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  1. My problem is the same as Animunculus' whenever I win a battle with the Aeon summoned the battle freezes and doesn't move from there any fix to this?
  2. Hi again buddy! thanks for the help it worked like a charm sorry also for the quite delayed reply, life issues came up and it totally took away all my RPG Maker time but I had time to test it and it did work so kudos to you for that! thanks again for your help :3
  3. Right, I'll try your method, about the timer event, could you please explain that method in more detail buddy? thanks! :3
  4. Heyyyy I was working on my game and I thought it would be nice having an enemy stalk you through certain areas of the game (kinda like Nemesis did in Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and how Ruvik stalked you in The Evil Within) at one point in my project I would want to have an enemy stalk you through an entire stage and have him be the end boss of the stage. but I'm not sure how I can pull it off, I'm thinking this stalking enemy shows up in the area you're in if you stay too long in the area, or it could be totally random, there's also scripted encounters with said enemy like you pick up an item and he's waiting for you outside the area you're in or in event he appears and you have to face him or escape. I think this has to be done through scripting, correct me if I'm wrong of course and please provide a way to do it all through eventing if you can Thanks in advance buddies! :3
  5. Yeah, I did, the minigame is a script made by Galv, it's the Invaders MiniGame, the variable of the highscore can be set in the scripts settings and so I set a small rewards system for each time the player reaches a set score (like say 1000 Points and they get a special Armor) and the rewards system is set on a parallel process event, the final item you can get is some sort of Elixir that raises whoever you choose to Level 99, but I can't get the game to raise the chosen character's level, so when you try to use it, it does nothing, if I could get help with this issue I would be most grateful Sorry to ask Buddy but why are you asking if I did the game with RM VX Ace? nothing against you Buddy
  6. Great Thanks Tsukihime works like a charm, I knew it was something really easy ahahahah XDDD (that's what I get for working on the game at night with me almost asleep) the last item in the high score side quest also bugs me... it's an item that raises whoever you choose to Level 99 and then dissapears, now I know how to make it dissapear but how do I make it so when you choose for example Character 1, it'll raise Character 1's level to 99? sorry for asking too much and thanks in advance if you can figure it out X3
  7. Heyyy Guys! how are you?! this time I have stumbled across another sticky situation, I have a sorta minigame set up in which the score is controlled by a variable, now the variable works just fine and when you reach a certain high score the game awards you with prizes, now I was thinking that for a certain high score you should get awarded an item that is never over, you use it whenver you want to and it never dissapears from your inventory (I think something like this already exists in Persona games at least I remember having an item that was never over and it restored my HP X333) but for the life of me I can't think of how I should make it infinite (I'm sure it's pretty easy tho XD) if any of you can help me I would be grateful X3 Thanks in advance Buddies!!!!
  8. Thanks a lot guys! it worked, that puzzle thingy annoyed me all night yesterday and you helped me a lot, thanks buddies! next step, Resident Evil Puzzles! or rather, Silent Hill Puzzles! ahah anyway, I think this can be closed now, If I need something else, I'll just ask, thanks once again! :{D
  9. Hi again guys! this time I have another problem (I know, I know lol) in my project, I'm trying to make a puzzle in which there's a Poem, the verses of the said poem are scattered between coffins in order to proceed, the players must order the poem in the right order, failure to do so will result in the coffins locking and the player having to leave the room to reset the puzzle in order to try again the problem is, How do I make it so the player is doing the poem right in order? do I set variables? or switches? thanks in advance for the help guys!
  10. KayakoChan, hmm I'll try that, the last system I tried was like a variable of party members, in which sometimes, on certain missions, a party member is already scheduled to go with you so in those cases I did the variable set at 2 (player+un-removable party member for that mission) and if you talk to a party member and he's already on your team, that sets off a conditional branch to remove him from the party, that lowers the variable by 1, I'll try your method (if they aren't the same already lol) but anyway, thanks for the help, I think the topic can be closed now thanks for all the help guys and gals P.S.1 - next time I won't forget the tags P.S.2 - thanks once again
  11. Tsarmina, sorry, at the time I made this I was half-asleep and now I can't seem to find the topic editing thingy to add them... if such thing exists (currently asleep here lol) anyway thanks for reminding me, I'll add them when I post another topic. anyway, did someone find out how to solve my issue?
  12. Hi there, my game has about 9 characters, if I'm not mistaken yeah exactly, before each «mission» in my game starts you get to choose which members to bring with a maximum of 4 in a preparation room.
  13. Hi guys, I've run into a bit of a problem and I would like to know if any of you could help me, so here goes in my project, there'll be times when you'll have to prepare a party for combat, and I would like to have a system like Persona 4/3 where you talk to them and let them join in and if the party's full, replace someone in order for him to join, but I can't do it, I've tried by variables where every time you have to choose a party, and the variable goes by 1 each time a member joins and when it hits 4 it's full and you'll have to replace some one sorry if it's difficult to understand, I'm actually kinda half-asleep while I'm typing lol thanks in advance for the help :{D
  14. wazzap!? I'm new around these parts and I've just discovered the wonder that's RPG Maker it's a great awesome tool since for a guy like me that wants to get into Game Developing for a Career it's great for first steps and there's great things to learn with the software and whole engine I hope I meet great people here in the forums, and that I have fun in terms of myself - name - Allplay (Allplay1997 in Youtube (check it out it if you want ;3)) - gender - male - age - 17 - hobbies - Working in RPG maker, Youtubing, music, T-Bagging and Ragdolling - Favorite games/sagas - Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Rising, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, R-Type, Project Zero, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Dino Crisis, Clock Tower, Metal Slug, Ace Combat, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Ridge Racer, Gran Turismo, Haunting Ground, Forbidden Siren, The Suffering, Ninja Gaiden, Outlast (I may have missed a few ) think that'll be all for now folks, sorry for the supah long introduction, just had to say all of that xP «you don't have to like it cuz the hood's gonna love it!»