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  1. Valiant Dagger. Daggers are cool, especially when dual wielding~ If you could travel to any location in your favorite series (including shows, books, games, ect.), where would you go? and why?
  2. Leaving for our anniversary holiday and my first trip abroad, so will be gone for a week. Keep well everyone :) Please don't set the forums on fire in my absence <3

    1. Tsarmina


      *discreetly reaches for matchbox*

    2. Rikifive


      Have fun! :) 



      Actually I'm going to set the forums on fire, because I'm struggling with its issue... -_-

    3. lonequeso


      Don't tell me how to live my life!


      Have a blast!

  3. I'll answer then, to save Lone some makeup troubles ;P Unless he wants to try some hehe I don't personally wear make up, but my choice would be lip gloss - especially if it's a scented one (probably not a good choice though, since it tend to end up licking my lips since they now taste good haha) I've never been a make-up person in general, excluding eye liner. I like wearing that on occassion - when I don't try poking my eyes out with it anyway. Where would you prefer to explore; The Deep Sea or The Vast Space?
  4. If the game is short and some features are randomised (such as enemy variety, item looting and such). Your game has to be 100% balanced though if you want to do this to keep it fair and prevent as little annoyance as possible. If the game is designed around it, I think it can be fun. As long as it's short and enjoyable. I imagine if the game was too long, people would start getting annoyed everytime they progress and die.
  5. Despite the weird color combinations, I think they look good. You've used a variety of tiles to break up textures, added shape to the rooms and didnt make them square and kept everything consistent. Only problems I see that arent shift mapping are; - Add more decor. Maybe some clutter or treasure? The rooms are nicely spacious but kinda empty. Maybe some purple crystals to help the floor blend better? - some walls arent sized correctly. A couple areas has the wall 1 tile big imstead of 2. Im on phone so cant point them out right now. Add some decor to help everything blend better
  6. I can't be the only one who keeps reading peoples signatures as part of their post nowadays D:

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I tend to know when a post ends and when a signature begins... :/

    3. Shiggy


      What disturbs me , is that the spoiler style appear much bigger so some signatures that abused spoilers to make something clean aren't clean anymore

    4. Takeo212


      @PhoenixSoul I do normally too, but the white of the pages sometimes makes me miss some details, including buttons and line breaks. Makes my eyes all blurry staring at the white abyss :P


      @Shiggy Yea, the spoiler tags look rather bar now. They seem weird.


      In conclusion; I suppose I was the only one mixing posts and signatures together. Ah well.

  7. Hehe. The "fun word" between my friends an I was always "va-jay-jay". My friend is a male gay, so anything related to womens body parts grossed him out and made him call them weird names. "Man Stick" was an old one he liked too... What was one of the most embarrassing situations you have ended up in?
  8. True. Maybe themes related to certain engines. Such as, RPGM themes are based around the base characters for that engine (such as Ralph, Aldo, and whatever the older engines were xD Forgot there names). Unity can be something with the symbol and basic colour scheme for it. ect, ect. Themes will come to you as time goes on No hurry for it~ Wasn't there a theme related topic? I keep confusing this topic and that topic since both talk about the same subject
  9. Wrong game please read the question of the person before you~ I don't see a question regarding strengths and weaknesses, and you gotta add another question are the end of your answer. @PhoenixSoul Wouldn't taking your PC to Mars be redundant? No internet, plug sockets or possible signal xD Clothes are clever though. never thought about that. Since Phoenix never asked a question; What is/was your favorite subject during school?
  10. gold

    True. For an for-instance, killing a Dragon in ToE will give you a high chance to obtain a scale. However, most of the time they'll drop a broken scale" since you kinda just attacked and damaged the things body. As a small chance of dropping, you can obtain a "dragon scale" that is undamaged. These can sell for alot of money. However, you can also use it in crafting. A dragon scale can be used to make a powerful accessory for instance, maybe a "flame resistance" buff that will help protect you against any future dragonfire that the Dragons will use. Maybe even collect a few of them to use in armour smithing and make a dragonscale armour for your paladin. Collect it's hide and you can make dragonhide armour for your light armoured allies. Combine the scales with the rarer, sturdier ores you find and make yourself new weapons. or sell it for alot of money and get some supplies that way. Hey, potions are nice right? I want the player to have to choose during various situations between selling materials, and keeping them. Each enemy has a pretty constant drop table (slimes drop gel, wolves drop pelt, beats drop fur and meat, spiders drop fur and occassionally string and eggs, aquatics drop scales, birds drop feathers ect.) The player will get alot of materials, and it's up to them if they wish to level up their crafting skills and sell their wares (which after balancing, should give you a better profit than just selling the materials) or sell the materials upright and get a quick handful of coins. If your selling those pelts for 5 copper each, you better start saving if you want that fancy armour at 2 silver each.
  11. counting game

    306 bottles of beer on the wall...
  12. counting game

    301 congrats I came in at 300, but had nothing productive to say so didn't want to steal the lime light. 301 sis good for me
  13. gold

    But if you buy something from the shop and the money goes back to the fountain - doesn't the shop owner end up poor? xD
  14. counting game

    285 Yerp, my thing. EDIT Oh and since I saw Phoenix's post; The band is Disturbed. Specifically the song "Stupify" if I remember correctly.