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  1. lol, at first i thought it was a sock. An inhaler is a strange thing to sprite thats for sure. you did a pretty good job though, the bottom part is a bit too long though as queso said. overall, looks nice.
  2. Nice that your making your own tiles. Although they are simplistic, your work has an interesting style to it, very colorful. as long as you keep your style consistent throughout the game, I think it's fine.
  3. contest

    Hate to dissapoint, but i ran outa time, got distracted. Sorry everyone.
  4. contest

    I'll try to join this one.unsure if i'll find the time though, or come up with a good idea.
  5. welcome to the group. enjoy your stay.
  6. 12

    12 Abstract/Genre: 12 is a short puzzle/rpg made for Fusegu's contest Completion/Playtime: The game is completed, and the average playtime is around 40 minutes. Characters: Module 13, the main character of the game, is a robot, who finds him self in a strange testing facility. Dr. Evil, the creator of Module 13, is here for story progression and comic relief. Story: The story focuses on the testing and trails of Module 13, as he is newly created, and must prove his worth. Credits: Yanfly- scripting everything else - me Issues: Currently, there are no known issues. Download: Here Screenshots: Gallery
  7. Art
  8. contest

    Guess i'm the first one done. I spent around 16 hours on it, I could've spent longer, but i feel it's ready in it's current state. Alot of the assets where from uncompleted projects, and scrapped projects that i had laying around, I hope that's alright. It's about a newly built robot warrior going through trails to prove its worth. The RTP of the realistic things and people, and the simplistic style of the machinery and robots are suppose to contrast. Download Image of the map
  9. 10/10 I like the eggplant portrait.
  10. contest

    the contest appears to have started
  11. contest

    Alright, I guess i'll enter and give it a shot. Sounds interesting.
  12. Double Twist! The Sharks where actually dolphins in disguises the whole time.
  13. rip christmas contest i guess. no one has joined since you posted that and it's almost starting time.
  14. sign me up. hopefully this time i won't spill water on my computer and miss the whole thing. lol
  15. so much