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  1. counting game

    195 School stress here... Was dumb and now I'm getting payback. Hopefully I can do it.
  2. counting game

    127 Can I join in for the fun? It's been a while since I've been very active.
  3. pixel art

    Still great, as usual from you, Amy.
  4. Welcome and have a fun time in the forums.
  5. Hey, Procyon. Nice seeing you here and on Discord. Well, anyway, welcome and have a fun time in the forums
  6. They grow up so fast...
  7. Welcome and hope you have a great time on the forums. You can also join the Discord server if you want.
  8. Hello and welcome.
  9. Hello, and welcome. Nice-u artu!
  10. Hello, and welcome to the herd. I hope you have a good time here.
  11. faq

    But I thought you could do this like a long time ago...
  12. Meh, if not those kinds of mics, then screw it (for me).
  13. Amazing work, as expected from you.
  14. What is this, I don't even...