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  1. Looks a bit like... L.
  2. game

    White version of Cleveland from the Cleveland Show Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. You need 0 knowledge of programming or scripting. Moghunter keeps his scripts in a "master" bundle, in a game. EDIT: I downloaded the link you provided and it seems he put the title screens script in a standalone project recently. Even easier. 1. Once you've downloaded it, open it simply as a normal project. On the top of the screen, click Tools, then Script Editor. 2. Scroll down to â–¼ Materials and find the script. When you've found it, click it, and copy the whole script on the right screen. 3. On your project go to the same place, click below materials with right mouse button, and click Insert. Give it a name, then on the right screen you should paste the code you've copied from Moghunter's bundle. https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-animated-cursor/
  4. I recommend you Town of Seasons/Ancient Dungeons/Fantastic Buildings: Medieval/Royal Tiles packs at mix or so from the RPG Maker shop. However, you'll have to edit the tileset images in a graphics editor such as photoshop or gimp (gimp is free) to get it in the "same layout" as the RTP tilesets.
  5. Have you tried to turn off some plugins you might be using? Also, next time you post so many large images, wrap them in [spoiler] *images* [/spoiler] code tag. It does this:
  6. I don't understand your issue. In the screenshot provided, you don't seem to have Moghunter's script on. When you download Moghunter files, make sure you copy the script and images onto your project. Put the script under the Materials section (I believe).
  7. It's perfect!
  8. contest

    I'm going to give it a shot at this.
  9. How often do you help the old lady cross the street? How often do you open the lift/train door so that that running person in the staircase can come inside? How often do your admit something being your fault, even though you know the consequences will be horrible? How often do you help people pick up what they dropped on the floor by accident? How often do you stop a running thief on the streets? How often do you stop a fight between two people, weather you know them or not? How often do you report a crime to the police or simply higher authority of the place you are? How often do you do the right thing, and why do you do it? And why is it the right thing to do, what you did? Just curious to learn more about the users around here. For example, I just found a rusky website that had download for all the music and graphic packs sold on the RM site and reported it to a MOD on the RM official forums because I can't literally stand RM piracy. Bothers me even more that it's on an area of the internet that RM community isn't likely to bump into (since Degica is english/japanese)...
  10. I understand and agree, feels like an ugly duck but it's not going to become a swan (centOS ftw)... I also forgot to say, I tried to make a lil thing wih a trollian logo (too much Homestuck in my life) and called it trollian OS with barely any packages besides gimp and it just wouldn't load. Just... black console screen... it started and all but then it froze black. I quit right way, 0 patience! SUSE Studio failed me. Bummer.
  11. I have a few suggestions for the balancing Make it very strategy based. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I want to try to help. Remember the saying: "The higher, the bigger the fall" Coin/Dice toss - If the player is lucky, then the 8 stat card could significantly hurt or even kill the 10 stat card. EquipmentAbility/Strenght - Adds more stats/spells/attacks to the card in question, making is as or more strong than the 10 stat card. Fusion/Sacrifice - Just like in Yu-gi-ho, sacrifice two lower stat cards (baby dragon and clock guy for example) to summon a very strong one (summin the big dragon with beards)! Trick Cards- Cards that, for example, swap your card with the enemy's card. Or a card that resuscects dead cards from the enemy, but for your use. Or steal from their hand. Stuff of the sort. Less Strong Cards - Just like it suggests, make most of the cards similar to each other with few above the average high stat cards. ​Every Card is Useless - Could try a whole new approach, make it so that every card is basically useless in the general sense, give it some stats, but make it's main power coming from the filler Equipment/Ability card that is currently using. For example, the most simple of examples, Player A picks draws a Fire Tornado Ability for his Toaster Monster card, and Player B draws Iceberg Ability for his Kettle Monster card. Fire Tornado > Iceberg, maybe? And that could be how the power of each card is, it depends on what the player wants to embue it with. Better Ability, Bad Stats - Again, as it suggests, you could make lower stat cards have good abilities by default, better than the higher stat cards. Evoltion/Digivolution - Like in Pokémon, or Digimon, make cards that can be sacrificed if you have it's second stage card (with higher stats) in hand! Multiple Versions - Apart from TCG, for example, in Pokémon, starter stage Pokémon can be as strong as a highly evolved Pokémon, and that depends on levels. Make multiple versions of the same card with different abilities/stats? You can still make the lower stat ones unique by giving them different, perhaps better abilities the player could use in mix with the suggestions above to make it even better than the higher stat version of the card! Recently I came across a video of 2 crappy Pokémon battling online against a team of legendary ones. A simple Persian, Raticate and Marowak downed a team of legendary Pokémon from Sun and Moon games. And a Mega-Garchomp. If you don't know much about Pokémon, I can resume it to: 6 war tanks lost to 3 motorcycles with automatic hand guns, or something of the sort. The reason why the crappy Pokémon won was because of how the abilities were used, both active and passive ones (and types of Pokémon). Source: I've played Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon TCG back in the day, casual Poker player if that counts, I mean, it's cards! (avoiding Casinos... play with friends instead for fun now... I'm not lucky...). Also, playing WoW for years makes you learn how their "class balance" recipe works: Make every class as equal as possible and easy for every player, with the same spells just with different designs. Like a math calculation that can be approached in several ways.
  12. I know this isn't the kind of reply you were hoping for, but since I am not a programmer, yet I want to help, I can only suggest to try something else perhaps: Use the Triple Triad script for VX Acehttp://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/21183-triple-triad-ff8-mini-game/ ; Make a totally evented mini-card game which could take a whole ton of work; I guess, move to MV or port this to VX Ace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdK5P3ltj5o&t=2s .
  13. Exactly, it's just a useful little thing to make a ready for office/server/anything you feel like it easy distro in a few minutes either for serious use or funny use, like Windows 9 and Jarvis OS and other funny stuff that people can make for others!
  14. For anyone interested, this site offers you the ability to create a custom Linux distro with custom graphical interfaces or just console, with pre-installed software of your choice on it (gimp, openoffice, some games, and whatnot) and it saves it as iso, vm ready, usb and other stuff. All for free. Also, users can create "templates" for others to clone, because why not. For example, I'm right now I'm cloning a template called Windows 9 to use on VirtualBox... taking 25 min so far... (lots of software... bluh). The interface to create the OS is pretty self explanatory if you have the minimum computing knowledge, still, here's a video tutorial I found. Just thought some people would find it useful! PS: Kaz, if you see this, I'm sorry about the other topic