzee


      Well according to some it's at best a powerful sea monster who is not good or evil, and at worst a demon prince or representation of satan. Plus one of the three beasts who will rise up at the end of the world. So yeah, there is precedent for it being evil.

  2. True! Though it could be argued that casting it on the other team would prevent them from further unpleasant casts. Sort of a double edged sword I guess? On one hand their drinking stops, but on the other you don't have some jerk black mage casting fire/hot sauce or some nasty licorice spell on you. Luckily I don't have any friends like that. However I do have the friends who like to get all weepy and blubber about stupid nonsense when they get too tanked. I would definitely love to cast silence on those people so they don't ruin my buzz or my fun. XD
  3. ROFL Now I can't help but think what would you do for a skill like silence? Do you hand someone a normal liquor drink and a roll of duct tape to use after they chug the drink?
  4. I was considering making one to go with my plague doctor costume this year. Especially since you could use just about anything as far as colored contents. For example if I want a purple potion I could just use Kool-Aid or some type of grape soda and put whatever liquor of my choice in it. So whatever potion/drink I want is up for grabs. Not sure if I'd want to carry something like that around though because the particular bottles I have are glass and I fear at some point that thing is going to end up shattered everywhere. Bahahaha! That video sums up how I feel when I play Final Fantasy and I just used 10 health potions and several phoenix downs in a row. I always imagine my party going home after battle and suffering horrendous potion poisoning. I suppose it depends on how you go about it? I have potion bottles of all sizes and shapes which means different "doses". The one in the photo holds about as much as your average sized coffee mug. However I also have small ones that equate to a shot and even smaller ones that would be half a shot. So it depends on if you want to mix your concoctions directly into a large potion drink or have it as a separate small potion. For example when I brought up the Red Bull Phoenix Down I imagined it being a separate shot potion and not something mixed into a drink, which would be pretty harmless.
  5. @Kayzee Yes, though it's not flavored. It's just water with food coloring. However, thanks to lonequeso I'm starting to think I need to make some flavored ones.
  6. @lonequeso Off the top of my head, I think I'd pick ninja. I would class it as a type of confusion spell. ROFL
  7. @Purple Phantom Thank you!
  8. I'm with you on the licorice. I like black mages, but I would bail on that class for sure if there is licorice flavored anything involved. Then again the idea was to use "powers" to cast them on other people and screw them up. So as long as I can "cast" my licorice on everyone else and not have to drink it myself, I'm a happy camper. Dear lord. I just imagined a ninja with Japanese whiskey and cringed. Had my first run in with Japanese whiskey about a month ago. Tastes like straight up nail polish remover and practically makes you time travel after only a couple shots. F*** you whiskey ninja!
  9. Hey man. If we're going to LARP with liquor, we're going to "last man standing" this to the extreme! Was just joking with my husband how a drinking game like that could get all sorts of screwed up and fun. For example you have to pick a class before anything starts and based on that class you have access to certain potions another class might not. So for example if I pick black mage, I have a fire potion (AKA potion with hot sauce) that I can use and have you drink. So you could "cast" random spells on other members to screw them up faster and make sure you're the winner. Can you imagine the person who has already drank 8 mana potions suddenly getting hit with a fire potion? Oh boy. Unless they have a cast iron stomach, they're probably down for the count.
  10. OMG! If I still lived in Illinois I would demand we do this! We could also have a "Phoenix Down" potion that's filled with Red Bull or some other energy drink. Each party member could have one and only one phoenix down to use to try and perk themselves up when they've had too many other potions. Perfect way to "revive" a downed party member.
  11. Bahahaha! I can beat the dragon over the head with the rod of asclepius I threw together for my plague doctor costume this year! Already planned on a mana one. Husband immediately wanted me to make a mana one when I finished this one. Need to pick up more material first though. I think we'd both be able to LARP if there were liquor filled potions involved. XD
  12. Is it easy being cheesy?

    1. lonequeso


      Only when you're as awesome as me :thumbup3:

    2. Plague


      Bahahaha! So know we know. It isn't easy being cheesy for Chester Cheetah because he's just not awesome enough.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Cheeseburger Eddie said:

      "It ain't easy...bein' cheesy!"

  13. From the album Crafts

    In a weird crafting mood today. Decided to make myself a decorative health potion. You know...just in case I'm in the middle of cooking dinner and need a quick pick me up before I fight a dragon that randomly shows up.
  14. @Rezanta That's a pretty neat idea! Still not entirely sure if there are any changes I'll be making to him, but if I do I like that idea of still using the original in a progression fashion. Again I'm sitting here feeling like I need to draw different Shy Guys throughout history. Not for game purposes. Just for fun and to amuse myself. XD
  15. I've posted about this sale in a few select places on other sites and figured I should do the same here as it might help out members of the community in need of art for their games.


    I'm in the mood for line work right now so I've decided to run a sale on line art commissions. I'll be offering digital line art drawings, full body non-nude for $20 (normally $40) and full body pin-up or mature for $25 (normally $50).


    For right now I'm planning on opening at least 10 slots. I may open more once those are completed, but not entirely certain. Depends on schedule and my interest level.


    If you're interested in ordering a piece, feel free to contact me via PM here on the forums.

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    2. Plague


      @PhoenixSoul My current sale is for full body images, but I do any and all types of graphics including busts and pixel art.

    3. lonequeso


      *spams Plague with Hentai requests*


      Hey, you said anything:P

    4. Plague


      @lonequeso LMAO Wouldn't be anything new to me. And my status update did include pin-up and mature art.