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  1. Today, one of my neighbor's cats passed away. I'm sad for my fallen comrade.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sky Usanin

      Sky Usanin

      'Till Valhalla, feline partner.

    3. Crescent
    4. Kayzee


      May Freyja and Bastet watch over the feline soul, and spirit them away to kitty paradise. :3

  2. @Purple Phantom And done. Feel free to make some adjustments to it. P.S. I'm a cat. So a cat NPC would do nicely.
  3. If you could give me a template of the XP sprite, I could whip up the hair for you.
  4. @Shiggy Aww I thought you were a Shy Guy :3
  5. anime

    Update: Added 6 New Sprites (5 from K On) and 1 from Devil Survivor 2
  6. @Tsarmina Awww thank you Tsarmina-chan~ ^~^ @Stapleton Am not @PhoenixSoul Not really x3
  7. Hi everyone :3 P.S. Ughh how do you even spoiler tag xD I forgot Edit: Ok wow, that`s new to me
  8. All of my friends are now gone </3

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      @lonequeso "And the road becomes my bride..." Sound familiar?

    3. lonequeso
    4. Sky Usanin

      Sky Usanin

      I'm still here


      although not as much as before, since I'm a retired gamedev.

  9. What just happened here? O_O Everything is so white. Am I in cat heaven?

    1. Wingflame


      The forum got taken over by the new invision upgrade , i think they are still setting up though :3

    2. lonequeso


      This is the result when you let rainbow magic run unchecked

    3. Chaosian


      Our alien overlords have finally terraformed the forum.



  10. I have sent a PM to our cat winners~ ^~^ Thank you all for joining~ :3
  11. Okie here are the results of the Mini Cat Contest~ Thank you all for participating~ I have asked Nyanpyr, my real life cat for help with the judging xD 1st Place Tsarmina 2nd Place Zielach 3rd Place ShinNessTen Please post the chosen prizes you want on this topic Tsarmina will first pick then Zielach, then ShinNessTen~ For those who didn't win, don't worry it's still no the end of the world coz last time I checked my Catpocalypse Schedule, it's still pretty far. :3
  12. Okie contest submission ends right now :3 I will now judge the entries~ Stay tuned to the announcement of the kitty winners
  13. I dunno but that scared the inner neko in me xD
  14. Yayyyy, remember guys to post your official submissions here. ^~^
  15. Kotori's Mini Cat Contest~ Hi guys and gals,if you stumbled upon my status update, I have a bunch of extra steam keys that I'm planning to give away~ All you have to do is make either a music, sprite, artwork, or anything as long as it's cat related. Of course it should be made by you. You can only work on this solo or with some help (but the prize will just be one for each participant, if you're in a group,you only get one prize if you win) Okie, here are the prizes: (Steam Keys) Prizes: FFXIII Lightning Returns Goetia Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Legacy of Kain 2 Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Tomb Raider: Underworld Prize Distribution: 1st Pick 3 of the list 2nd Pick 2 of the list after the 1st pick 3rd Pick 1 of the list after the 2nd pick Contest Starts: The moment I posted this :3 Contest Ends: 1/1/2017 12:00AM Pacific Time Criteria for judging: 50% cat relation 50% cuteness and creativity Winners will be announced on 1/5/2017 or aooner depending on the amount of contestants (Judged by yours truly Kotori :3) Current Participants: Killozapit Minerva-nee ShinNessTen Zielach Dimwitti RavenBlueIndigo Nirwanda Tsarmina Rikifive