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  1. I literally just needed a quick username for this mobile MMO where you beat your fellow elementary school classmates with a bat aaand it stuck with me ever since Edit: ACTUALLY it's supposed to be RainingJellyfish, but the username cutoff here is 16 letters so I had to shorten it.
  2. I get these all the time. I make sure to let her know about my dead baby fetish and that if I were any more inbred, I'd be a sandwich.
  3. xD they're so lame, I love it
  4. I'm starting online T-shirt campaigns, maybe it'll be a new side-niche for me. So far I've got one up: You can buy it here if you wanna: https://teespring.com/no-rest-for-the-wicked I'd really appreciate it ;D Some feedback would be cool too.
  5. I've always had depression, but the lack of motivation has never been this low before. That said, neither has the depression, so I'm almost certain it's one and the same. I've talked to the counselors and all that jazz, they've told me they can't help. I'm waiting for it to just come to me at this point.
  6. I've really been trying to find something to put myself into, whether it be game development or art or anything, and I can't bring myself up to it anymore. I start something with a hint of motivation, but I can never keep it. Even things that have always been my interests feel dry to me now. My grades are all F's except for my art classes, and even those are slipping into B's. I think too far ahead to the point where I ask why anything even matters at all; that the outcome eventually won't mean a thing. Usually a friend's encouraging words give me motivation, but they don't want me around anymore. I think that's why I'm feeling so shitty in the first place. You might say I should do these things for my sake, but if it only benefits me, if at all, then it's not satisfying for me. I don't know how to break out of this or if I've changed too much to allow myself to break out of it. What do I do?
  7. I tend to separate romantic and sexual desire, they definitely can co-exist but some find themselves on either one side. Generally to most people, describing someone as asexual or bisexual refers to both their romantic and sexual preferences at the same time. You can truly love a person without wanting sex, as well as you can sexually be attracted to someone without loving them. Depending on those factors, you can tell if you are aromantic or asexual. Myself, I've only ever had romantic feelings for someone who was a friend since childhood, and some call that being demisexual (only being romantically attracted to someone you have a deep bond with.) On the other note, I already have friends who are asexual and I think that's a-okay Having a wide diversity of sexualities in society makes everything interesting.
  8. I'm a bit embarrassed to ask considering I'm an artist, but creating an animated graphic isn't my forte. The visual art style of my game is very UNDERTALE-like, so I would like it to be in that style if possible. Can anyone help me out? EDIT: Forgot to mention my game screen is 1024 x 576, so making the portal about a fourth of that or more would be wonderful.
  9. My game has large character sprites and even at the highest setting, they are too slow ( I'm using a high resolution). I need to know if there's a script out there or something that can make characters move faster.
  10. While I somewhat agree with you, it is a commercial product and EB would lose a lot of money if it were open-source. After all, why buy the new RM product when someone can code in any new features into the previous? That aside, it is something that I would appreciate, because while the maker is easy to use, in many ways it can be limiting. Now I'm all for ease of use; I'm not too good with script yet, but it feels like RM underestimates the user by leaving out things that would be useful because they feel like the average hobbyist won't need it, and that anyone wanting to make a serious game would know how to code around their limitations. I disagree. Hopefully RM in the future will come to realize that we don't need more ease of use (there's already enough) but more power and versatility.
  11. Uhm, no. It is only against the rules if you change anything inside the maker such as breaking the non-open classes or anything like that. I saw some resolution scripts that uses external DLLs. Those are not really against the EULA. Really? I didn't know that. In that case, I stand corrected.
  12. I haven't bought MV yet but the option for HD resolution is my main reason for wanting it. I would be perfectly fine with Ace if it supported resolutions above 640x480 (altering it any higher would require messing with the Ace files, which technically you can do, but it's against the rules) so there's that. It doesn't hold too much difference over Ace besides some upgrades and I don't think the price of $80 is worth the change, to be honest. It really comes down to personal needs and preferences.
  13. I'm female. My mother is a devout Christian, the conservative kind, and while she supports that women can do whatever, she always tells me, "When you marry a man, you gotta cook and clean and submit to them" because that's how she was raised. Because of that ideology, she put up with my father's abuse for several years. My father believes in the same ideology. He has a superiority complex as it is, and believes that his wife must "serve" him no matter what, because he believes that that is how God wills it. We're American, mind you. Then there's me. I'm the first person in my family to somewhat diverge from religion, and even when I was fully Christian I only saw males and females as true equals. I cringed whenever someone said "a man's job" or how my mother told my brother that he "needs a male influence in his life so he grows up right". I sort of wish that gender identification as a whole was disregarded (except when it comes to having children) because of the toxicity that surrounds it. I think that in a relationship, the couple should take turns paying the dinner bill, buying gifts for each other, etc. Women thinking that they deserve the world simply because they are women are misguided. You have to work for what you want, nothing will be handed to you on a plate. Chivalry should work both ways. And no one should have a role forced upon them. You should talk with your S.O. about what you want to do and be in that relationship.