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  1. counting game

    369 I don't understand the conversations in this thread anymore.
  2. If anyone is looking for some cheap artists to help with concepts and such, check out my friend Zeiyuu on DeviantART~




    She's super awesome an friendly, and I'm personally commissioned her before. She's good with designs too if you need some help with concepts. Her current sketches are only $3~


    (If this is against regulations, lemme kno. It's not another forum, so I'm unsure if it's considered bad...)

    1. Rezanta


      I don't think it's bad to pet others who struggle with these things know of alternative options. But anyway, I might look into her, that's some nice art she has. :3

    2. Takeo212


      I've been friends with her for a few years now. She's vastly improved from her earlier days and I'm still impressed with her improvements nowadays. Her work's good, but she's unfortunately not got alot of attention haha.


      Thanks Rezanta :) I'm not sure how long her sketches will be available (hopefully a while) but I've seen others charge $20 for sketch commissions, so her works worth it :P

  3. I have a box full of packet noodles. My kitten seems to enjoy sitting inside the box though.


    My noodle packets have kitten butt all over them now >.<

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    2. Kayzee


      You two are really making me want to get a cat again... Kitten butt or no kitten butt!

    3. Plague


      @Kayzee Do it! I haven't had a cat in quite awhile. I feel like I'm way overdue for having to worry about kitten butt on my soda cans. :giggle:

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I had an outdoor feline companion once...

      Phyllis would of been livid with me if Talneria ever saw the inside of the manor...


      Then again, Talneria was a lynx...one that I had rescued from a hunter's trap that had been left either carelessly or by accident/happenstance, that she had been caught in (the trap itself was rusty and would of killed her if she hadn't been taken care of).

      She sort of clung onto me for a while after that, having her share of our fish, cockatrice tail, and horse meat.

  4. For the real time and day, you'll need a script, but due to it's complexity, I don't think theirs a public script for it. Every game that uses similar mechanics has their own custom script so you may have to either request or commission for an external script to be made for this. To my knowledge, accessing information outside of the engine is really complex and by default doesn't work with the engine itself, which is why it's hard to do without scripting knowledge.
  5. I'm using Glasses' plugin for minimum damage also, to ensure there's no zeroes popping up. I'll take everyone's replies and mess around with it some more. It's not a huge thing right now, but it's still something I want to implement~ Thanks everyone I'll try messing with that formula Traverse, thankies~
  6. I was gonna have an in-battle event pop up once you were low enough on HP. I wanted the character sprite to be damaged (like the critical HP sprite to be shown) and for a bit of dialogue. Having them at 0 HP doesn't make much sense and afterwards they are transfered to a small farmhouse's bed to recover. I haven't messed around with battle events much so I could try a "once actor x HP = 0, event trigger give actor HP +1, but not sure if thats would look correct. I was considering putting a variable in the boss's formula to prevent it from dropping, but hmm... I'll go mess with it some more This is my karma for not touching the program is a long time. Gotta learn some basics again xD
  7. Hey guys, Essentially during the introduction/start of my game, the player will be attacked by groups of wolves. However, during the "boss" fight with the pack leader I wanted the player to be KO'd but with 1 HP remaining. Essentially, their near death and can't fight anymore. I imagine this can be done with a formula, but if not does anyone know any plugins that may provide this? I feel the "party has died" trick would be lame and not come off as well but thought I'd see if this was an easy concept or not.
  8. counting game

    351 I haz returned from the death
  9. All hail, Nirwanda! Congrats on the promotion Goodluck - Off-Topic is a spammy place, so you have your work cut out for you
  10. I don't see a delete option, but I do see a "replace image" one. Perhaps you can just change over the images with the watermarked ones? I admit though, we need a delete button! I swear if it's a tiny little button again, then those things have officially taken over xD
  11. I think my upload bugged out and made me upload the same image twice to gallery and now I can't find a delete option >.< Dangit

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      That's an ouchie...

    3. Takeo212


      Yea... i assymed it needes time to fully upload but now that i'm back, it's still not up. Can you just delete it plz? I uploaded a test to try and and test removing it to help with a topic but it seems to have failed >.< haha

    4. Rikifive


      You'll have to scale the image down- I believe 1920x1080 or less would work, but it depends on details and filesize. This is a weird glitch. I've tried many things in the settings, but nothing helps. It's just bugged.


      Also I've allowed members to remove their own albums- that's the only setting related to deleting there was, so if you'll still be unable to delete images, then I'm afraid it will not possible to allow you to do so. :( 

  12. What DLC are you trying to use and to which folder are you adding it to? Have you tried adding the tiles in the database and they don't show up? Do the tiles themselves just not work? Are you adding them in the correct database section? Let us know so we understand what exactly is wrong. We can't access your PC/files so you need to tell//show us exactly what's wrong with the tiles so we can get an idea on how to help.
  13. The makeup itself is pretty well done, but it's a bit flat. Maybe add a bit of transparency to it to show it's drawn onto the avatar instead of painted, and this would be a neat addition to the generator.
  14. counting game

    333 The equivalent of 3 halves of a kitty face.
  15. Once again, the little buttons alude me... Thanks Riki! Number 4 was my problem. Got it set now, thank you!