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  1. Between the stuff with photobucket, imageshack and a lot of the older sites not available anymore, finding credits for some of these resources again has proven to be such a pain. ;-;

    1. Crescent


      we've also lost much of useful resources (both graphics and scripts) due to Dropbox's issues :(

    2. Guyver


      Oh my god I forgot about dropbox too, rip.

  2. The RTP looks really bland with these, they just don't blend well together, especially the walls in some areas and your shift mapping is sloppy with the lava/ice unless you meant to have the pools go all the way around, rather than just meeting the wall.
  3. You're welcome.
  4. My dad used to spend his last few bucks every couple of weeks when I got to see him at the video store. We picked up the whole box set of the Guyver, there were six of them in total and I remember watching it thinking how bloody it was. I was nine years old at the time, and my preconceived notion of a hero character was them always winning and kicking the shit out of everybody. Then came episode five, where they gut the main character and kill him bloody. Now at nine years old, that was a shock to my system, even though it was a cartoon. That's one of the few memories I have of my father, and so many online alias has been Guyver or some variant of it over the years. He was super cool to expose me to violence at a young age lmao.
  5. Google works wonders, there's another three scripts that do the same basic thing.
  6. I like, but not as a crutch for storytelling or as a way to cheat people out of an ending. I'm not much into spoonfeeding people via exposition constantly, in games or movies, there's far too much of it in both. It's hard to find a balance though, but I can appreciate moments where you or your audience are left to interpret things.
  7. should do the job for you.
  8. I reuse the inns, most shops and a lot of general house interiors(I have home templates). They're not super special by any means, besides changing up a painting on the wall or something here, I don't feel they need to be remapped every single time.
  9. Every post I see you talking about how big your game world is and how you're doing all of this stuff, but I have yet to see anything posted by you in the showroom or the other site. So no, I would not like to play a game about your game worlds bible.
  10. A character in your party or an NPC? If you want the NPC to fade, just set go into move route and "change opacity" and gradually lower it with some wait time between so it becomes a fade.
  11. The current way I have potions set up for my project are like this. 1. The standard potion which restores 500 hp to one target. 1b. An advanced combat potion that you steal or have drop from enemies for a portion of the game which restores 700 health to the party. The enemies that drop it will no longer be available after some time, which makes them scarce. By the time they are phased out, you should have a competent healer class for the party. 2. The standard hi potion which restores 1500 health to one target. 2b. A version of the hi potion which can only be used in combat that restores 1000 health and gives a health regen effect for five times. 3. The elixir which only comes from chests, rare enemies and the casino for a hefty price. It comes with a two turn cooldown to prevent spamming. I don't have an x/mega potion that recovers your hp to full because I didn't want an easy out in combat so readily available. My project does have cooking, which eventually you'll be able make advanced dishes in order to create food to give you unique buffs for combat. I tried keeping healing items as relevant as I could with that in mind. I also have a variety of crafted potions that mimic the spellblade skills that buff elemental resistance and add that element to your attacks.
  12. 25 is a lot for me personally. I'm working with six human characters and 12 monster characters that act in their own teams for my current project. That's a total of 18, which is still a lot of work to have proper development and backstory that ties in with your game.
  13. My pc is pretty beastly so it runs at 60 regardless. On my laptop where I test the game on the go it dips between 34-60 and around 20-60 on the world map which is quite large.
  14. you might want to look at those icons.
  15. I prefer the term "professions" because the old die hard wow player in me still isn't dead yet. The reason most crafting systems are reskins, at least in my opinion, is because they're just super basic in general. A lot of side progression in my game is tied to crafting and flows fairly well. You'll gather the materials along the way to level up the professions, even if you fail and get broken down materials like slag or tattered scraps you can still use them to craft other things and still get exp out of them. I don't really make the player go out of their way to level it unless they choose to. I'm currently using venkas crafting script at the moment and I have seven total professions right now which include: Cooking (many recipes provide excellent combat buffs) Fishing Harvesting (lumber and fruit which are tied to other professions) Mining Blacksmithing Tailoring Alchemy (you can craft a lot of items to help you in and out of combat, advanced potions, stat boosts, grenades, etc) At some point you're tasked with finding a master alchemist, chef, tailor and blacksmith for your village. The craftsmen won't even talk to you unless you're crafting level is 25+(the max being 50) so before you recruit them you have to keep up with your crafting. After you recruit them, they'll teach you some more advanced recipes to help you along with leveling the professions and when you reach level 40 they'll teach you even more and so on until 50. At 50 the tailor and blacksmith will teach you to make the master craft tier armor which you'll need later. You'll come across a class hall in the game, and there will be masters there representing specific classes, or archtypes of classes and they'll reward you with class souls if you've mastered the the class and pass the conditional branch checks. You'll learn new recipes for a class specific weapon and armor, which will require the master craft armor from the tailor and blacksmith. So if you want your class/archtype specific armor that upgrades your existing skills and gives you new abilities you'll have to get in depth with the crafting system. I try and give people as much reason as I can to use the crafting system without absolutely forcing people to use it unless they want a cheaper and easier set of armor to get, rather than stealing it from the enemies in each area as they progress.