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  1. You used to see a fair few TBS games made with RM a few years back but never 4X games despite the considerable design overlap. A suggestion for you 'Ruby GameMakers' out there.

    1. Kayzee


      I really need to get my hands on a few 4X games... Only one I have played was Civilization. The first one. I have lots of fond memories of it. Including ones of hacking saved games. Sometimes to have a difficulty setting beyond the normal hardest, taking control of barbarians, and some other weird things. That was amusingly chaotic.

    2. Rezanta


      Interesting. I haven't exactly found a 4X game of liking yet, but maybe I'll run into one.

  2. Booked a long weekend to do that fifty mile challenge. Very much looking forward to seeing if I can do it all in one go tomorrow.

  3. We've got paeds clinics all week since the schools are off. I brought in a bowl of sweets for the youngsters.

    Everyone thought it was super nice but the impending diabetes is just good for business.

    Evil + 1

    1. Takeo212


      *insert funny comment about my diabetic dad visiting*

      Don't be rude to the children. You'll need them later when they become drunks and obtain super high sugar levels.

      Also, I want some candy!

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I want some candy! Chocolate peanut buttery goodness! Yes! lolz

  4. Btw, there is a means to report these status updates. You can't do it from the home page, but you can from the dedicated status update area. The font could perhaps be a colour that stand out more but it is there nonetheless.
  5. I hear you're in the market for Viagra pills :giggle:

    1. lonequeso


      I also have a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interested in :P

    2. Purple Phantom
    3. PhoenixSoul


      Or how about a car trip with toll booths and bad semi drivers? lolz

  6. Just read about the Teddy Roosevelt 50 mile challenge. Something to look forward to next weekend.

  7. Closed at OP's request.
  8. Some days I just cant stand the patients. We keep you alive for free, stfu about lack of parking.

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    2. Purple Phantom

      Purple Phantom

      Dang. That's a way better system than what we have over here. Here, healthcare is more or less considered a privilege. Heck, people have outright stated that it is. I'm freakin' jealous.

    3. \[T]/arq


      Its far from perfect but its an impressive system with the right direction; Its one of the few good things left about this country.

      And our overpriviliged, idiotic populace think it isnt worth a damn if they cant have an appointment free, immediately but also suits their personal schedule (oh and that they can cancel halfhour before infinite times), that they can find because we somehow control their sense of direction and with parking for the several thousand people that make up the staff, patients and their visitors. And while doing all of this for me make it more efficient for less money would you? What do you think I pay eff all in taxes for?!

      Yeah. People...

    4. lonequeso


      Lol. America is the same way. We'll always find something to complain about ^_^ We were on the right track to healthcare reform under Obama. Maybe one day we'll get a single payer system like the rest of the modern world. Maybe one day...


      Now the Republicans want to undo everything Obama did because like PP said, their platform is that healthcare is a privilege not a right. Trump seems to want to undo it out of jealousy. And probably because Obama is black. 


      At least you have free healthcare on your side of the pond. That's leaps and bounds ahead of US.

  9. Hey ZidaneZ, welcome to the community Love the avatar.
  10. Yeah, I hate exercising. That's probably why I feel better about getting it out of the way rather than doing the things I enjoy more, paradoxical as it sounds. Borderlands is a pretty good series, the first game in particular was great for its time. I'm playing the Pre-Sequel now which definitely deserves all the negative criticism it received but is still an enjoyable enough romp through space
  11. I'll be in work for the next eight and a half hours. Then the usual routine of exercise, reading and guitar practice. The last couple of hours will be exploring Pandora's Moon in Borderlands :3
  12. Playing around with a new idea (finally!). Wont be in RM but may sneak some art in here :)

  13. Well, not to hijack the thread but you could event one of those. Just make the player a cursor image then have a parallel process for managing turn progression and the ai on enemy turn. Relaying info like stats could be put in the menu perhaps. Selecting units would be just setting them to 'through' and 'below player',display their move route with pictures (...you would need to limit movement with a little snippet actually, although you could maybe make a really ugly way with the editor's variables). Yeah, I'd say its totally possible to event that system. It just wouldn't be as pleasant to make or look as good in the end as if it were scripted.
  14. Hey, welcome to the forums If you mean tactical games like Fire Emblem then you're in luck as those have been a popular design for RM users since XP. Look around and you're sure to find some scripts for it. I half made one from scratch a few months ago so I can assure you its pretty easy. I could probably give you a hand if you get stuck but I'm super evil this month.
  15. How are you going to change your name to Tarq O'Lantern, and not put a jack o'lantern as your profile pic? :P

    1. \[T]/arq


      Me and my proud o'Lantern brothers actually consider comparisons to jack'o'lanterns as a form of hate speech. We are each sinister in our own unique way <3

    2. lonequeso


      Creepy pumpkin face! Yay! :thumbup3:

    3. \[T]/arq


      Huh? I didn't put that there.

      I blame O'LanternBama!