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  1. Pro tip: Don't forget to assign your actors a class.


    Why? Because I spent about a few hours trying to debug and rebuild my game because of some plugin error. After a bit of trial-and-error, it had came to my attention that I had some actors without classes. After I assigned them a class, the problem was gone. So, now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go over there to that corner and cry about my stupidity.

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    2. KaisoAri


      I do like MV, but there are little quirks that makes it really annoying to deal with at times. I still have to say the transfer from VX Ace to MV was a total nightmare. Thankfully I didn't lose my maps during the initial transfer.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Well, my low-end PC can't even RUN MV, so I won't ever know the nightmare, it seems...

      Ah well...I like VX Ace, it works for me...

    4. lonequeso


      I've progressed way too far in my game to even consider transferring it to MV. Not worth the time, energy, or the hassle 

  2. The only other plugin I know that offers the TP that's in the menu would be Yanfly's Core Engine plugin: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/09/yep-1-core-engine/ It's also updated to take advantage of 1.5.0's new plugin features. Just look for the Windows section in the plugin parameters and there should be a parameter called Menu TP Bar located at the bottom of that section. If I remember right, when you first install the plugin, it should be on by default. As for me, I have it disabled since my game doesn't call for the standard TP bar. I've dabbled into a bit of ruby and java script and as far as I'm aware there is no other way to convert one scripting language to another without completely rewriting the code into the language you need it to be. MV has been around for almost two years and there are plenty of plugins that are being constantly developed and released. I would highly suggested checking the RPG Maker web forums if you need to search for certain plugins if you haven't done so already: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?forums/js-plugin-releases-rmmv.135/ Of course, the usual people like Yanfly, Galv, Hime and even MogHunter (Just to name a few) has made a ton of plugins to take advantage of. It wouldn't hurt to do a bit of looking around. Even newer scripters to the scene has been making a name for themselves so there's always something certain scripters haven't made yet.
  3. Erase event will just erase the current event on the map, but it'll reappear once you reenter the map. What you want to do is set a self switch. You can do that by going to the Game Progression section in the event commands and select Control Self Switch and set it to A and have that turned on. Next, go up to the top and click the New Event Page to make a new page on the event. And in the conditions box on the right side on the new event page, click the check mark box and just leave the page blank. That will essentially "erase" the event. Well, more or less, it'll keep it from playing the autorun event. If you need an idea of how it would look like, here's a couple of pictures to help you out. Set stuff up on the first page and and then set up a self switch. On the next page, in the conditions area, just check the check mark box to have self switch A selected and just leave the page blank. Be sure not to have the trigger set to Autorun.
  4. Can you provide a screen shot of what your event looks like? It could be as simply as setting a self switch once an autorun event has finished playing. Or, maybe you have a self switch set up and that event page has autorun selected.
  5. The username I have now was when I was trying to come up with a name for my player character in Final Fantasy 14. At the time, I was sort of in the process of rewriting a story and I wanted to have a name that really meant something. So, to google I went and started typing out things and stuff that translated into Japanese. Soon enough, the word "reminiscence" crossed my mind since it was the title of the story I was writing at the time. So, I popped it into google and asked what it translated into and the word "Kaisō" was the result. I really liked the name and went with that as the first name of my character for Final Fantasy 14. The last name, though, was a bit tricky since I wasn't sure what would go good with the name... I tried out a bunch of random names, but none of them seemed to hit the mark for me. I'm not entirely sure how I came across the name, but at the time I was looking for a good translation for the word "brave" in some random language and came across the word "Ari" and thought, "That's the one!" and soon Kaiso Ari was born! To me, it meant "Brave Memory" in a rough translation of sorts and stuck with it since. Before that name, though, I've always gone under the name PyroFoxBoy... And yeah... I'm not very proud of that name, but it was the best I could come up with when you're young and dumb.
