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  1. I think it means any maker that makes games, like game maker, gg maker, ig maker, etc
  2. Ok sure, I will do what I can EDIT: Part 2 of Eredia
  3. Ok made a video of it.
  4. commissions

    omg why no sprites or battle sprites, you so lame, and yer prices increased ;( so cruel for us poor people. LMAO jking love your work, if i had any money you know I would commission you in a heart beat.
  5. if its only 15-20 mins sure, i will play it and give u some pointers with map making if I can.
  6. All that is a lot to me, i prefer a smaller team, like my current project only has 4 members and even that is alot to do just for the skills they learn, equipment to equip etc. So I Think if this is your first project start of small like 3 or 4 then once you have more games under your belt make more characters the more games you create. Like i know suikoden does it very well and so does Fire emblem, but how can someone keep track of that many characters in a game. I barely can keep track of who does what and who holds what in fire emblem series. So take that as you will, I am just saying my opinion, don't bite my head off just for having one
  7. It really depends how unfinished it is and if It has a story that will draw me in. Like i wouldnt mind playing an hr or 2 of an unfinished project or even 10-20mins.
  8. A picture I drew of my character Chibae for a game I working on Really proud of how she turned out.

    © RoooodWorks

  9. hi all, Was wondering if anyone could add in a _idle pose for this battle system, at the moment the idle pose is the walking animation on the spot. this is the battle system I am on about thanks
  10. Yo, you already know i want this game, Already want this in wishlist, but so far all i can do is follow, But once it becomes available will add to wishlist and will try and buy this game as soon as I get enough to buy it, cos this game is amazing work, and puts all the other rm games to shame. SHAME ON YOU CRAPPY RM GAMES SHAME ON YOU. **Looks at all the people who use default assets**. Anyways good job and can't wait to get to play full version.
  11. but if you posted your game on a forum, people will want to enjoy the game, if they don't they won't play and will not know the story of your game. Which is why a good gameplay will need to better than story most times. otherwise it will not be played, which is why we the people tell you how to improve. If you can't take the feedback on the gameplay and refuse to improve you will not make good games otherwise, if you are just a story writer write books instead.
  12. I can't really read all of this, but I'll try my best to understand all your complaints(though it won't matter since I'm stubborn and stuck in my old ways) Not gonna do anything else more than that. Bold 2: I've done this before with another game, I plan not to do so, doesn't fill my desires. Regardless, demo is coming out on the 20th, so no stopping now. I don't do a lot of gameplay/game changing stuff, because I focus on building story and lore than gameplay, and if you don't like that, why did you click in the first place? For when I add more stuff, I will. It's an old trailer. I'll look out for it, but since I've built everything about the timeline so far, it won't mean much. The alignment system has been in Ruined Future. All "boss"(Ie: human characters with names) have alignments. For example, Xavier has Neutral Good, as his alignment. I didn't say anywhere i didn't like i just voicing my opinion and telling you how to improve, if you can't take critique why are you a game dev in first place, because game deving gets alot of critique.
  13. maps are too rtp for me and need more things cos all i see are carpets and floor, which is dull and u need to use shift click. enemy battler not animate? why have a static enemy which is way taller than character sprites and not use side view enemy battlers. but that's me. Also Pokemon music, can you not like get some royalty free music instead of using music from another game? either way it needs way more improving before u release a full game.
  14. thanks for hosting, you are a great host
  15. so here is my game, its about a young Neko boy called Rayner, who got kidnapped, he escaped and now has to escape his kidnappers. Watch out for the enemies and traps u encounter, and pick up anything u come across to use to your advantage. Since its kinda close to christmas added a small suprise, hope you smart people can figure out what and who. updated the collison for player since it was annying me and fixed a major error. removed some buggy enemies they kept not doing what they supposed to. download is in attachment or u can download here: once downloaded extract and click the exe to play, no installer no brains needed, its that simple. controls: WD = Move left or right S = drops down from the platform (if its a moveable platform or the thin ones) C = shoots bullets if u have the ammo space = if held down jumps high, if tapped jumps a bit, if u picked up a pickup u can double jump screenshots: