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  1. Hey forums, Looking for some general advice to make my cards look less noobish. I'm hoping for info regarding the structure/layout of the cards which could then be applied to improve all my cards, although suggestions specific to the examples I provide wouldn't hurt me either There's two card types: Troop card (stars by the name indicate Officer cards or tribute summons in other people words) and Command cards (with both flavour text and instructions for use these need to have room for text) As you can see, right now they're pretty bland and generic looking. Editing the RTP is about the extent of my ability so that's something to keep in mind; always happy to learn something new though :3 More examples can be provided if it helps.
  2. https://imgur.com/GOIhrKP

    Little animation for the start of skirmishes :)

    1. TarqinaPearTree


      Hmm, think I forgot to 'publish' it when I originally posted this; kinda weird since they provided the linking options. Anyways, should work now.

    2. Chaosian


      Ayy, that's a really cool look. Speed it up a tad though, I think. Needs a good sound to go with it too!

    3. Kirimash


      Looks very awesome.

  3. ~"What do you mean I can't cancel my appointment again today. B-but its cold out. There's at least millimetre of snow out there. So what if you managed to get in? This is me and I'm an exceptional case."

    ^Six calls in the last forty minutes, any takers on how many before the day is through?

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    2. lonequeso


      Lolz. Everyone thinks they're special. 

    3. TarqinaPearTree


      All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others lone ;)


      Surprisingly the final figure is only 18 (from my small department), with approx. half of those discharged from refusing to attend (they had repeatedly rescheduled or failed to attend previously). I do enjoy when they try to argue their 'rights' with me like they know the healthboard's regulations better than staff :lol:

    4. lonequeso


      Customer: I have the right to blah blah blah!


      Healthboard: No, you had the right then you done f'd up. 

  4. Sooo. I haven't done any work on the AI this week. I'm sure I'll still get a new demo by year end, although ideally I wont have to rollback the AI to do so. I have made 8 new command cards though, so the card pool has reached 80. Just been in the mood to muck around with GIMP lately :3 Also planned a few small tweaks to make the next demo feel closer to the finished product. They should only come to most of a day total. Oh, what's that? I have a day off tomorrow? Well, isn't that something. Haven't thought any further on a new name so the little game mentioned above is still open
  5. Got the 'lesser' promotion I mentioned last week. Little disappointed because I was getting more into the idea of the other position, but hey, not ungrateful for what I got.

    1. lonequeso


      Congratulations! More money and working close to home are both good things to have. This new position can be a stepping stone on your way up. 

    2. Rezanta


      Work small, win big, I say. Congrats though!

  6. Hmm, if you struggle to get five judges together before it starts then pm me.
  7. Got my xmas gift early because my pa wants to make sure it works. So my pc now has a 1tb ssd ^^

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    2. TarqinaPearTree


      You can get off-brand ssd's at a decent price these days. Treat yourself :)

      There's no kids in the family anymore so xmas is a bit of a formality anyways. Im hosting for the first time this year :)

    3. lonequeso


      My PC is a semi-old laptop. I don't really use it for gaming so it's fine for what I use it for


       Ooo... Party at Tarq's house! I'll bring the brandy! Who's got the egg nog?

    4. freakytapir


      Don't know about egg nog, but I've got a lovely homebrew christmas beer.

  8. Actually, the screen says enough for a start; The user is trying to use a method that they have not defined or have defined somewhere that Game_Character doesn't inherit from. But yeah, 'fixing' this, as in preventing it from happening, would be a trivial matter. As for what the user is actually trying to accomplish by calling this list, well, maybe its a big enough job to require a further incentive, maybe it isn't.
  9. Been working on this again recently. Not going to share just yet as I want to fix the AI which currently does something that's accidentally quite brilliant; if it can't make a decent move it just does nothing and waits you out xD I intend to have a new version out by the end of the year though. This biggest addition is an in-game tutorial, at players request, and I'd love feedback on that when the time comes as so much of the game is obviously intuitive to me. Also, not only is there another game called Sovereignity, but now another RM game called Sovereignity ¬.¬ I guess that's fine since the direction has shifted a lot from how it was first conceived about a game played amongst kings. Here's the fun consequence; if someone suggests a name I like by christmas they can have a free game. I'll pm the winner a list and they can pick one or two that they want. Well, best get back to it. Have a good weekend all
  10. Someone's feeling festive ^_^

  11. Being considered for a couple of new positions. Nothing concrete yet ofc but would be a strong start to the new year,

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    2. lonequeso


      That similar one sounds really tempting. I'm lazy and suck at planning ahead so I know that's the one I'd go for. 

    3. Plague Docteur

      Plague Docteur

      I wish you the best of luck Tarq, regardless of which position you ultimately shoot for!

    4. TarqinaPearTree


      Thanks Plague :)

      I'm pretty lazy too lone so hopefully the decision will be made for me :lol:


  12. Welcome to the forums. Look forward to all your games
  13. Here's the thing lone; as far as I'm aware PS wasn't asked not to roleplay. But since a few comments recently have been in other languages kaz put a reminder in the status updates. ----- But that's enough from me. As long as the facts are straight I'd rather try to prevent this further spiralling by adding my own negative inflection.
  14. You know all the staff can erase/edit anything you say at any time right. Yet we don't. We leave you to your tantrums. Telling you when you're objectively wrong isn't censorship. Particularly when you're calling out the site and its staff. So I'll leave you with the sentiment I left when I wrote on that status update you erased (how's that for censorship). If you want to speak another language go to a site that supports it. As you're stating yourself, its a big world out there, plenty of that there internet too. As for this idea of contextless inclusivity; would you go to a yoga class and complain that they didn't let you skateboard there? Actually, maybe you would. You're so enlightened that way.
  15. If only you spent half the time considering why a rule exists rather than spending that time ranting. There are so many, incredibly obvious, reasons why members are asked to speak English here that it boggles the mind. And amusing considering how you insist that you 'put yourself in someone else's shoes'. Honestly, people like you are why people consider the political left a joke nowadays. I'm half convinced you're a Kremlin agent