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  1. Using Yami's Engine Plugin: Sideview Enhancement: Tutorial & merging the sprite-sheets together I've managed to get them looking pretty nice in my game. Figured I would share what I've got working so far. Although there is a lot more to it than this. Yami's Engine Plugin: Sideview Enhancement is downloadable in MV Wednesday Update #6: Click Here to View Blog Post (Yami’s Sideview Enhancement && Plugin Updates 77): Click Here to View See below for my Enemy Note Tag & Setup Haven't thoroughly tested but I've got it started at least... The attack still isn't quite working properly yet though. ✪***✪ Enemy Note Tag & Setup ✪***✪ Image Setup: Merged Sprite-sheet:
  2. akea engine

    Glad I'm not alone in thinking that. I couldn't seem to really track it down either. Thanks again for taking time to help.
  3. akea engine

    Another awesome script! Thanks so much for this. Adds a nice touch to the battle system. ...but of course I have another compatibility issue. Sorry to be such a bother but could you take a look at the attached demo & see how I can fix the issue. The issue seems to be between this script and "Victor Engine - Damage Popup". With using "Victor Engine - Damage Popup" this script doesn't want to work. No matter if I place it above or bellow seems to make no difference. Attached Demo: Akea Camera & States VE Battle Demo
  4. akea engine

    Oops. Of Course. *palms forehead* Fixed: Akea Battle Camera with Victor's Animated Battle Engine
  5. akea engine

    My Hero! Thank you so much for this. You're the best. So fast too. For other users: Demo Link (fixed): Akea Camera for Victor's Animated Battle Engine
  6. akea engine

    Oh that makes sense. Thanks for checking it out & responding so fast. Works great so far. Thanks again & thanks for the future possible compatibility
  7. akea engine

    Edit: Solved. See Below
  8. akea engine

    Very nice looking script Thank you for this.
  9. xs

    Change this line: MUSIC_BGM = ["Theme4", 70, 100] to this: MUSIC_BGM = ["YourMusicFileNameGoesHere", 70, 100] Like this:
  10. timer

    UPDATED to v3.0. Major update! Now you can have an unlimited number of CT_Timers & set properties for each one. This new version also has scheduled tasks. Check first post for more details & download.
  11. vmodt

    lol, k... just had to make sure. lol, ahhh I see I see. Thanks for replying to quickly. No prob. Glad to test such an amazing & innovative script. THANK YOU! I will continue to do "tests"; Everything is working wonderfully now. Edit: This isn't really a problem but... I noticed if the map being placed on top of the base map must be at least as big as the base map or the top map will loop... Kind of an interesting effect, perhaps you intended it to happen that way?
  12. vmodt

    lol, I kinda thought that might have been the issue. Awesome! Now I can manage to get it to work but it seems like it needs some error checking. The only way I don't receive that error is to modify the script a little. I changed create_tilemap into this and it works great. def create_tilemap mm_create_tilemap @tilemap1 = Tilemap.new(@viewport1) if $game_map.layer1 @tilemap1.map_data = $game_map.layer1.data end @tilemap2 = Tilemap.new(@viewport1) if $game_map.layer2 @tilemap2.map_data = $game_map.layer2.data end load_tileset end ...so again I have to ask... am I doing anything wrong?
  13. vmodt

    Excellent idea! I am receiving this error though. The map's note I use is this: <LAYER2 2> Am I doing something wrong?
  14. timer

    Updated. Check first post, I made the demo specifically around this topic.
  15. 1. Here is an evented system that I've used before it works great. [-Eventing-] Make A Simple Bomb System With Events!, No scripts, only events!! 2. There are a few ways to achieve the desired result... The best way would probably be to do as Rabie mentioned above & make new character sheets for each item. 3. There are a few good ones. [ACE] Sapphire Action System v4.4 which can be found here: click here to view. Falcao Pearl ABS liquid V2 which can be found here: click here to view. Support & Add-Ons found here: click here to view. There are more I'm sure but those are the main ones I believe. Take your pick.