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  1. Well, look what the cat dragged in. Welcome back!

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    2. Meep007


      lol no but this 2 year old tried to run me down with a lawnmower today (not a real one but still... )

      I'll be looking over my shoulder for the next few days :mellow:

    3. lonequeso


      Oh that's right! Kids like to beat you up for some reason :D

    4. Meep007


      lol you remembered that haha...yeah o-o

  2. What do you call it when the peasants revolt?


    Serfs up! :giggle:

  3. Another Phoenix joins us! It must be a sign of good things to come! @PhoenixSoul @PhoenixSylph Come welcome your kin! Welcome PhoenixWolf!
  4. Of course. Rainbow eyes need for tender loving care than normal eyes
  5. Lolz. Duct tape would work, but if the goal is to be the last team standing, you'd be better off casting it on your own team. unless you have to snort it when Silenced it would also work well The one guy at the party whose inner racist comes out when he starts drinking.
  6. I assumed so. I'm asking if she's a better shot when her actual eyes work or when she's blind? It'd be an interesting concept. Something most people take for granted is beneficial is a hindrance to her. Like if Daredevil was suddenly able to see again. He'd probably be pretty useless until he could adapt, and even then his senses probably wouldn't be as strong.
  7. Come on now. How are you gonna have a gun wieldin' mage not use magic bullets? Seriously though, I can see some interesting combo attacks using magic and firearms. Is she a better shot when she has to rely soley on her third eye?
  8. Magical sciencey medicine?
  9. Look! It's Jesus! Zukan looks really cool
  10. Just lemme know how many Tylenol PMs I need to grind up =3
  11. Does she have magic guns?
  12. Who would mind having a rainbow eye? Not being blind anymore is a plus. Yay laser surgery!
  13. I idea of spying is leaving no survivors I'm pretty much at that point in Assassin's Creed. I can just go in guns, knives, and poison darts blazing and be fine. Last time I played, I didn't feel like being patient or stealthy so I just charged head on into every fight and slaughtered everyone like pigs. Stealth is fun though if it's done right. The Arkham series of Batman games and Dishonored are other examples of really good stealth. I never played any Metal Gear games (never had Playstation), but those seem to do it pretty well, too. All would make good research. Isn't it awesome when playing games counts as work? =p I have a couple stealth sections in my game. One where the police and the military are looking for you so you have to sneak around so they don't capture or attack you. Cops toss you in jail which you then escape. Military engage you, and they are pretty tough. They don't give much XP or other rewards either so fighting them isn't really worth your while. In another you pretend to be a mugger and sneak up to a woman so some chap can rush in and save her thus making him a hero and winning her over. <3 I have a very handy script that lets you make events that can "see" player when within an adjustable proximity. It works pretty well for stealth. Other cool stuff would be events the player can hide in and ways to incapacitate NPCs, I did some semi-elaborate eventing and made it so the proximity changes based on whether the player is dashing or not. Puzzles! What kinds of puzzles ya got so far?
  14. Would sleeping potions contain roofalin? Perhaps that'd be too potent. Nyquil perhaps? Mixing Nyquil and alcohol is totally safe, right? =3
  15. Still going heavy on building relationships then? Personally, I like it as kind of a side thing in RPGs. If I wanted to play a full one life Sim, I'd play The Sims. The actual gameplay is always more important to me, and when it comes to RM games that pretty much just means the battle system. I forgot though. Dies your game have any combat it is it really just building relationships? Also puzzles! If you ain't got combat than puzzle solving is the next best thing to me.