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  1. Hello all, I have been reading the forums for many months actually years now and finally feel comfortable participating and maybe even offering something of value. I have a few external tools that I'm running that help me personally with development. However, before i share i want to make sure including things like VBA code for excel or notepad++ macros are allowed. I could and should post just the code allowing people to see it first. Regards.
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  3. First allow me to apologize for everything I am going to do wrong from this point forward, as I believe this is my both my first topic and first post. I am not sure this is even the correct location for a post like this. Again apologies, its not an actual script so I am not sure where to put. I am a long time lurker and have been helped in every situation by the wonderful posts and help of some many others already. So I wanted to share this as a tiny thank you the community on the whole This is how too use to other wonderful scripts to accomplish something I have been trying to do for sometime, moving multiple scripts up and down the order list at once (instead of one of a time). Using HimeWorks' External Script Loader: and GubiD's script Import/Export: And a little ingenuity you can manipulate the order of scripts in bunches instead of one at a time. **NOTE** Before you continue, understand this. At the end of this process your scripts will exists permanently outside the script editor. You will have to use notepad, notepad++, or something else. (I actually prefer it this way, but that's just me). On to it then shall we..... A) BACKUP EVERYTHING!!!! B ) ENSURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP Now then.... 1) Download GubiD's exporter 2) In your root folder (same location as game.exe) Create a new folder called "My_Scripts_Trick" b ) SCRIPTS would also work but I have noticed many other time a scripts folder may or may not exist 3) Put GubiD's exporter script in the last slot of you script editor right above Main - below all your other scripts 4) Update GubiD's script in 2 locations: a) Under the Section #-------------------------------------------------------------------- # Import/Export Scripts from Scripts Folder? #-------------------------------------------------------------------- Update--> EXPORT = false to EXPORT = true b ) Under the Section #-------------------------------------------------------------------- # Holding Folder #-------------------------------------------------------------------- Update--> Holding_Folder = "Scripts" to Holding_Folder = "My_Scripts_Trick" (or whatever name you used in Step 2) 5) Run your game 6) Close your game 7) All your scripts will be downloaded into the "My_Scripts_Trick" folder a) You will notice these are in alphabetical order 8) Download HimeWorks' External Script Loader script 9) Put HimeWorks' External Script Loader script in the last slot of you script editor right above Main 10) Insert a row below that in the script editor a) Call it Script Loader b ) Enter this 1 line of Code c) load_script("My_Scripts_Trick/Master.rb"); 11) In you My_Scripts_Trick Folder create a file a) call it master Master.rb ----------------- At this point I would recommend moving all your scripts in the order they currently are, then after the fact change the order as needed. It will reduce the chances for error. ----------------- 12) Open Master.rb from your My_Scripts_Trick a) it is completely empty for now 13) Now to load a script a) in the first line of Master.rb, paste the following: load_script("My_Scripts_Trick/ (1) b ) Now in scripts editor determine what the first script is (top one closest to Materials) c) Determine the script name you have for that script d) Copy the script Name e) Paste into the first line of Master.rb right after My_Scripts_Trick/(2) f) then close it off with .rb"); (3) 14) Repeat Step 13 for each script in order 15) Save Master.rb 16) ENSURE YOU HAVE YOUR BACKUPS 17) Delete all your scripts EXCEPT HimeWorks' External Script Loader. 18) Run your game. a) It should run just as it did before you started 19) Now to change to change the order of a script(s) copy and paste the matching line(s) in Master.rb Say I have a run order of Script 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and I want it to be 1,5,6,7,2,3,4,8 20) additional script modifications a) to remove a script delete the line from Master.rb b ) to comment out a script just put a # infront of the line for that script (since this is ruby code you can just comment the line) c) to add a new script i) download the file. ii) save it as anyname you want - make sure it is .rb file - make sure it is in the /My_Scripts_Trick/ folder iii) Add the script name .rb to the Master.rb as explained in step 13 Thats it. Hope this helps. If anyone feels so inclined to automate this process somehow by all means have at.....