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  1. Whoa! The forum updated! How cool :D

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Meh. Potato.
      Needs to resume the previous layout, then I'll be cool with it...

    2. lonequeso


      It was transformed with rainbow magic. (and a pinch of Satanism)

  2. brooding

    I'm really sorry for what happened to you. No one deserves such an awful thing I wish you the best and I hope you feel better soon! I'm sending lots of love your way
  3. Perfect! I'll make this ASAP BTW I'm closing this thread and making a new one soon, so please keep that in mind~ Nirwanda is the last request I'm taking in this thread
  4. Good luck, Nir! I wish you the best
  5. ^ Has a cool username < Has a lame username v Likes pie
  6. Yeah it's small, the only problem is, my internet is super slow and disconnects constantly x.x However, I'll still be checking this out ASAP!
  7. I just prefer Ace in general. MV is too clunky and updates far too often, plus it's expensive as hell. I'll stick with Ace
  8. Downloading this as we speak! It looks very fascinating I'll let you know what I think~ Edit: Never mind, the download won't work with this cruddy internet x.x I'll test this out ASAP, though! Sorry
  9. ^ Probably loves pink almost as much as I do < Wears pajamas almost 24/7 v Is swaggerific
  10. Sooo, now that I have a more stable internet connection, I'll see about getting this shop up and running again! I'll keep you guys posted
  11. My PC is currently broken (something's wrong with the power supply) so I'm using my mom's laptop. Good luck with your new job/PC though!
  12. counting game

    20. I almost broke my mom's computer screen trying to murder that fly DX
  13. counting game

    7. Well, staffs are better. Witches FTW.
  14. counting game

    5. (Cuz the number 5 is totes swaggerific.)