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  1. @AceOfAces_Mod I was able to post fine just now, although I'm normally able to reply closed topics anyways (not that that should matter as its not locked). Can a regular member confirm please?
  2. 262. Bought Twilight Princess yesterday. Determined to actually finish this Zelda game.
  3. I wonder if writing 259 is too predictable.
  4. About the new way likes are handled, are they intended to be anonymous? My notifications say 'Somebody liked x post' and the posts themselves no longer contain the info. Its not too big of a deal, and carries certain benefits even, but this version is strictly about quantity gained whereas I treated likes as a 'Tarq approves this message' kind of thing :3
  5. o.O This was forever ago and was a bit of a failed experiment. Still, we could always try again. Only problem I have is my lack of internet so I could only really communicate via this site on my lunchbreak/ when the boss isn't looking (or in a library or coffee shop on the weekends). Still, if that isn't a problem for others I'll set up a group PM later.
  6. Alright all, far enough. Kindly return to the topic at hand, that of the FCC and net neutrality. Noise about the philosophy of trolling or whatever this is doesn't belong in this thread and, from the posts I'm seeing, may be too inflammatory for the forum in general. And, ofc, practicing it is against forum rules Shin
  7. All looks very good. Struggling to find some stuff but, as you say, it may just not be in place yet.
  8. Well, the reason I suggested a common event is because then all the information is centralised instead of going to each map and checking through a bunch of events to find the one containing your parallel process. It would be a personal preference I suppose since I rarely encounter RM's infamous lag issue. Killo's runs the region check without hard-coding every instance like mine would have required; just add it and then use transfers as normal (with the exception of now painting in some regions). At least that's what it looks like to me, I haven't tested it admittedly. Since it wouldn't have all the info in one handy-dandy location like my common event then yours may be marginally better Traverse but cutting down five events to one is a pretty insignificant gain (particularly if we're talking about the kind of size maps that would actually cause the lag you're concerned over in the first place) and Killo's seems like the easier version for an inexperienced user to implement.
  9. I think you're bringing a bazooka to a knife fight. It sound like everything you need is in your question. For the monster to appear on the map set that countdown variable is greater than 0 as its condition on the leftside of the event box. Set that variable to x and reduce it by one after each battle. When it hits zero their all gone. To remove each individual enemy after a battle just use self switches.
  10. In fairness to both the current UK and US governments they are very good at actually getting things into effect. Shame none of it is in the public interest. But hey, you voted them in guys! Anyways, it doesn't seem like its that big of a deal. After the IPA I just never bothered getting a new internet connection after moving homes and, honestly, I'm way happier because of it; less near-obsessional content consumption, less arguments with strangers, less perverse data collection. (Ofc, I don't have as much access to all the useful information and tools the internet provides either. Not to mention all your delightful company!) At least the FCC are somewhat technologically well-informed and its visible in how they are handling it. Heck, even in the language used for the discussion. Compare it to our glorious leaders here in the UK who seem to think the internet is some extension of the British Empire and have any right imposing legislature on foreign businesses to global customers. Or that banning all forms of encryption is a security measure. Or that they should try to control pornography through identification if they can't outright ban it. Or, y'know what, I'm going to be vaporised for this. I love Big Brother. Trust me, you've got it good over there. On this issue, at least.
  11. You can take my life, but you can never take my free-ANNNDS! But yeah, that way is much cleaner. I hadn't considered treating the map itself as an object before. I'll have to tinker with that when I get home.
  12. Moving to General Discussion. Forums Support is for issues with the site that staff can resolve, not vaguely relevant political discussion.
  13. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  14. 999999999999999999999999999999999999. *Is DataDrained* 233.