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  1. I do love a good Tactical RPG. Tactical would be a good way to go if you can find some good scripts. Personally, whatever system you use, strategy is the most important thing. I greatly value quality of battles over quantity. I managed to do a pretty good job of that using Yanfly Ace System and Hime's Enemy Conditions plus a few others. Yanfly's allows you to a ton more with skills and states, and Hime's makes the enemies a bit smarter.
  2. Hiii!
  3. You are making me hungry... I love the Tetris cookies
  4. Unconventional weapon- Tea cup Ever see the movie "Riddick"? Unconventional/Character specific weapon: Screwdriver- Scores critical hits more frequently. Allows use of a unique skill: Screw You!- Hits multiple times (which is deadly considering the base crit hate is increased. Unconventional: Nail Gun - Do I really have to explain? If the harpoon-y dude equips it, it becomes the Nail Harpoon. Not sure how the harpoon mechanic is supposed to work in your game, but I'm sure you can think you some terrible thing to make it do.
  5. I like Skykami, too. Sky God, God of the skies. Skysagi sounds like Skisake so that makes me picture you as one of those cliché anime drunks with the red nose stumbling around with a gord full of booze. Skyfox makes me picture you teaming up with Fox McCloud. You're about to become part of a fan fic (at least you would if I liked fan fics and wasn't lazy.) You got some good options there
  6. My immediate answer would be action RPG, but I'm not sure how practical that would be in any version of RPG Maker so I won't elaborate on that unless you;re willing and able to pull it off. Look up Radiant Historia's battle system. It's a side view, grid based system. That's the most unique thing I can think of off the top of my head. It's a pretty cool system. I now what you mean about turn based games. They can get pretty boring. Action RPGs are far more engrossing for me. A grid system adds an extra tactical element that makes things more interesting. Another suggestion would be some sort of combo system. Probably best to use an ATB system for it. The idea is certain skills are linked. One character uses Hypnosis to put an enemy to sleep. The next character uses Dream Eater (yup Pokemon moves =D). There would be a window for when/how long the player has to use the follow up skill. If successful it foes more damage and/or has additional/more potent effects. Stuff along those lines. Or a combo chain system with windows. Maybe button inputs, too. The last, and worst idea is just make a crap ton of status and buff conditions for the player to tinker with and make everything look super shiny and flashy It actually can work pretty wlll believe it or not. For that look up Asdivine Dios's battle system. It's a free mobile game so you can always download it and play. You should totally play it. *Kemco rep hands lonequeso a check*
  7. I dunno. Sky Wolf sounds pretty cool to me
  8. Hmmm... Never played FF9, but my biggest pet peeve in RPGs is: I get bored really fast with simple systems where I you can just mindlessly press "Attack" and easily clear most battles. At that point it feels pointless to even have. It's even worse if the battles happen every ten steps you take so at least they're infrequent FF9. The way you describe the dungeons or lack thereof doesn't sound too appealing. I like lots of 'sporlin in my RPGs Cutscenes I'm okay with as long as I have the option to skip. Every sit through a long cut scene, die, and have to watch the damn thing again? Grrrrrr! Usually interactive ones can't be skipped for obvious reasons. Hopefully "interactive" extends further than pressing "A" one time. I've played some cool ones. These are of the few things I like about FF13. Overall it sounds like I'd hate FF9 and quit long before getting to the end. The one thing that might save it, is if the story is really really really extra super duper good. I
  9. Hey look! It's Sky guy! I see you've transformed form a rabbit to a wolf. And to a girl! Welcome back!
  10. That's what I've been trying to tell you! That and execution. Pretty much any concept can work in a game as long as you can develop it properly. Sometimes that's a lot easier said than done, but the better devs out there make it look easy. The other thing about quests is usually most of them are optional. You don't like 'em? Cool. Go kill stuff or craft something or wander around exploring. Most RPGs give you tons of stuff to do, and it's pretty easy to multitask. Got a kill X enemies quest to complete? Kill them periodically while you're exploring or doing other quests. Hopefully, the main quest line/story doesn't suck cuz you kinda have to do that to get to the end. I usually look at user reviews before buying a game. What do people like about it? What do people hate about it? If the game's strengths are things I personally look for in a game (number one for RPGs is always the combat system) I'll buy it. After you rob a bank to get some money check out some reviews for some games and see if it's strengths appeal to you. Like I said before, you might just be surprised.
  11. This is why talking to you is pointless. You say "Hey wouldn't it be great if quests did this. Then I give an example of the EXACT same thing and that's your answer. Yo would already have that answer of you actually did some research, but you are far happier just assuming the opposite you can keep complaining. I honestly have no clue what you're trying to convince us of. You rail that the quest system is flawed, but don't provide any real basis for your argument, offer "solutions" that have already been done, and contradict your own argument.
  12. ^^Yup Ya know, there's one type of quest I don't think we've covered yet. Escort quests. Protect a person or a convoy while heading to a destination. They don't seem to come up as often in games, but I always find them fun. There's two versions: Either you lead an NPC or group around to a destination or guard a convoy or person that's going on a set path. The same thing happens either way. Enemies attack. You have to not only kill the enemies, but make sure who or what yo're protecting survives. I like the convoys more because there's usually more stuff/people to guard which makes for some interesting scenarios when the enemies attack.
  13. Stuff like that is more common than you think. A lot of times in games you can complete a quest before anyone gives you the objective. For example in Dragon Age 3 there's a wyvern in a cave. You can come across it and kill it at anytime. There is an NPC on the map that wants it dead. If you happen to kill the Wvyern before talking to her, the MC is basically says "Yeah we did that already" and she gives you stuff. That game has a lot of those instances where you can find or kill something while exploring and then later find someone who was offering a reward for it.
  14. Croc is a lot less scaly then I had imagined.