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  1. I'm trying to decide between having all of my events on one map and just having a really messy map event wise or if I should use multiple copies of maps where you'll be in and out of the map several times and each time all of the NPCs and such will all be in different locations. So my main concerns are For the maps high traffic maps with lots of changes to the NPCs but no changes to the map itself, is it worth the extra size of the game to use copies of high traffic maps just to keep everything clean in the editor? I am using parallax maps so that would add to the amount of space. Is there anything other then item chests and other 1-time events (I figure I can just use a switch to turn those off) that could complicate the issue I should watch out for? If it is better to use only a single map, how should I go about moving NPCs around? For example, in my first town I have most of the residents gathered around a house, but the next time you enter the town they are in drastically different locations. What would be the most efficient way putting them where I want them? Thanks in advance
  2. I am not new to the forums but have not really been active either, making me new here. Currently I have one serious RPG in development and another one that started as a joke/venting at friends and family but I have almost the entire script that could make a decant short game if I put work in to it plus the maps, opening scenes and player characters. Sadly my skill set is holier than the Pope or a Toronto goalie in March and my attempts to recruit people who could be helpful who I know have not met with any success. Leaving to do all the work my self making progress really really slow. That being said I am very pleased with what I have so far, though it needs more polish. I have enough with about an hour and a half of game play so for so after I touch up some stuff I intend to put out a demo. Actually I tried to on steam but Steam Cloud for me and RPGMaker don't really seem to get along at all. At any rate Hi, I'm new and put massive effort in to my projects, even if I don't really know what I'm doing.
  3. Name: Alek Face: see downloads, not dealing with image hosting Sprite: ^ Graphics subject to change Character type: Fast dex fighter Class: Fencer Abilities and traits: Average strength and toughness, bur very fast and has very high accuracy and evasion. Uses multiple weak attacks, counters and evasion. Small bio: Alek lives in a mining town in the mountains. He craves adventure, but nothing exciting ever happens there, when he is awake. Alek dislikes mining, not only is he a scrawny weakling, it is boring monotonous work, though he likes exploring the old mines and mountains where he has found some ancient tablets. He studies fencing from a local bard, and still lives with his parents. A notable sleeper, Alek has slept through a recent avalanche and almost every other exciting event in town. Alek's father is also the leader of the local mining guild and is a veteran of the previous war. He moved to the most secluded town in the country to keep his family safe from war and now wants to live a peaceful life. Alek's dad (name undecided ATM), lets Alek chose his own path in life knowing he will find a place eventually.
  4. Thanks a bunch
  5. I am trying to set up an event where one of the party walks up to a sign and reads it, but I can't figure out how to get him to move around without removing him from the party, and using a separate event, then merging them again after is there another more simple option that I am missing? And if not anyone have any suggestions to make my life easier?
  6. Hi I'm loving this right now as it solves more problems with the way I want to have the game setup than I can count and am likely am aware of right now, so thanks a million. I have, however run in to a small snag... I am trying to do this :CTR => ' (level/5ceil) ', The idea is to have tiers set for PCs, monsters, and weapons for use in everything from game planning to damage calculations, of course, 2 of these do not need to be dynamic, I can set them on the weapon or monster and be done. The character tier, however needs to be dynamic so that is what I am trying to do. The problem is that when I go to playtest the game I get the following error. "Script 'Extra Stats" line 205: Syntax error occurred. unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting ')' (level/5ceil)" I figure I'm just using the ceil method wrong but if anyone could give me a hand I'd be greatfull