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  1. No problem!
  2. I wouldnt mine helping OwwwO
  3. Looks amazing!
  4. Nah. I been using Lord Vectra for about half of my life as well so there is nothing weird about it. I think mine is a bit more weird simply because I have websites and machines (Consoles, for example) that only call me by the first word of my username, so I'm always called Lord. My Xbox says "Welcome back, Lord!" Another says "Hi, Lord." And Steam did that a few times. I would find it humorous if, when you log in, RMC did that XD So I would log on to "Welcome back, Lord." XD I used to laugh a lot when I saw it, but now I'm used to it.I should put "Sexy Vectra" so they can be like "Welcome back, Sexy" LOL
  5. Wouldn't savescumming defeat the purpose of it. I was thinking of something like XCOM Ironman where it autosaves every move you do, and you can't save the game yourself unless you're in an area autosaves aren't available.
  6. How would you feel about perma-deaths? If the player dies, they must start all the way from the beginning whether they stick with character or make a new one (and yes, start at level 1 too). Now, of course, some may not like this, but I figured it may make the game more strategic and such. Now, I would have escape available too. I imagine most games who do perma-deaths would allow unless you're gonna make your game a "fight or die" type of game (which actually sounds kinda cool). What do you guys think?
  7. It could be conflicting with another script.
  8. Whew. Had an error when trying to come to Central and had to change password because my old one didn't work @_@ welp, I'm here now.

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Glad that didn't happen to me...


      Jeez, what's next!?

  9. pixel art

    That skeleton image tho XD Why does the animal look so happy XD His life must've been hard if he appreciated death lol
  10. pixel art

    Amy, looking good!
  11. arena

    I think you should keep it. As for the reusing of enemies, you may want to make it evident they are more powerful and maybe have a more intimidating battle sprite for them. If you fought Goblins before then maybe call the The Doom Goblins or if you fought ghosts, call the wraiths next time or something. Bosses wouldn't need changing unless you want to for the sake of consistency, but you don't have to. Other than that, I find no issue, Oh, and the reason for what I said is because players might get bored seeing the exact same enemies before but just stronger. If you change their battle sprites and such, the player knows its the same type or they represent an enemy of the past, but it doesn't feel the same.
  12. Here is my progress and plans for World of Chaos. FINISHED PLANS Dialogue Reform I intend to clean up the dialogue a bit and flesh the characters more. Right now, they are kind of bland; you don't want to see them. Mapping Reform Going to try to make the maps less box-like. PLANS Smarter Enemy AI On certain enemies, they will be given a smarter AI which is manually critiqued by me.
  13. @TarqCan you give me a link? I can't fine it :T
  14. I often write stories to add to my game. Or I jot down notes I'm going to look at when I get to one. You can use excel app to have like a mini-database so when you reach your laptop, just type what you put from the excel into the database. As far as tilesets, BGM, etc. Idk. For tilesets and drawings in general, a drawing tablet could help, but those things cost lol.