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  1. They paid me in pogs. Anyways,for those that wanted an update: It turns out that in order to get in the site I actually have to make referrals to the site (the other criteria is their evaluation of it).So, yeah while I got a referral link,I think this is where this story ends.
  2. Well, everything in my game is rtp, custom or royalty free. So it's commercial-ready. It would be incredible to gain even a few bucks with my game.Thanks for the kind wishes.
  3. Well raymi told me she's reopening the shop, so I'm posting a request. Good luck Raymi! Username: Nirwanda Which RPG Maker? (VX/VX Ace/MV Only): MV Windowskin Color(s): Purplish blue, with a gold border. We do have a character in purple and one in blue, so if possible it shouldn't blend with them ( Windowskin Style (Cutesy, elegant, pretty, etc...): Cutesy Design Requests (Any specific things you want on your windowskin): Something that has moons and stars in it... Maybe the cursor is a moon? Other (Anything else you'd like to add): Nothing. Just thanks!
  4. Yeah, they asked me to fill that. They sent me a generic "We liked your game and would like to feature it in our site fill this form to receive more information". Well it can't hurt to try. Thanks for the interest Shiggy. Just out of curiosity what would you have done differently?
  5. Ok, I've filled teh form they asked of me, i'll keep you updated on what happens next, thank you guys
  6. I have a couple of games hosted on indie db and they apparently liked one of them enough to offer me being featured on their discovered indie games list. On one hand this sounds highly suspicious like one of those companies that profit off smalltime indie devs, on the otehr it could be an opportunity for exposure. What do you think? They claim to have games like Deponia and Evoland in their list. Which lends them SOME credibility... if it is true.
  7. ^thinks too much about cars <doesn't even know how to drive VHas a battlecry in latin
  8. Very interesting read, I've had tons of fun with the formula box, phoenix, and much of it was based on this one post that helped me get started. And yeah using rggss statements in formulas is pretty powerful, though a little hard due to Ace's character limit.
  9. ^îs projecting her own criminal history on me <hasn't posted in the forum in a loong time v thinks robin is cooler than batman
  10. Thank you! I hope you like it Do link the video when you upload it.
  11. Thanks a lot raymi, I'm really glad you liked it! And sorry about the cons!
  12. game maker studio

    Riki is the best he helped me solve another issue through direct messaging! He's my hero!
  13. game maker studio

    Lol, insanity ensues: she constantly alternates between the falling and idle animations. Running animation works, but she stays in place and jumping doesn't work. Thanks again riki!
  14. game maker studio

    Thanks for your help, Riki! Jumping and falling seem to work right (albeit kinda slowly, numbers need tweaking) but she doesn't run right or left and she falls through the ground.