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  1. It seems like it'd be easy to do with just events using variables. Make a common event for each enemy you have. Let's take an Orc and let's say you give it 15 EXP. Actor's name is Vectra. The fixed amount needed to level up will be 100. Common Event will be as follows... variable 1: EXP =+ 15 If EXP > 100 Variable 1: Vectra.Level = Vectra's level If a.level < 5 Change Level + 1 end end This goes after every time you use "Battle processing." If there is an "if lose" and "if win" than put it under "if win" if they must win to gain the EXP. Due to the common event I have showed, once ur level goes above 4 (which means if it equals 5 or above it will stop leveling. Since 4 + 1 = 5 and u cant +1 ever again, then that means they wont pass 5. Do you know how to make a variable equal an actor's current level?
  2. Try to take out the set move route only and give me a screenshot on where that event is.
  3. vx ace

    Oooo! I'll be sure to check it out soon!
  4. Define "through action." Are you saying for the player to be walking and have random NPCs fight? Because you have "Show balloon icon" and "show text" naturally.
  5. Can you give a link to the XAS script you are using?
  6. Wait, i thought u were using ABS script. If its evented, I can help i can't help right now, but in case u wanna attempt to figure it out, youll need a distance check. I have a tutorial on that: I can go in more detail once Im unbusy which unfortunately won't be today.
  7. *looks dumbfounded* Imma try the best I can to help you lol. You have any battle scripts being used?
  8. As a 17yr old who don't have $$$ flowing like that (but wishes to), assume every program I recommend is free unless I say otherwise.
  9. You'll need to edit it through programs like audacity. You can't export it FROM the program with a different pitch.
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  11. Welcome to da forums! PRRAAAIISSEEE DA CCCEEENNTTRRALLLL! Anywho, hope you like it here
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