  6. That book is a save point, yeah. As for the ravaged town, you can say that a Charizard has been there. Or some kind of divine beast with the capability of leveling towns. =P
  7. I really need to stop putting things off and actually really getting to work. But, what can you do when life loves getting in your way of everything. Anyway, lots to talk about regarding progress. I've got some good news, though! I had just recently finished making all of the maps for Chapter 1! That means I can finally get around to eventing and hopefully pushing my first demo out the door. I'm also in the works of getting some art assets done. As of now, I'm only working on the title screen of my game. I would like to wait before I release my demo when I get my art stuff done first. I don't know how long that will be, but I'll feel better once I actually get it done. So uh... Screen shots and some videos! First, some screen shots: And now some videos. One showing off the new title screen that's a work in progress and one showing off some bit of fast travel. I'm actually pretty excited this time around that work is getting done once again. Without having to worry about maps (at least for now) I can finally focus on the actual game itself. I don't have a time frame on when I plan on showcasing some more stuff or when I plan on releasing the actual first full demo. For now, this is what I have.
  8. A screen shot would be nice to help analyze the problem, but I think I get what you're problem is and I went ahead to test this out and it seems to work fine on my end. Did you make sure that you didn't already have 4 members in your party? If you do 4 party members already in the party the newest party member should show up under the fourth member of the party. You can find him/her if you select a command like Status or Equipment and if you scroll down all the way to the bottom you should find them. If you want him/her to be an active party member, you're gonna have to use the Formation command within the menu if you want to use them. Also make sure you are using the "Change Party Member" event and then choose to add or remove them. And also, once a party member has been added, you cannot add the same actor unless you have an event to remove that actor to re-add them.
  9. That's good, at least. After looking at my own MapsInfo file it looks like it's structured like this: {"id":47,"expanded":false,"name":"test","order":47,"parentId":0,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":305.5} The id being the map number of that map. Expanded being if it is the parent map or not. For example: {"id":4,"expanded":true,"name":"Finished Maps","order":4,"parentId":0,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":305.5}, You can see that the "expanded" option set to true, this map has several maps within this map. Setting it to false will make it as if the map tree for these sets of map haven't been expanded. Name is just the name of the map. Order meaning where the map is placed on the map tree. ParentId is where the map is located within the ID of the actual map. For example: {"id":6,"expanded":true,"name":"Prologue","order":5,"parentId":4,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":297.5}, The parentId is 4. This means the map with the id number 4 is the parent to this map. Lastly is is the scrollX and scrollY tags. To be honest, I'm not sure that this could mean. I would assume that this would be the size of the maps, or where you last left off while looking at the map. After making a test map and scrolling it to the top left hand corner of the map, the defaults are "scrollX":531,"scrollY":305.5. So, I would assume that this would be where the last position was for that map before moving onto another map. As for how to structure it, here is a small example: [ null, {"id":1,"expanded":false,"name":"MAP001","order":1,"parentId":0,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":318.5}, {"id":2,"expanded":false,"name":"MAP002","order":2,"parentId":0,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":305.5}, {"id":3,"expanded":true,"name":"MAP003","order":3,"parentId":0,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":305.5}, {"id":4,"expanded":false,"name":"MAP004","order":4,"parentId":3,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":305.5}, {"id":5,"expanded":false,"name":"MAP005","order":5,"parentId":0,"scrollX":531,"scrollY":305.5} ] Hopefully this made sense... Here's some good luck hoping you get your project back!
