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  1. v5.2.0 is out~ What's New?! + Sido Helvar is fully playable! (You can find his "Hunter's Code", at Control Point, sector 6) + Archangel Hiver (Lyne's Hiver) fix + 3 Selectable Difficulties + Damage Formula fix + Catalyst Arts fix + New hints to access secret areas + New Boss battles + New scenes + New maps + New weapon & armorgear set etc
  2. Update~ One Piece - Triple Duels III v7.1 released~ Changelogs : + 400 Cards to collect!!! + Zou Arc! + Gran Tesoro! + Faction Duels! + Conquest Mode update! + Card description update! + More Newspapers & Game Tips! + More secrets! + Game Interface improvements etc Enjoy~
  3. Hello everyone, and this is it. S.O.S II Demo v1.5 Released~ +Screenies+ Map & Battle Screen update Tower Siege Changelogs : + Tower Siege (Alpha) + Dialogue & Story updates + Battle System updates + New Battle Animations + New Graphics (Facesets, Characters, etc) + 15 New Characters (Allies) + 2 New Bosses + 6 New Enemies + Add Tutorials + Bug fixes + and more... Feedbacks will be awesome! Happy Gaming.
  4. Full version 3.5 released~ Check it out. 3.5 Changelogs - Dialogue updates - Companion bugs - Map updates ( Pathing and new routes ) - 4 Secret Booster - Minor bug fixes +++ Also, A Let's Play - Youtube Video by GameJester https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_zvYfdpOLiMIDto40oLXMrCRvD439AeC
  5. Hello, I have made some changes for incoming v1.5, the demo will be updated soon : Battle Screen update! ^^ Before : After : + I have decided to delete the ATB System, now you can cancel your selected command. + The actor pictures are no longer hiding the actor's sprites on battle, a better placement, Tower Siege and its mechanism! ^^ It will be updated in post #2 +++ Game Description & Story update! ^^ You can check the first Post in this thread.
  6. Major updates Changelogs v5.3 + Cross Blader Skills fixes + Assassins Skills fixes + Cleric Skills fixes + Lancer Skills fixes + Alchemist/Sheinmancer Skills fixes + New Synthesize Items + Recipe updates + Advance Class NPC fixes + Lumina Scientist Class unlocked + Legendary Warlord Class unlocked + MAIN QUEST : SHENQUANS AMBITION + MAIN QUEST : ELMSH SPIRITS + SUB QUEST : PROJECT LUMINA + SUB QUEST : LEGION CLASS + SUB QUEST : SILVER ROSE + SUB QUEST : EXORCISM + 9 Elmsh Weapons + 20 New Weapons and 6 Armor Sets + Shop updates + Bomb and X-Bomb updates + Regular Monsters updates + New Regular Monsters + New Bosses + Legendary Blacksmith updates + New Dungeon : Underwater Ruins + New Dungeon : Wind Cavern & Tedaar Cliff + New Dungeon : Rumaluk Volcano + New Dungeon : Ice Cavern part.2 + New Dungeon : Jaccarda Desert + New Dungeon : Devoc Desert + New Dungeon : Beccazi Desert + New Dungeon : Hero's Graveyard + New Dungeon : Darkmoon Forest + New Dungeon : Castle Ragnarok + New Area/City : Abandoned Cellar + New Area/City : Valdestra + New Area/City : Illarna Village + New Area/City : Hupu Hupu Island + New Area/City : Imperial Post + New Area/City : Azwil + New Area/City : Imperial City + Dialogue updates + Story/Plot Holes fixes + New Events + Rhue glitch fixes + Maps glitch fixes + Last Boss Battle updates + Reduce Lags + Guardian of Sevahn Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! ) + Thundercloud Unicorn Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! ) + Black Serpent Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! ) + Eyes of Ersevah Guild updates ( you can join and get some benefits! ) + and mores +++ Screenshots updated! Characters bios updated! Game description updated! +++ Translation Progress : 25-30% ( It takes longer than my expectation )
  7. Update Demo v1.3 Changelogs : + Story & Dialogues updates + New Dungeon - The Valley + Enemy&Character's Balancing + Battle System updates + New Enemy's Attacks & Skills + Faster Battle Animation + Animation fixes + Area Skills updates + Equip Menu fixes + Minor bugs fixes + etc ++++ Play it ONLINE here :
  8. yes, you can give it a try without download. still a long way to go though (hellish grammar mistakes, haha), critiques and ideas are welcome. *ps, it's lagging on my browser, I hope it's all about internet connection, not the game resolution ( i created the game in 1280 x 720 )
  9. Update Demo v1.2 New Screenies : Changelogs v1.2 : ++++ Play it ONLINE here :
  10. hi, thanks for playing. yes, currently im working on the story and its plots (trimmed down the pace is a good idea), fix the translation over and over ^^, also last but not least, the battle system as it needs a lot of improvements. you mentioned all of it in a positive way. thanks. ^^ i have fixed major bugs and made some improvements in demo v1.2, but i didnt touch the battle system yet, got a lot of works to do.hehe btw, I'm so grateful for the feedback. I noted all the points here. have a nice day sir.
