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  1. I'm back after 2 years in this forum and although I did want to learn some scripting or this kinda stuff that would allow me to create a game and have fun on doing it (because being honest I know I won't ever finish a game so it's just doing and doing and learning new things) I didn't dwell too much in it. So I'm asking since I saw there is a newer version of RPG Maker called MV, is it better than VX Ace? Pros and contras? Thanks I hope this time I can look better in this awesome forum and discover the creative people that habitates it I would like to add whether someone is actually doing a game (okay, I think in a place like there has to be plenty of people that's doing so xD) and accepts any kind of help I'd like to do so, although I haven't touched RPG MVXAce for a long time
  2. Hello! Welcome to the forum! Oh, we share all this hobbies except one, I wish I could do it, but somehow I can't: DRAWING. D: Looking forward to which are your favourite manga and anime :3 Oh, which kind of music do you love listening?
  3. Although I'd choose the second one because I love Greek mythology and mythologies in general, I must say number one better. You already have created a plot and it's easy to develop. You could also start with some crystals already broken (as you wrote) and make some of the characters die because somebody continues to destroy crystals.
  4. When I click the link it doesn't work but anyway, is it in spanish? If it is, I could try to. ED: Ok, I've just seen his scripts are all in portuguese. Not my language. But as AlliedG said, the best solution is Google Translate, is good enough to understand the basics of the script.
  5. How can I change the default message font via the ATS Special Messages Codes script? With Yanfly's one I can, but since I needed to change the message speed, I used ATS's. In Yanfly's script is possible to change the message font, but a command I don't know from ATS script probably changes the font I set with Yanfly's and I can't find which one is to rechange it. Thanks for helping in advanced
  6. Double posting to say that I found out because it was happening. A script which change the text position was conflicting with Galv's one.
  7. Happy New Year to all the forum!
  8. I think is it because the pic has to be in the Picture folder of the project, not RPG Maker Vx Ace.
  9. That seems quite useful. Thanks for sharing and explaining.
  10. The case is that I used the Galv's Message Background script while using the Emotion Manipulation Magic script from division heaven, which principally consists in a bunchle of variables and insert pictures. So the problem is how I can put the new message background behind the busts: For the text I'm using a very simple script which change the text position via variables, I don't know if this makes the text being behind the msg background Thanks for answering
  11. Thanks for answering. The second option. I'd like to be able to change them whenever.
  12. I'm new in the forum and I don't know if this request goes here, but anyway here it is: How can I change the properties of a message box (I mean size, color, opacity, outlines, etc)? Does a script exist for that feature? Thanks for answering and if this post doesn't go in this suboforum, my apologizes in advanced.