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  1. Ugh, I hope not.
  2. I had to fix all the apostrophes and colons in the Catty Lands topic since they were replaced with that...
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. If anyone's seen my Matin Catorce sprites, what do you guys think?

  5. One more thing: when I try to place images inside already-made spoiler tags, they are instead placed at the beginning of the post, which messes stuff up.
  6. The forum rules link does not work for me.
  7. Thanks for the compliment about Zuko on RMW, he's one of my faves too.

    I probably won't go on RMW again (I prefer this place) unless I must though.

    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Yay! Dis place is dee best!

  8. Hey, whoa. Don't talk about yourself that way. You do more good in the world than you know. In fact, just by being here and talking to me you make me feel like one more person cares about me. That's a wonderful thing. And I care about you too, so don't be so hard on yourself.
  9. I think someone else might have posted about this earlier, but I'm not sure if their way was the same as mine. After an error with a script, I tried using events to create a transfer between driving a vehicle and an interior. With some help from other members, I was able to create a way to do it. In-Game Screencaps: How It Works: I hope this is helpful to some people! If there's anything anyone needs clarified, please say so here.
  10. Ugh, please stop all the being mean to each other. No one's life is perfect, everyone has their troubles. Why are we tearing each other down about it? We ought to be supporting each other and having fun on these forums so that when someone does come here, they can at least feel a little bit better in general. I came here to promote my game and to support other creators. Let's do that, please. That's what the forums are for.
  11. This is now resolved, I am using a different method.
  12. Thanks to roninator2's help and some tweaking I did, this has been fixed! Thanks for the help and thank you Lord Vectra for your help.
  13. You do realize that this could be very bad for my and many others' creative careers, right?
  14. I am proud to announce that a problem I was having regarding a vehicle interior has been fixed! Thank you roninator2!
  15. That sounds like a fix for leaving the vehicle. The problem is that my character won't BOARD the vehicle. I've tried a thing where my character moves so she's on the same tile as the vehicle and then she's supposed to get on. But she does not; she just transfers without the vehicle. EDIT: After some testing I have to conclude that the "Get On/Off Vehicle" command is the problem, it does not work. By the way thanks for your help Lord Vectra.