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  1. Oy, you're right Vectra. People should pay you.
  2. So my question is where the activity feed went off to, I can't find where people's stupid little microblogs went! Those were great!
  3. OMG

    Hey there, not too many old regulars from way back when. Most people have moved on since, unfortunately. Did you have anyone in mind who you were thinking of? It's possible they might still be around...
  4. Fantastic designs, and some pretty good art. I'm not too familiar with your project or characters- but I really like the progress! It's a bit strange to try and pin-point the setting from the designs though, the first two look fairly modern, but the last looks more fantasy, like something out of Lord of the Rings or Banner Saga (which is a super good guy buy it now omg). Maybe it's something in the middle ground, like Avatar? Since you opened up discussion, I currently only have two pieces of concept art that are publicly available with regards to my project, and they're basically the only public record of it at the moment. They're both of the same character, the deuteragonist, but I'm very satisfied with the results. [1] [2] Love my characters, but you have to always be able to let them die.
  5. The experience is more what matters - there isn't a big moral or political theme to be told. That said, it would be nice to be able to convey some more complex thoughts such as the significance of a character's garments - so in that way, dialogue helps convey messages.
  6. Thanks for the opinions guys, I have a lot to think about. Any additional thoughts on minimalist narratives such as the film Angel's Egg (1 hour film, entire script here)? How about incomprehensible dialogue like that of Ico?
  7. Hey folks, long time no see- hope everyone is still holding up well. I'm currently working on a non-RPG Maker project, but I figured the principles still applied and I figured why not ask the people here at a community I respect. The gist of the matter is that, as I near the end of pre-production for the game, I'm wondering about the necessity of dialogue as a vehicle for the game's narrative. A number of games seem to get away with minimalist narratives, and I'm wondering as to what people's thoughts on that sort of thing are? I'd rather not share details of the story in question I'm working on, but one issue I'm running up against is conveying complexity. The story itself is about as complex as what you might find in an old Castlevania or classic Zelda game - and I'm wondering if even that is too much to attempt to convey without a single text-box. How much is going to be sacrificed? Characterization, motivation, plot twists? I like the idea of having a cryptic story that takes a lot of guess-work to properly interpret, or one that gives a distant and alienating feel to it- but I'm not sold on the idea myself. ADDENDUM: Any additional thoughts on minimalist narratives such as the film Angel's Egg (1 hour film, entire script here)? How about incomprehensible dialogue like that of Ico?
  8. You could consider making the wagon a party member, that way it would be part of the caterpillar track of NPCs that are following the player. Not sure if that's what you're looking for though.
  9. Personally, I love cryptic or subtle endings, and think it's incredibly rare that a storyteller will spend 1, 2, 5 years on writing a story, and not have answers for their own story. It does happen, but in terms of occurrence, it's probably in the 10 percentile. Outlast 2 got a lot of flak for it's really ambiguous ending but I love it to bits for that. It really makes players wonder not just if all the incredibly impossible things in the game really DID happen, but also it makes them search for other possibilities, other answers, and other allegorical or metaphorical interpretations. Nobody has the answers, but the developers. And that's the way it should be. If Outlast 2 just came out and said, "Oh yeah you were in a dream, ...with morphogenic... nanomachines" (like I hope it won't in the DLC) the story would be ruined. The game builds a gestalt upon an altar of rot, anxiety, confusion, sexual frustration, guilt, regret, fear - and definitive answers would only cheapen the monument. Of course, not to mention the events of the plot.
  10. Thank you for everything Kaz. You were a fantastic admin, and it's very sad to hear you go. Hope you pop on by sometimes, you certainly won't be forgotten.
  11. See, this whole conversation and the simple solution was just to license Denuvo for 40 thousand dollars. That way you can get your RPG Maker game pirate-free for like, 5 months.
  12. I used Unity 4 a bit, but don't actively develop it in at the moment. It'd be curious to see what you've been working on though, you've talking about some projects for some time...
  13. Sad to hear that could be the end of it, and the end of the project- but you gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck to you in the future, and take care of yourself, mate!
  14. Hmmm, and here I was thinking it was just Theory and Development that we wanted to keep generic. It's nice to see some branching out, though I would also like some clarification as to what exactly the upper limit of the new guidelines are. Is Wolf RPG Editor a "Maker"? Is Construct a "Maker"? How about UE4? You could make a 100 hour epic in all of those without writing a single line of code.
  15. No affiliation with Pyramid Head, I imagine..