  10. Have you tried right clicking on the actors.json file and selecting "restore previous versions"? Try doing that and see if it works. If that doesn't work, and since you don't have backups, make a new project and individually copy the json files from your current project to the new project and test to see if it'll allow you to open that project. If it does, try it with the other json files since the actors.json file may not be the only file that could be possibly corrupted. If that doesn't work, then unfortunately you may be forced to start over. To minimize as much loss as possible, I would copy over things like tilesets, images, audio, fonts, plugins, and whatever else you added to your project. As a simple rule of thumb, and no matter what, always back up your project. I have several different projects sitting all over my computer's hard drive because I know for a fact that one day I may need them just in case of an accident. I would also recommend uploading it to cloud storage and also saving it to an external hard drive, if you have one, for safe keeping.
  11. The only other type of plugin that I know that gets rid of certain terms would be Yanfly's Battle Engine Core: http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/10/yep-3-battle-engine-core/ It has a parameter that allows you to disable the "So-and-so emerged" box from popping up at the beginning of every battle. It's already set for it to skip the emerged text, but there are other parameters to play around with. Of course, I can try to look into it and see how to remove or disable it without the use of a plugin if this plugin doesn't suit your needs for what you want. Edit: So, after poking around the JS files, you can actually disable it without the need for a plugin.Go into the rpg_managers.js file and go down to line 2155 and comment it out like this: // $gameMessage.add(TextManager.emerge.format(name)); I did a bit of testing with it and the battles came up like normal without the emerged message showing up and the client didn't crash once the battle was finished. As for your own custom emerged text, I'm not sure since I'm assuming you're using common events for that to work. This is another work around if you don't want to use a plugin to disable to emerged text.
  12. I got curious last night and decided to check my Google Drive. Lo' and behold, I find a couple of interesting files saved onto it. It was the VX Ace version of Recollection and a debug version I have given out to some people for bug testing! I thought I had lost that forever... Glad I had it on there because that was the only other place I didn't look when I lost my VX Ace stuff. Anyway... I know today is April Fools day and last year I "published" a game that really wasn't a game. It was something stupid I slapped together within 15 minutes. But today I decided to mess around a bit with it in VX Ace (wow it's so different after using MV for so long) and decided that I'm going to go ahead and let you all play it. Please be aware that this is default as default gets! There's nothing really special with it and it will be very buggy and you might run into a few issues and it's is extremely unfinished! "So, why are you even posting it even if it's not finished?" Well... I feel that I wanted to show you guys what I have. I have been trying to meet deadlines to push out a demo for you all to try, but life is cruel and it kept pushing it further and further back. Not only that, I wanted to show how far I've came with it and how proud I am for actually getting a simple thought in my head to an actual, somewhat, playable game. With all that said, I am now officially pushing out the unfinished VX Ace demo version of Recollection! I would suggest reading the READMEs in the folder before playing. Though, this is VX Ace we are talking about so there really isn't much to tell you. Anyways, here are the links: RTP Version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_-1RuKtCwMYRFZ0bGhsekJNQW8 Non-RTP Version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_-1RuKtCwMYMmt6VktIV1Nzc2c Happy first of April and hope you all enjoy! Feedback would be great, but don't expect any bug fixes if you happen to find any since the MV version will address a lot of them if any are reported. Edit: I just noticed something I left in these extractors. Apparently I had a backup folder in these and I updated the download links so that it doesn't include them. Edit 2: I know I said I wouldn't do bug fixes, but it turns out that while playing through the game myself I actually changed some settings in the database that made it impossible for the player to equip any of the starter weapons. Looks like the joke's on me this April Fools day. >.<
  13. Thank you. I'll keep that in mind while restructuring my game.
  14. Indeed. But, at least it's out for people to play. So at least that's something! Well, Imma snag that free download and play a bit of it. Of course I'll poke your other thread when I finish playing it. I hope to see more of progress on Jubilee Royale in the future. =D
  15. Oh wow, I missed quite a bit since my absence. I gotta say, those sprites are looking really good! Very very cute. And the mapping is great as always. Speaking of Four Eyes, I still have the demo of it (or, at least I think it's a demo) and haven't gotten to play it yet. But I can tell you've put a lot of work into that and learned for it. I wish I had the spark like you did, but life can be cruel sometime. I really should take the time to play it since now I have some time on my hands for the most part.