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  1. I appear to have lost all the permissions that come with my Admin rank xD I cant edit/delete/move posts/topics or post in locked ones. WEIRD Mine work-kaz
  2. While it may be true that Dropbox kills links for some reason or another, the error for the two is different. If you read the error for that link, it says that the file has been moved or deleted, which is what happened. There is a different error message if a script has been removed due to traffic or other reasons. I'll edit a link to that into the OP, gimme a sec..
  3. Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  4. I'm pretty sure the script went down because the user has either deleted them or moved them. Files do not simply disappear off Dropbox because it "sucks". If anyone has a link to the script, post it here and I will edit it into the post.
  5. Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  6. Yeah, when I came back here after stuff happened I forgot about it until I was violently reminded via an email notification threatening to stab me ;( Heh, I've downloaded all entries and I'll score them in a bit, hold tight
  7. Woah, woah woah, I forgot! I'll try my best, hang on just a bit longer...
  8. 31 exp, yay
  9. I've put the script in a Spoiler tag so the post isn't unnecessarily huge
  10. After much procrastination and being busy with college and not having a functional PC, I think I will try to judge these entries in the next couple days I mean, I'll try my best xD
  11. Original not-working solution: This should do it: if $game_variables[4..7].uniq == [$game_variables[3]]
  12. rpg maker vxace

    Closing thread at OP's request