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  1. What happened to restaff?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cap_H


      Really? I can't find them and I clicked on a link, which was supposed to lead to one of the packs and it showed that the page was deleted.

    3. Rikifive


      That's because stuff has been moved all over the place and Staff Releases ended up being out from the view. I've moved these to Resource Center; RPG Maker category - you should be able to view these now. :) Sorry for inconvenience, I'm the one to blame here.


    4. Cap_H


      Thanks, I wanted to check the usage of Caith's 50s tiles.

      There's even some new stuff!

  2. rmmv

    "Drink. It's ok." is top. I really like your style and this is almost too cute (please add something ugly). Do you plan making a gamepage on RMN?
  3. game

    Fake avengers, who are too individual to work as a team. Gambit
  4. Cute
  5. Trihan, you're the best! Like even a dumbo like me can do something with these.
  6. Yeah, I work at post in my country and these Chinese packages are mess. Smaller companies can't write European addresses right. Also it could end up in a wrong country by accident. Really try to pursue the post first, if your item was tracked, they should know about it (something at least).
  7. Lovin the small portrait.
  8. Yeah, we should. I played IGMC version two years ago and It was perfect (that one deleted itself after finishing as you only got one shot). I'm definitely obtaining this to support developers. Soundtrack is really good too, I recommend it.
  9. I agree with Rikifive. The limited palette (and colors you chose) gives it something extra. More shades would probably make it more vivid but at the same time it could end up being too busy. I like it lot. Shapes are nice and composition fun.
  10. In general, I don't mind long cutscenes. But my gammak philosophy is to hook up the player with the gameplay first. Then, the story can enter and I'm awaiting it eagerly. I think, that in an RM game, you should start with something really short. Lisa does it right. You actually play part of the intro there. It doesn't matter that you only walk right for circa two minutes. It helps to get you involved.
  11. Sweet! She looks 100% Aztec. Feathers does it. And colors. Blue as a dominant color of the first character seems to be little of place. He can work as a protagonist, a special character you need to differ from crowd.
  12. Looks more like Seminole or an other indigenous American to me. But it should pass as an Aztec too. It looks good, tho.
  13. This is useful, I was doing it by myself in one of my unfinished games and it took quite long to remove all clashes.
  14. You definitely need diary/notes in written form. Recordings are a neat feature too. I would use them for different purpose, tho. They could be music recordings and giving us extra personality this way. Or they can be part of a game-long puzzle. I wouldn't go with recorded messages.
  15. Nice effort was put in creating the world. Shame is, I lost trace during the intro. Maybe it should be called Shadow of Confucius.