  11. thanks ^^ unfortunately, there are some major bugs in the demo, but you can give it a try. hope you enjoy it.
  13. ++STORIES OF SHEIDH II : ALL STARS++ Demo version Developer : Radian F (cradth helverd) Website : www.hossistudio.wix.com/home Latest version : v1.5 "...You're not the same kind of those around you..." +STORY+ [...This is the First Book of the Lumina's Awakening Prophecy, a Divine Magic that will exterminate the darkness powers and sinners into nothingness... ...A fate designed by our ancestors, the First Human race, the Morning Stars... Carried on by this generation, the New Human race, the Dawn Stars, exodus in Sheidh world... ...A story familiar to all priest and priestess... Four warriors will unleash the power of Elmsh to save their homelands... Thus this journey will draw the curtain of the dark age of history... A constellation of the Dawn Stars shall lose its shine... ...Who will stay alive...? And who will die..? It will always be the same hint... ...The Book may vanish...But the Words will not...] -776 M.A- You are Ferde, an attractive yet reckless? guy, who made his best to the 10th seat of the strongest Archmages in the northern land of Reigeia. No one knows about Ferde's past, including his adopted sister, Elena, and even himself. The only thing he can remember is, he is there to protect everyone in Greymoyr, his hometown for the past 7 years where he live peacefully. It's not like he lost his memories of childhood, he just can't remember a thing from before 15 years old... ...And one day on a winter shiny day...A weird event is come to turn everything upside down... +CHARACTERS+ +FEATURES+ + 8~10 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY + Classic SIDEVIEW BATTLE SYSTEM + 40 CHARACTERS to play~ + TOWER SIEGE *Check Post #2 for more informations + MULTI-PARTY + UNIQUE SKILLS SET for each characters + UNIQUE TALENTS to explore the maps + NON-LINEAR STORY + MULTIPLE ENDINGS +SCREENSHOTS+ +CREDITS+ +DOWNLOADS+ or play it online : I hope you like my works. Support my games and enjoy. Website = www.hossistudio.wix.com/home Facebook = www.facebook.com/hossistudio +++++ MY GAMES : STORIES OF SHEIDH - THE ANCESTORS ENG Full vers STORIES OF SHEIDH IV - ORACION MEMOIRS IND Full vers ONE PIECE - TRIPLE DUELS I ENG Full vers ONE PIECE - TRIPLE DUELS II ENG Full vers ONE PIECE - TRIPLE DUELS III ENG Full vers
  14. UPDATE~ ^^ Hello..!!! Finally, OPTD II v5.5 will come~ What's new? 2 New Card Tournaments, 10 New Cards (Kuzan, Kanjuro, Orlumbus, Leo, and mores...). stay tuned for updates. After the War of Marineford, choose your side, once more...!!!
  15. Full version 3.0 released~ Check it out. 3.0 Changelogs + Character "Sprite Switch" while attacking bug fix + Dialogue updates & grammar fixes >_< + Lyne - Hiver Mode added + Companion fixes + Regen fixes + Boss updates + Enemy updates + Catalyst Art fixes + Last Boss Battle fixes + New Ending scenes + New Boss scenes + Pathing & Minor Bugs fixes ++++++++