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  1. Its fine these kind of things are inevitable on the internet anyway
  2. Just because a game has a low playerbase doesnt mean it has to die, many good games are like this. If anything no game deserves to just disappear or become unplayable, its just wrong. I mentioned Nintendo mostly for that example like i said this happens on every platform. And as for online membership costs well since we kinda started talking about it, yes it is a big deal. Not everyone can afford things like that, and paying twice to be on the internet is just stupid, ironically before the switch, nintendo did it right by having their online services free, but now thats out the window. Again, paying for your internet 2 times is stupid. Thats like paying electric twice because you use a microwave oven besides anything else.
  3. Yeah this one is pretty small but its pretty straight forward. I guess this is why im an archive junkie and all, because part of my brain hurts if something is totally lost forever because of incompetence or sheer ignorance. I mean why not make something in case everything goes to hell? and its not always about money, sometimes things cease to exists just because. I guess that part to blame is also the fact that people think only whats in the present matters, so if something falls to the past or meets issues in the future its dead. I dont say keep everything alive thats impossible, but maybe stop killing things too? For a good example, i bought Splatoon even though on a sale it was a whole 30 euros. Now this might not sound much but i never pay THIS much for a game but thats another topic, anyway i gave this money for a multiplayer only title and in my silly logic i believe that i'll be able to play it forever, but something deep inside me tells me that one day, Nintendo will wake up and say "Shut it down" and then im gonna be an idiot who spend money on nothing and that sucks bigtime. Nobody deserves such treatment, when things like that happen, this is borderline illegal or it should be.
  4. Been a while, I think the following topic is actually quite timeless since sadly it will keep happening. Let me tell you... Why i Hate: Things shutting down Not a very crystal clear title i agree but you'll get the point. Lets start with something recent, the Nintendo Switch is released now and along with it a new Online Service is released, what that means is that the already existing Online service for the Nintendo Wii U and/or probably the Nintendo 3DS is different and not supported on the Switch but here's the catch. Now with the new service inbound the old service is endangered, meaning that god knows how long will it take till they shut it down and then you will no longer be able to do, well anything online really. "Wait a minute, how are you so certain that they will shut down these online services" Remember Nintendo WI-FI? Well its been dead for quite a while although this has more to do with Gamespy shutting down but hey, same thing one day it was simply killed off without warning or intention of bringing in an alternative. So why would this happen? Because sadly this is how the console world works nowdays. If you dont have the latest one, you're dead in the water and there's nothing you can do about it. Its not just a console thing however. Entire games or their multiplayer components for any platform get shut down at any given time without any feedback to the community as to why this has happen and no alternatives from the developer arise. One of the worst offenders are games that rely entirely on multiplayer, one day they shut down and then thats it, you can never actually play these games again not only that, but you immediately lose all the value you made from this game. How? You paid good money for this game but ooops you cannot play it anymore, sucks to be you. Thats like getting a brand new car, driving it for 2 years but then the car manufacturer comes to you and says "Ya know what, we dont care about this car anymore so we're taking its engine and leave the rest to you, have fun" So you end up with literally nothing of value to you only and since there's no tools or even documentation as to how its engine was made, there's not way to bring it back up and running only because someone thought it was a good idea to shut down a multiplayer only game. "Now now, you're being unreasonable. Sometimes due to financing issues games and/or services have to be shut down" Fair enough, but why not give certain tools or features to your playerbase in order to still have have access to multiplayer or even the entire game? Some developers do that and thats pretty good while others.... uhhhh..... All im saying is that shutting down games or online features sucks. I mean hell, you pay with actual money for something to own forever but one day it just disappears? Thats a straight out fraud. Again the right thing to do is keep servers alive or at least give people the power to make dedicated servers or something. Whats your take on the subject?
  5. I used to be in TTR's Alpha and Beta. Here's a look at the very early alpha back then, no more than TTC at the time of this video.
  6. My desktop, waifu edition
  7. Like i said before, if that person cannot be trusted as your partner, why be trusted as your friend?
  8. It really varies with each person and situation. Here's a prime example. I used to date this girl, we were doing great but she eventually broke up with me but at that moment, she was begging me in tears to stay friends with me, even though i didnt felt like it was a good idea i agreed but as it turns out, she really was just lying yet again and forgot about me for good not to mention she havent really talked to me since, and that hurt me even more. So personally, no its not a good idea. Why? Because if you broke up with that person, there was a reason behind it, good or bad, so if they dont make a good boyfriend/girlfriend, why they can make a good friend in general?
  9. As a great, big, black man once said, Respect has to be earned, just like money, but sadly there's people out there regardless of age that will always falsely think of high of themselves therefore treading others like shit. When it comes to relatives i cant give a proper answer, since the most interaction with relatives i have is my parents. But it is nonsense when the "kid's" of the family turn into the family's chew toy. "Hey X go get us that, Hey X why didnt you say hello? Hey X! We going out for dinner with your uncle" This whole "Join us in this family activities because i said so" ye, its pretty stupid. If we want to we'll do so. Now for people in general, personally in all my school life (and even now in the classes i take) almost nobody had any respect for me, they would make fun of my last name at best. Now you probably think "then how do you deal with this?" Short answer is: Waiting. Long answer is: Yes, its annoying and i with i could but them down once and for all, but on a realistic take, trying to earn the respect of disrespectful people doesnt worth it, people respect others for their values, not because they chance or adapt or showoff for something they're not. For example when a girl likes you she respects you as a guy and because of your unique looks/nature/attitude therefor liking you. Your friends respect you because they know who your truly are and they're not stuck in theories about you that are not real. I know it can be difficult to endure disrespectful people, believe me i do but all you can do is pay as less attention as possible, and as i say (or heard it somewhere) The opposite of love is not hate, is ignorance. Why i say this? Well its simple, hatred will get you nowhere, but ignoring one is way better. For one to hate one it takes time and effort which im sure you dont wanna waste on such people, and ignorance on the other hand is better and more effective, a bit difficult to achieve sure but it's worth it.
