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  1. looks pretty nice i like the planet, might i suggest less stars its a bit much on the eyes
  2. parallax

    Needs decorations on the inside feels kinda empty. i like the throne room windows there are a bit off center maybe get them equal with the chairs by slightly moving them to the right. also maps seem overly large can shrink them down a bit
  3. Did you opening it in note pad it should still look the same unless the file contents were changed. Also like warden said
  4. Did not like this tales game it had a lot of problems on launch not sure if they fixed them all. Put about 85 hours into it, my main problem is the lack of character development and the goddamn camera that killed me many times not sure why they changed the battle system to be a dynamic background of the field map. also mikleo is completely broken in this game can just spam saints arrow and cc or stun lock almost every monster or boss in the game even if they're resistance to his element. the build up for the dragon fights were pretty lame as well. killing Ezien was pretty lackluster his AI is broken and half assed the dragon couldn't even turn or use half it skills and abilities if you stand on the side of it.also Asura is poorly designed since you can just walk in melee range and he misses all of his attacks, the story was ah ok i guess was pretty simple. that's just the start of the problems there's plenty more only played the game on hard,
  5. solved

    place it on the same level of the character to interact with it. if its place below, you have to stand on it
  6. They look alright only complaint i guess is they look a bit spacious could reduce the area and push things together a little bit. try filling in the town with some flowers or grass
  7. Did you set it do same as character? if its set to below you can only use it if you walk on it.
  8. Hey this is pretty sweet, the script and that map generator
  9. They all sound kinda op slightly unbalanced but i don't really know how they work in the greater context. if i had to pick it probably be the first one Solis looks the most efficient.
  10. i think you have to set the pathing of the event. the event you set to below set the passability to through i think npc can walk on it then
  11. ah so...thats a thing
  12. They look great but that last one is a bit confusing looking. it looks like im looking at it from above if i look at the center but when i look near the bottum it looks like im the same level the top part looks like its falling downwards.
  13. The sewer has a 1 block high wall all the way around but you have areas where the level of the map rises 1-5 block up from that.making the dimensions off. suggest you make the outer wall the highest part first\ also might want to try and add a waterfall in the wall so the water can seem as if it's coming from somewhere. if the water is all flowing down wouldn't it run out?
  14. Way to much empty space. makes it look void.
  15. the shops you should remove the outside of the building and make it black so it borders it so it won't look so confusing. honestly there's not a lot for me to say. um the town map where the bridge crosses the water you can place the bridge by holding shift it will place the bridge over the water. still looks a thousand times better than what i made in the first 2 weeks of using rpgmaker GL