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  1. "cans yoo daw meh a fwee comison cos i wan 1"

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    2. Takeo212


      5 exp. bucks? Yas, I'm rich!

      Gimme more! I needs more greed in my life~

    3. Shaddow


      Wait, you do free commissions?!?!

    4. Rezanta


      I could if you want Takeo. Depends if you need a bird or dragon or fire or de- more exp. Lol

  2. That is definetely better. The new screenshot blends so much better together and it's so much nicer to look at. The trees stand out more and don't blend into the grass tiles and the buildings don't look like there illuminated. The improved set just looks more visually appealing now. As for tile critque, my attention is the domes on the bigger building. Are they windows? I would add a bit more highlight to them to show the light reflection more. Right now, they look like light blue orb-thingies due to them not reflecting the light enough. Overall, this looks pretty good so far~ Hope to see more progress in the future
  3. My first critique is the brightness and contrast. My eyes hurt from looking at the bright colours and I find it rather distracting. - This is mostly the case with the 1x2 tiled trees (screenshot 1) as they are just blinding. They also blend to well with the ground. - The grass itself is too bright. As a base tile, you want something neutral that will look nice but not distract the player. The brightness of the grass tile is hard to look at for long - and personally, I couldn't play your game if that was the brightness the entire game without getting a migraine. - Your 4x4 trees look good, but need a bit of blending. Also, RPGM's default light source is the top left, so your trees shade and highlight are reversed and looks strange. Nothing else has a shade or highlight either so they stand out more boldly. - Your water animation doesn't sync up. You should practice working with autotiles, or create a transparent water tile and add a parallax underneath and scroll it to help with your moving water. - Your houses are to bright. Maybe a light gray would look better, but white is way to bold and constrasting that it's bad to stare at. In short: tone down the brightness of the tiles. Everythings to bright and would make it difficult to play your game for any period of time.
  4. Haha, thanks guys~ It's nothing "epic", but it's nice to get back into drawing, if only a chibi doodle. Also, my tablet wouldn't sync up to my PC correctly, so this was actually drawn and coloured by mouse xD
  5. From the album Faeona

    Faeona from Tales of Eadris.
  6. Ah, my apoligises. I only watched the majority, so never saw you done the database at the end. - Did you use the auto tile floor or the tile on the A5 tilesheet? Your autotile floor is an O, but what about your A5 tile? - Have you modified any of the tilesheets on the B sheet? If so, can you provide a screenshot of your B modification? - Did you previously have anything around the character that you removed from the tilesheets at any point? They may be left over and provide a collision.
  7. Please show a screenshot of your tileset set up within your database. It'll be a problem with your permissions with that specific tileset. Check the ground tile has a O on it and not an X.
  8. The first two skills aren't learned because your character never "leveled up" to obtain them. Set them to level 3 and they should be avilable now. Basically, if your chaacter started at level 1 and leveled up you would learn the skills, but you skipped over them by starting at level 3. Haven't tested this, so let us know if it changes anything. Also, double check the spells are "magic" spells and not anything else. That may also affect your actor from learning them.
  9. I may not post, but I'm always here. Watching. With my cup of tea.

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    2. Rikifive


      I may post, but I'm never here. Watching with a cup tea is the best watching. ^^


    3. Takeo212


      See? I'm always here, but never post. Riki's never here but always posts. We're a perfect team.

      *Drinks tea with Riki*

    4. Rikifive


      Hmm... we indeed are. ^_^ 

  10. It's not a remake if you change basically everything from the original! >.<

    1. Shiggy


      It's about marketing, stuff with a known name sells more. If you create something and have the opportunity(aka legal rights, you don't need anything more) to stick a well-known name on it , you should do it.

    2. Kayzee


      It's called a 'reimagining'. :3

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Whilst I agree on all three fronts, if everything is changed, then it is a 'revision'.


      Change/Improve the inner workings, graphics and such, but nothing else save translation errors ('This guy are sick'), then you have a remake. Hell, one could even add to the story, for clarification purposes and still call it a remake.


      But on all accounts, the remake of FFVII (as far as I have heard) is much more of a revision.

  11. Your current project I've seen alot pf pieces of your games over the years, but nothing finalised. I'm curious about your games, especially this one since you seem passionate about it ;P
  12. Really like the face shape. It's cartoony and stylised. Same for Tom's ;P all your content is making me curious~
  13. We all know how popular farming sims can be, but what other "jobs" are you interested in simulating?

    1. Crescent


      how about being a vendor or something similar? :D

  14. Do you want a specific amount of healing to a character? It's not a script, but a work around would be setting up elements; For instance; - Human Heal - Robo Heal Have an actor have elemental rate with either 100% or 0% dependant on what you want to affect them. Have your "Repair" skill have an elemental trait for "Robo Heal" and have it restore a formula amount (just right x amount or something in this formula dependant on what you want to heal) and have any other actor (say, humans) have elemental rate at 0%. This should - in theory - mean if the skill is used on that actor, they won't recover any health - only robo types should. Do the same with whatever heal type you want. If this makes sense >.< This can work as a substitute if you want a script though. EDIT Sorry if you meant only a specific character. I assumed you meant something similar to robotics using a potion.