  10. MAH WAIFU! Anyway, for the selective few that know me also know that i approve of 2D (or 3D in some cases) girls! I am fully aware that they are not real and probably never be (sad times) BUT i have the right to admire them or even like them to a certain extend. I do have a list of girls i like and most of them originate from games. Liking fictional characters is ok, i mean say you like some character from a TV series or a movie, thats the same with Video-games, comics and anime. This also proves that the creator of the character did a great job at creating a character that triggers such feelings to people, this also shows much about our personalities. The characters you like in games and such provides insight of what you like in real persons too. So in general liking fictional characters helps you understand what you like for real as well. And for those who are curious about mah waifu list i can provide with a file that includes them and my reasons for liking them.
  11. Hehe, quite an interesting one you have aswell.
  12. @Jax hey man, sorry for deleting your comment, missclick. And it was a bot that scams
  13. It really was a random inspiration of mine and im quite proud of it.... of the joke, not the nonsense i said.
  14. Attention!! Achtung!! Î Ïοσοχή!!!! This article contains content that is containable for adults, AKA kids dont read this please. Oh boy! Another one, to be honest i did had others somewhat recently but this one is worth sharing and decided too post it because i havent made a blogpost in quite a while, which brings the opportunity to you guys. What would you like to see in future posts? More of this, some Why I Love/Hate stuff? or something totally new and different? You decide in the comments below. Enough about that, lets see some stupid conversations to fake people (i might get messaged more by this bot and if i do i'll just edit this post here): [11:07:09 μμ] Kristy Lyles: hi hun ya there?? [11:08:07 μμ] JohnnyK: hello sex bot [11:08:42 μμ] Kristy Lyles: i got ure name from the directory here on skype cuz i was bored and lookin for new people to talk to. lol [11:08:51 μμ] Kristy Lyles: 25/f here u? [11:09:31 μμ] JohnnyK: 88/fluidgender [11:09:46 μμ] Kristy Lyles: so what r ya up 2? [11:09:52 μμ] JohnnyK: killing you [11:10:26 μμ] Kristy Lyles: i'm just looking forward to my winter break from school, i'm still in college right now so i'm pretty excited ya know [11:11:36 μμ] JohnnyK: i dont care [11:11:54 μμ] Kristy Lyles: lol, so i have an idea if ure up for a lil fun [11:15:54 μμ] JohnnyK: oh boy im devoured in questions [11:16:46 μμ] Kristy Lyles: i was actually going to be getting to "work" here shortly. a friend of mine was working online and i kept askin her about it so she showed me what she was doing when we got back to school after summer vacation this year [11:17:21 μμ] Kristy Lyles: lol i thought she was nuts at first, but its pretty cool actually. we work online doing private webcam shows which sounded odd at first believe me. but i freakin luv it!!! [11:29:35 μμ] JohnnyK: wow [11:29:37 μμ] JohnnyK: amazing fake story [11:30:33 μμ] Kristy Lyles: well what i was going to say is i have some free passes and i usually just do a private show before i get started to "warm up" lol. no one is online though so i was going to let u use one of the passes if u wanted but u have to give me a really good rating so i can get more if u do tho k? [11:30:53 μμ] JohnnyK: omg a special fake show for me only? wow [11:31:36 μμ] Kristy Lyles: oh i'll earn it don't u worry lol. k its *stupid link here removed* and u should see a lil button to accept my invite and create your profile. u just click on that. [11:32:03 μμ] Kristy Lyles: then u just make ure own lil profile and u can cum join my private chat for us 2 and type to me and tell me what you want me to do [11:35:50 μμ] JohnnyK: >u can cum join Oh i see what you did there [11:36:18 μμ] Kristy Lyles: yeah u will need a cc of some kind... but, its just to make sure ure over 18 [11:36:49 μμ] Kristy Lyles: u should feel special i dont usually give out this one!! lol im such a goofball sumtimes [11:38:09 μμ] JohnnyK: what a silly little fake slut you are~ [11:38:55 μμ] Kristy Lyles: i really can't wait 2 its gonna be so much fun. i love meeting new ppl on here, oh by the way... might wanna turn ure speakers down cuz i can get a lil loud once i get going [11:39:22 μμ] JohnnyK: no need to worry hun, i got my headphones on. just dont start screaming cuz you'll rape my ears. [11:40:06 μμ] Kristy Lyles: i'm about to go grab some of my favorite "toys" i'll brb. hurry up though i better see ure name in my room when i get back lol [11:40:33 μμ] JohnnyK: Oh you bet your ass i wont be there~